Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there an easy way to do tarot cards?

Is there an easy way to do tarots and remember the meanings and the sequences. I have dabbled a little. Is there an internet site to help or someone that has a pattern or a rhyme how they remember. I would be grateful of any help. Thankyou

Answer by Brad456
most tarot cards come with a small booklet that explains what each card means. just do readings and use the booklet.

with practice you will start to remember the meaning of each card.

or you can go here;

Answer by yardchicken2
There are several tihngs you can do to help.

Do a general reading for yourself everyday. This is the practice part.

I found that going through my deck at night before going to bed helped me relax and learn the cards better as well. I just paged through the deck, one at a time, as I came to one I was interested in or that I had trouble remembering – I’d stop and look it up. Then just keep going through them.

It also helps to sometimes have a different style deck than just the one you are using. By comparing the same card in two different decks, you will get a better feeling for what the card means.

There is a deck for beginers – it has key words on each card to help prompt your memory.

You can use a word programto make a set of your own — use the business card template and then insert a piece of clip art or even personal photos for each card.

Type in whatever text you want to prompt your memory. Print out onto paper that is already perferated for business cards.

I made a set this way just for playing gnostica with (A game that uses tarot cards) because I didn’t want to use my real tarot cards that I read with for the game.

If you go to they have a print and colour your own tarot — a good way to use this is to print them out and then write on the back the meanings — you use them like flash cards.

Here’s an article about learning the tarot
its a bit short and has a link to follow to another article as well.

The aeclectic website is great for letting you see samples of cards from different decks and giving reviews. I collect tarot, so this is a fav site –It also will let you see images from different decks without having to buy a bunch of decks.

It will also help once you find a deck that just “makes sense” to you. Some decks really work for me – the imagery looks like what it means. Then other decks just make me go “Huh?”

Mostly just trust your intuition and practice. Over time the cards will become more personal and the you won’t need the textbook meanings so much.

Answer by keltillos
Use index cards to make your own cards–write the name of the card and its meaning on the index card, turn it upside down and write the reversed meaning.
You can use these to practice and to memorize the meanings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does ten of coins means for advice of a relationship?

*tarot card

Answer by Cindy
The 10 of Coins speaks of a time of comfort and security. It’s a positive card, so I would say it’s a positive portent for the relationship.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on meaning of tarot cards

How to Read Tarot Cards : Minor Arcana on Tarot Cards

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