Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a Pagan that can direct me to a school to get certified in tarot?

Sorry on the Pegan Pagan. I pushed the wrong button.

Answer by Jane
You do realise that they are worked the same way as any normal set of playing cards right? Well if you can memorise those you don’t need a school to do it. Just study the meanings behind the decks depending on which pack you choose.
It’s no big thing hun, so you can do that on your own without being conned out of a whole heap of money.

Answer by Convert Ruth Asher
answer: there are no certifications in tarot. You’re either skilled and experienced and your reputation spreads or you aren’t. There are some who offer classes in tarot. Check with local occult/New Age bookstores for possible classes. If not, find some good books and start practicing. Don’t over read for yourself either, just practice learning what the cards mean and then what the cards mean in the different positions in different layouts.

Go to and key in Tarot. Then read the customer reviews on books – not the publisher reviews, the customer reviews. You’ll quickly find which books actual readers recommend.

Answer by James
generally speaking, tarot is the combination of what the card means according to the instructions, what the card means to you, and what you feel from the person you are reading joined together to form a comprehensive view of the answer you are seeking for the person being read. Beginniners should just stick with the instructions and their meaning, and as you grow more confident, move on to what the symbol on the card means to you. Then begin to read the person seeking the answer as well as the cards, you should find your accuracy improves over time. By the way, you don’t have to be Pagan to read Tarot cards. Anyone with talent and the ability to read others as well as understand their own impressions of the cards can read them.

Answer by AmyB
You don’t need a school to certify you. Seriously.

Just learn.

Try or Tarot books at your local library.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should you read you own tarot cards for your own benifit?

ive been reading my own deck. Is this good tarot ettiquette or does someone else have to read your cards for you?

Answer by Nelle P
Im not sure. I have a deck of tarot cards that I read too. I assume it is fine but Im not sure about tarot etiquette

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
If you are going to buy random psychic ability, try The Magic 8 Ball ®. I am the only professional reader in the world and soon will have a DVD of lessons for sale. Also I’m going to have a limited amount of balls that have astrology signs instead of the number 8. Just imagine your psychic ball with the symbol of your choice.

My system is guaranteed to work as good as tarot cards or better.

Answer by Voodoomoonchild
I’ve been reading my own cards for years. In fact, I’ve never had my cards read. I choose to read them for myself. There is a lot of rubbish out there about Tarot etiquette that is just plain hog wash.

Do what feels right for you and forget about “etiquette” it’s all a myth.

Answer by Blackbird
Hi Lorena

You definitely can, and should read your own cards, its a wonderful way of getting to know your deck and familiarizing yourself with the Tarot over all.

That said, the more important the reading is to you, the less likely you should make the Pull yourself; this has nothing to do with etiquette but rather the fact that your hopes, dreams, fears; will bias the pull; for a reading that is of substantive importance to you I would suggest you seek out an unbiased reader, either a friend, someone you know Through an online forum (I have done online readings they are no harder than in person ones) or through your local metaphysical store.

As I am guessing you are a beginner I would suggest this exercise to you; you might wish to purchase a 2nd deck for it; once a week pull 7 cards face down, and place them on a small easle (such as any craft store will sell) someplace safe.

Then each evening turn over one card, and reflect on if and how that card manifest in your day. I think you will find Blasé days are more often off, but days with an intensity to them are very much more accurate and on point. The reason you do this at the end of the day is if you should pull – oh Death the Tower, something scary to beginners, you dont want that weighing on your head all day; reflecting on the cards at the end of the day you will see these “Scary” cards often have quite trivial manifestations.

I have read for 10 years, done well over 500 readings, and I still engage in this routine, like a Ballerina’s Bar; it is just the basic exercise of Tarot. Blessings, BB.

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