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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is life actually like a novel that is loaded with omens, symbols, allusions and foreshadowing?

Authors put that stuff in I suppose to make their novels more interesting. But what if they put it in because they’re aware of that stuff existing, while most people aren’t aware of it, and all we need to do is look around to see that the future is revealing itself all the time like a deck of tarot cards?

Answer by Cuervo
only if you know what letters and words are .. I suppose.. but for those who dont… it is still revealing itself however!!

Answer by Phadria
in books, symbolism is just another method of telling the story; like telling the audience a characters thoughts.
which is notoriously hard to do outside of fiction.

but certain things done in reality can be symbolic; returning a exes housekey or such like.
but things are only as important as the meaning we attach to them.
So, the more you go looking for meaning, the more of it you’ll think you see.
In reality, single magpies a cock crow in the afternoon or the clasp on a necklace coming to the front have no more meaning than rain in summer.

Answer by veganjackson
Everything that we go through can be seen as a learning experience. The world is loaded with meaning, but only once you come to interpret it. All stories are written with the benefit of being planned out – but in real life we sometimes miss things that could be clues. A more full awareness means you can take notice of the detail around you and try to work out what it means – but you won’t always be correct!

Answer by Kaybee
Life is made up of two people…. those who believe in signs and miracles and those who believe that things just happen.

I believe the first one….. nothing happens by accident…. there are no coincidences in life.

Answer by loryntoo
Foreshadowing, yes. It’s often called intuition. You’ve heard the expression “my mom has eyes in the back of her head.” Well, that is a survival trait. The women who could anticipate harm to their children had more children survive. They passed on their genes. This is also why more women can get flashes of the future than men. It’s linked to intuition.

Why don’t more men have intuition? It was not a desirable trait. The men who had it often didn’t go into the military and, if they did, they rarely got themselves into heroic situations because they could guess what was going to happen before it happened. As a result, they were less desirable mates and had either no children or very few.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does a repetition of ones mean in tarot cards?

I went to a psychic, and i asked when a certain person was going to contact me, and she saw a repetition of ones in her cards, so she said one day or one week. But its going to be two weeks in a few days since the reading, and the person hasnt contacted me. The psychic is relaible as my mother and other people i know have gone to her and she is almost always correct. So, since it wasnt one week or one day, could it possibly be one month? or maybe the first of august, tomorow? Thanks for any help

Answer by Actualmente, Disfruto Siendo Lycantropica
Usually a lot of ace cards in a tarot reading indicate a strong desire to start something, though the querent may not be sure of how to go about doing so.

Answer by Sarina
It means that you had a repetition of a tarot card and the psychic is spinning you along to even say it might be one year.

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Tarot Cards : How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself

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