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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there a tarot reader or fortune teller out there that can help me?

I just want to know if there is a fortune teller or tarot card out there who can give me some insight into my relationship. I need to know if i should move on with my life or continue trying what im doing. I dont have any money but i would really appreciate some help. I have an aim name i will give someone if they want to talk to me, yahoo messenger too, or you can email me. Please no smart comments or fakes………..

Answer by STONER
your looking in the wrong place. you should ask god to guide you in the correct direction

tarot is not from god. anything that is not from god could sway your decision and make u decide something that is not best for you. what if a fortune teller tells you the relationship your in is bad but in reality its the love of your life who you are meant to be with. this tarot card reader will change your whole life.

the answers will come if you ask god to guide you. dont go looking for black magic answers or you may be guided the wrong way.

Answer by Alan C
listen to your mind and thoughts! dont listen to your heart your heart only wants one this and your mind will go through the stages of
* will i get hurt
* do i want to get hurt
* this is the right thing!

Answer by maze_walker
Don’t listen to the head. It thinks too logically.
Don’t listen to the heart. It’s too full of emotion.
Don’t waste money asking anyone anything.
The answer is with IN you.
Go with your gut. It never lies.
Intuition is a wonderful gift.

Answer by Black_Stone_Heart
go to a relationship counselor, they can help you.

Answer by Honey
You have been given some good advice already, “Listen to your inner voice”. Yet, I know that sometimes there is so much going on in your heart and head the it is difficult to hear that inner voice. My thoughts on this is to ask you some questions to ponder and remind you that in all relationships the only way for them to truly work is that both are working in the same direction and for both involved to remember that you must accept the other as he/she is because you cannot expect the other to change into what you want or expect.
Questions for you to think about: Is this relationship giving making you feel safe? Can you accept this person as he/she is Now, without him/her changing to meet some expectations of yours? Do you truly believe this person, without a doubt, is in it together? If another comes along, will his/her head turn from you?

Please consider these questions for yourself. Try writing your answers down and looking at them later.

I truly hope you find the answer you seek and peace to your heart.
Blessings and light to you.

Answer by em
heyaa. im not going to say anything public on yahoo answers, because this is personal to you, and this is an answer for you not the public. feel free to email me at:


blessed be xx

Answer by Maralee Fox-Heins
I can help you but as an experienced Tarot Reader I would like to point something out to you first. Nine times out of ten when someone is asking me about their relationship, it means that something is wrong which is not likely to be fixed unless both parties want help such as seeking a counselor or at least be willing to work on the relationship issues together. The problem is that unless your partner is willing to seek help with you, the relationship is almost always doomed to disintegrate. You should never stay in an abusive situation either.

A relationship is between two people and both of them must carry the load of responsibility of maintaining it if it is to last. When one person is doing all of the carrying while the other just sits back and reaps the benefits, the relationship will eventually fail. You need to ask yourself, “How much of the load am I carrying? How much do I think my partner is carrying? Is the load fairly balanced between us or is it really balanced unequally?” Then write down the pros and cons of sticking with the person and be brutally honest with yourself. Look at the answers and consider them carefully. Is one list longer than the other? Now ask yourself, “Am I really happy? Is this relationship still worth maintaining?” If the answer to both is no, then it is definitely time to move on.

Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
You really shouldn’t ask this online is this format. You have no idea who is answering you or if they are playing a big joke.

There are online sites that will answer a question, which seems to be what you need. I would try that.

Answer by Mystie010
Fortune telling should always be taken with a pinch of salt particularly the tarot. When you start to rely on readings to help make life changing decisions then now is the time to stop looking to Tarot Cards.

In my honest opinion I think that if you are having to question your relationship with someone at all, then perhaps they are not the right person for you. If a relationship is truly working then both sides know it and as I said you wouldn’t need to be asking those sort of questions. I know that this is a really hard approach to take but believe me those sort of answers cannot be found in the cards.

Try to work out in your own mind what you really want and take a long hard look at your relationship and see if the other person is treating you properly. If the answer is yes then great, but if the answer is no then maybe it really is time to move on with your life. It’s as simple as that – no need for cards.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the most helpful books out there for learning tarot?

I’ve read a couple books for beginner tarot readers and none of them have been very helpful, (Tarot Made Easy, Tarot-The Royal Path to Wisdom) so if you’ve found any books helpful to you when you were learning, please list them here!
And online sources as well!

Answer by eri
Everyone I’ve seen do a tarot reading had a different method of shuffling and dealing and involving the participant, but they all had one thing in common – they were not using the actual cards to do the reading but rather just ‘cold-reading’ the person paying them.

Whereas tarot the French card game is well-worth learning, very fun. It’s similar to Rook.

Answer by I’m just me

this is a really good website…

Answer by monkeyking
that stuff is fake and bs

Answer by Derek M
the royal path to wisdom is one i was going to suggest,
look up the witch’s cards.
or tarot reading,
my great ant was a pam reader,





Answer by Reiki Chick
The best book I have ever found is called
“The Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History, and Symbolism”
by Barbara G. Walker

It goes into incredible depth on each card – about 3 pages worth of info and has been hugely helpful in studying and understanding tarot.

Its a little hard to come by as most book stores won’t carry it, but it is easy to find online.

I also visit a couple of websites that you might like: http://www.spiritualguidancetarot.com/


A great way to study and really connect with the cards; is to randomly pick one card for yourself everyday and really focus on its meaning and connection to your life in that day. it will probably take a year before you pick every card in the deck but when the time is done you will understand each card much better.

I hope that helps. 🙂

Answer by russet_wolf2
Mary K. Greer is an author I highly suggest. She writes in a way that both beginners and experienced readers will benefit from. Two books I suggest (and own personally) are “Tarot for Yourself” and “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card”. You will go back to these books again and again, they are full of insight and teach you how to truly interpret the cards, not just memorize their meanings to recite back on call. Greer writes in a very interactive manner, inviting the reader to participate in her excercises and I highly suggest keeping a dek with you while you read as you will be tempted to try all of her wonderful suggestions.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Aquarius

My Forum http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/forum/index.php
Books, 78 Degrees of Wisdom, Tarot for Dummies is also apparently a good one.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone doing any tarot card reading tonight and have your cards been on the dark side?

It just feels like there is a shadow over them for some reason. Anyone else getting that feeling too?

Answer by Kat
I havent been doing any…but I feel really dark and like extra angry for no reason..its really weird…im not sure if its my bi polar or what..lol

Answer by Dusty_Flow
Tarot cards don’t do anything. You are being scammed.

Answer by Bookgirl
I have been reading the cards for 25 years and there is no such thing as a “dark side”. You may however be picking up on the energy of someone around you. Maybe they are feeling depressed.

Answer by jjt
no I have not been experiencing any thing like this. could you maybe forgot to clear them before you used them

Answer by Ghoast Kitteh
I haven’t read mine tonight, so I can’t say. Maybe they’ve picked up some icky energy from somewhere.

Answer by Camille
Years ago my older sister got a deck of tarot cards and we thought it was just for play. But soon after she began to try to read a fortune some very strange things started to happen.
She was reading them one night and she saw in them that she would be divorced. She was a year later, and she came home her husband was in bed with another woman. It was devastating.
She also had two bouts with cancer. She did not die from that. We also played with a Ouija board because at the time of all this we did not know it was wrong. we were Episcopalians and they do not know about the devil and such.
Well when you play with the Ouija board you take demons on and your life is worse then it was before. I also went twice to see a fortune teller. The things they told me were horrible. I was so scared. And the things did come true. It took me years to get free from the curses that came on me from dabbling in the occult.
My brother and a man I was friends with and another guy I knew that was a friend too, died within 3 weeks a part from each other. it freaked me out.

Not till about 20 years later did I finally get free. I was born again, and spirit filled and was going to a Charismatic church we were all in a circle and the Pastor said someone here thinks they are cursed. It was me. They never touched me but they all gathered around and they prayed in tongues over me and the demons left me. I fell to the floor as my knees went limp from the anointing of God.
I learned never to dabble in the occult again. I repented of it and I was delivered of other things that got on me from those times I was so dumb and foolish.

I hope this helps others to beware of the occult.

Answer by jayjay
OOoo….that sounded sexy..do mine..

Answer by Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯
Hello Prarie Crone. *smiles*

I’ve been using my deck this day and will continue to use it through the night and I don’t feel much of anything different on my deck. Neither do I feel anything different from my bible, stones, iChing or any of the others. I use more than one for most questions and I have them all beside me right now since I’ve been using them but don’t feel anything different.

I very much doubt you would forget to cleanse them as others have said and I trust you know very well how to handle them. I imagine you are asking to see if you can get to the bottom of why you feel the way you do about your cards and perhaps there is something/someone near that has attached themselves to your life. You might want to do anther cleansing see if that changes anything as well as a cleansing on yourself too.

Camille (I believe that is the name of one of the answerers) I have seen your “answers” to other questions and many times you don’t really answer the question. You are not a tarot reader or any sort of reader for that matter and you answered a question that is meant for a specific group. Your response is always welcome but when you talk down on the beliefs of others when it wasn’t even close to an answer you’re just preaching and harrassing all people who are not christian and that is worth reporting to Yahoo answers.

Now I wonder if perhaps you are not delusional or a shock addict.. or even that you are addicted to fear because tarot has been part of my life for as long as I could remember and never in my life has anything bad every come of it. There is nothing funny about the experiences you had which happened to be around the same time you were “playing” with your tarot cards but to blame them for all of those actions is laughable. Are you seriously saying that the cards killed others? What sort of harsh God do you believe in that would consider that a just punishment for reading cards.

God is a loving god and would not punish others for what YOU did. It just doesn’t make sense that a superior being that is so complex would see any reason in doing something like that. It’s just hard for me to see this magnificent being thinking “Darn it! Camille is misbehaving again so let me kill her family to teach her a lesson” and poor family didn’t even know.

So while we would welcome and TRUE answers to the questions listed here we do not appreciate you preaching your religion to us when it is not part of the discussion. If it isn’t relevant just leave it out. I’m still rolling my eyes over the claims of how bad things happened to everyone around you except YOU who were the one using these tools.

Blessings to you and yours Prarie Crone,
Shadow Storm

Answer by lovechild
I have felt it for a long time now approaching. If I am not mistaken, it is directly related to wireless broadcasting control. These signals interract with the brain’s psychic channels. We have to keep focused. Watch your back!

Answer by Lone
I haven’t done any readings in quite awhile now Praire Crone. Since others have already responded and not mentioned feeling anything out of the ordinary perhaps the cause is localized near you. I hope you figure out what it is and get it worked out.

Camille, I agree very strongly with Storm Shadow. I have seen your “answers” on many occult related questions lately and all of them consist of nothing more than fear mongering and proselytizing. Please understand, most of us who work with the occult have heard it all before and yet have not had the horrifying experiences that you and many others claim. Also, many of us have already been through and left Christianity and have absolutely no interest in going back. You certainly appear to have a negative opinion about occult practices, and that’s okay, they’re not for everybody. I understand that you don’t agree with what we do but please, give us the same respect to travel our own paths that we give to you.

Answer by Faesson
I once did a tarot reading outside…. I spread the cards out on my OUIJA board…. it was a little windy, so I held them down with my Magic Eight Ball…

Guess what happened?


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