Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to predict the future?

I don’t think it possible, well using systems like tarot cards, like the prophets here were doing. Ii’ve even been to professional fortunetellers and they very rarely predicted anything accurately, well maybe if they did, this was chance or coincidence. but you do see people who are lucky and others not. Why is this? or is it just their view of themselves, like they only notice the bad when it happens. But yeah, some people do seem to have continuous bad luck. Well with prayer or magic, you could make things happen, but my question is about an ability to predict the future, like what numbers would come up in the lottery. Some will say that you can’t change the future, but if we saw the future, then we could change that in the present, right? Is it possible to time travel into the future? Anyway, like I was saying, card fortune tellers nearly always get it wrong I’ve found, but there may be another way, like to time travel into the future, but the future seems much less certain than the past?

Answer by Maria
if you run at the speed of light (forgot the number) it will bring you to the past but thats impossible and you cant go to the future because you havent lived a future yet. soo really theres no way.

Answer by chem
No you can’t really predict the future but you can say certain things will probably happen with a certain degree of certainty. For example you can predict that within the next 10 seconds that you are going to take a breath with a good degree of certainty but you don’t know if you have until after the 10 seconds are up.

Answer by Stewart
what quantum physics has shown us, is that we are unable to predict the future, only the probability that an event will take place. i.e. with lottery results, i can only tell you the probability of any combination being drawn.
as for time travel, there are numerous ways that theoretical physicists believe could hold the answers for time travel, but nothing in the sense of altering time, or living through moments in history numerous times. at best this is still in the realm of science fiction.
and people that claim they can read the future are using combinations of cold reading, using ambiguous truths and lies to make people believe they have any real ‘magic’. for example you mention tarot cards which have a wide array of interpretations, so the reader can basically tell you whatever they feel will most influence your opinion and part you with some money.

Answer by Brian
time travel into the future is entirely possible and people are doing it right now, when you move at any speed time slows down for you, people in the international space station are ageing slightly less(milliseconds) that people stationary on the ground. The faster you go the slower time is for you, in theory time keeps slowing down until you reach the speed of light, where it stops, and if you were to accelerate past the speed of light it would go backwards, the backwards part is only a theory, but the forward travelling in time is proven on a daily basis by gps satellites etc. so yes, you could travel to the future, but you wont actually be travelling, everybody else will be there to, you just wont have aged as much as them, you’ll get there quicker but arrive at the same time.

Answer by sojsail

The weatherman is getting better at it.

I can, sometimes. If I hold a ball near my nose I can accurately predict that if I just let it drop, it will hit my belly on the way down.

Answer by TB0014
No, all that has to happen is some A-hole that goes cray-cray and boom. Future ruined.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : im turning 16 and i want to have a party just with my good friends..ideass?

im inviting girls and guyss.

Answer by aynav
Set-up a Taco Bar at your house and have virgin margaritas. Get a pinata and fill it with girly stuff like lip glosses, polish and cheapy stuff.

Answer by PrincessJ
taco night sounds good. but you may not want to have too much girly stuff if there will be guys there too. display everything for guests to self serve & give lots of options. also serve some other snacks.
•soft & hard tacos
•shredded lettuce
•shredded cheeses
•chopped tomatoes
•chopped onions
•sour cream
•salsa-hot & mild
•pretzel sticks, tostitos tortillas & cheese

Answer by Mrs Junior Scooper Chick
Envy Party – Watch Hating Alison Ashley, deface rich/famous people’s posters, split into 2 groups and have one doing something luxurious while the other does something gross/hard. eg. 1 group has face masks whilst the other gets a pie in the face, 1 group are hand fed grapes whilst the other bobs for apple in baked beans, 1 group picks jewellery [party favours] whilst the other polishes silver, 1 group eats chocolate whilst the other peels potatoes. Food can be ordinary labelled wrongly eg. boiled eggs labelled as caviar.

Backwards Party – write invites backwards, award point for games backwards [eg. darts – furthest from bullseye wins], play piata where you hit the stick with the pinata, eat a 3 course dinner backwards.

Hillbilly Party – Have a hay fight, play music on pots and pans, play horseshoes, pion the moustache on the aunty and have a pie eating contest. Serve food [fried chicken, potato slad, burgers, corn etc.] on mismatched tableware and drinks in jam jars.

Fiesta – learn to salsa, have a pinata, play loteria and serve mexican food.
Glow in the Dark – buy some blacklights and ask everyone to come dressed in white, hand out glow sticks and dance the night away. Serve light coloured food that will glow under blacklight.

Greed – eat a lavish meal and have an eating competition, play solo, not team, games and play money based games eg. Monopoly.

Stone Age/Caveman – have a heavy rock toss, try and break open a coconut with a rock [teams] make a tribal painting [mural] and serve very cousely chopped meat, vegetables and fruit.

Tropical – go to the beach, learn to hula, play volleyball, swim. Afterwards have a pig on spit and bonfire send kids off with handmade leis.

Messy Eater – play games such as a pair feeding each other blind-folded, trying to guess someone’s identity blind-folded by feeling them with wooden spoons, have a whipped cream fight, have a contest to suck jelly through a straw, have an egg toss, bob for apples in water then marshmallows in floour, suspend donuts on string oof a tree/clothesline etc. and have people blindfolded trying to eat them. Serve notoriously messy foods eg. spaghetti, chicken wings, chocolate fountain etc.

Very Berry – decorate in blue, red, purple and pink and serve foods with berries in it. Have a blind-folded berry tasting and name guessing contest, have a berry shaped pinata, have a no-hands berry pie eating contest and plant a strawberry plant in a pot to take home.

Fortune Telling – have a tarot card reader or palm reader come to your house and give your friends readings, match people horoscopes to them and make dream catchers.

Murder Mystery – may packages are available on the internet and most have food suggestions provided. Some can be very elegant.

Titanic – have your friends come dressed up and have a formal dinner in a fancily decorated part of your house and then move outside where everything is messy with things strewn around and swim in your pool.

Regression – finger-paint and have little kids games eg. pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parsel, musical chairs. Serve classic party food like cheerios, party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread ad cupcakes.

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