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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to be a Spiritual Scientist?

I want to be something like that. I want to study the Metaphysics and see if anything of it are true. Those include but not limited to Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experiences, Near-Death Experiences, channeling, astrology, tarot cards, apparitions, energy healing, reincarnation, psychics and much more. Whether I prove or disprove such is a win-win situation. If they’re proven then we understand the universe better, if disproven then we know those are scams. But I wanted it to become part of real science.

Answer by Saint Jimmy For President 2012
That is what we call “Pseudo-Science”

Answer by Noa Bach

Answer by GodisFinite
NDE’s is the only area open for discovery. The others have been disproven, look up the experiments. Also, we’re gaining on our understanding of NDE’s, so you might want to hurry.

Answer by Dr pushpinder k
As an agno-myst,
i think,
it is possible,
because all spiritualists in a way are scientists,
because they are working in the field of the consciousness
to find out the facts of the realms that lies above and beyond the realm of the matter
and all scientists are in a way spiritualists,
because they are working to find out the truth of the existence through the facts
or the exploration of the realm of the matter.
Though i think,
it is very difficult to make it part of real science or provable science,
because facts that belong to upper realms of existence
can not be proved in the sense of the matter.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the difference between “wicca” and “new age” religions?

and do wiccans really believe in a god and goddess literally, or is it more symbolic? (i want to know this because i feel i fit with both new age and wiccan and pagan religions) and can wiccans practice astrology tarot cards and other things like that?

thanks! i appreciate any polite answers. 🙂

Answer by Twelve Star Nation
Nice question.
Yes, wiccans can practice astrology and use tarot cards.

New Age is made in part of:
– Astrology
– Sacred Geometry
– Alien abuductions
– studies into chakras
– Angel Channeling
– Healing Modalities such as Reiki, crystal charging and the like
– Atlantis and Lemuria

Answer by Jennifer
They do, yes. Literal and symbolic.

And yes, wiccans can practice astrology, tarot cards, and basically anything, except maybe another religion. 😛

I love astrology, and tarot cards. It really doesnt matter. But most wiccans do have at least one deck of tarot cards.

Anything else you wish to know, find a book on Wicca. ^-^ That i what i had done. If u would like to know anything else. email me. jennyxchase@yahoo.com

Answer by Safÿre
You will never get a definitive answer to this question, because most people on this path can’t seem to agree. (Which is the beauty of this path — no one rules over everyone else’s thoughts!)

A lot of people tend to agree that Wicca is the practice of the Craft (witchcraft). So you can find a Wiccan that is also a practising Christian.

New Age religions are usually any form of worship that isn’t either Abrahamic (ie Islam, Judaism and Christian) or “Eastern” or “ancient” (ie Shinto, Buddhism, or First Nation et al). For example, if your ancestry traces its roots back to the Celtic races (ie Irish or Welsh etc), you may find Celtic Paganism “feels” right for you. And so you would worship Cernunnos or Brigit (or both) or any of the other members of the Celtic pantheon.

Basically, because humanity has become so cross-polinated (ie we can probably all locate an ancestor from another race in our family tree), “New Agers” tend to find complementary faiths and amalgamate them into the path they choose to follow. For me, this means my path is heavily influenced by my Germanic background (ie Norse pantheon), my Anglo-Saxon background (ie Celtic pantheon) and my Koori (Indigenous Australian) background. I find many areas of all these hereditary paths are complementary (ie they don’t contradict each other), and so my path is a homogenous blend of all the faiths of my ancestors. Thrown into that blend is the fact that I am a hereditary witch (on my mother’s side) and the grand-daughter of a Cunning Woman (on my father’s side). I believe (because of my ancestors) that this is why I am drawn on the path I follow. It feels natural and right.

So yes. I do believe in both the God and Godess (sic). This is because my mere mortal brain is incapable of completely comprehending the Creator. So its easier for me to address the individual aspects of the Creator (ie the maternal, loving, nurturing side, and the dominant, masculine, creative side). Again, the two aspects of male and female deity complement each other, to create a whole being (or beings) that I converse with.

However, my faith does not affect whether or not I believe in Reiki, or Chakras, or Tarot cards, et al. I have been reading the Tarot for many years, and am also quite accomplished at Astrology, Lithomancy, and other methods of divination (especially First Nation methods). While these practices form part of who I am as a whole, they do not necessarily have any influence on my faith or vice versa.

So if you want to read the Tarot and become a practising Pagan, there is nothing stopping you following your heart. Just listen to your soul. It will guide you as to what “fits” with your faith and what contradicts it. (Which is probably why Christians are always so freaked out about Tarot readers, etc.)

In lak’ech

Answer by Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!
Wicca is a specific religion. It’s modern and polytheistic, with influence from a variety of older traditions.

“New Age” is a much larger, more nebulous term. In bookstores, Wicca is commonly filed under New Age, but Wiccans generally object to that classification. New Age beliefs are often not religions in and of themselves, but rather more general metaphysical beliefs. New Agers can be of any religion.

Wiccan understanding of god and goddess can be complex. I personally find the idea of atheistic Wicca to be a contradiction, but that doesn’t mean that a theistic understanding doesn’t also include a significant amount of symbolism.

Wicca has no rules about things Wiccans can’t do. There’s nothing that keeps a Wiccan from studying astrology or tarot, and indeed a fair number of us are interested in such things.

Answer by Jack
NEw age is a type of religion, wicca falls under that catagory to some. which is weird because wicca is one of the oldest religion predating even christianity. yes and they often do, runes , ink, pendulms, all types of divinary tools, although if you feel you fit into new age wicca and (paganism is an umbrella term a wiccan is a pagan but a pagan isnt always a wiccan)then study all of them, who knows you may be a wiccan or another type of pagan or even something else entirly.

blessed be

Answer by MSB
Wicca is a religion, new age is more of a philosophy.

Wiccans can be new age, I think Wicca attracts a lot of new-age philosophy type people.

But not all Wiccans would consider themselves new age thinkers– I don’t think I am.

Some Wiccans see the Higher Power in the form of many literal Gods and Goddesses. Some see Gods and Goddesses as human ideas about the nature of the Divine, or as different aspects of the Divine Source. A few don’t believe in a Higher Power at all, they see the Gods and Goddesses as symbols. How one views the Higher Power is a personal thing.

Yes, divination and magic are perfectly acceptable practices in Wicca, though not required.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to tap into my subconscious?

I am trying very hard to learn how to read tarot cards. I have the gilded tarot deck (a very beautiful deck) but i just can’t seem to connect with them. I try to do a reading on someone but nothing comes to me… What am i doing wrong? Why am I not connecting with my deck?

Answer by caelencakess.
i dont think your subconcious can be helped by a deck of cards.
its a personal deep thing, the way you really feel about things.
you have to really know yourself to be able to reach that level and accept your feelings about things.

Answer by Debo
Hi, how are you?
I really do not know if it is true what the tarot, I personally do not think so.
That people who ask for help to tarot resort to it as a way to cling to something and not really take care of their problems.
It’s like a religion to believe that this will solve everything and it is not true.
You have to build their future. Find if the circumstances do not see them and not guided by a few simple letters. It would be ridiculous to think about what fate is determined by a deck.
Because many times people are suggestions from what the tarot and things end up leaving because they are looking for those, like the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Answer by tommy s
Time, patience and intention. It will happen as long as you keep your focus. Good luck in the next greatest moment of your life.

Answer by Peace and Love
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good luck Olivia 🙂

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