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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it normal to have a dream and it happens ?

For a while now I constantly have dreams but I guess there not ordinary. So like whenever I have a dream it tends to happen the day after like yesterday I dreamt that I would trip in a ditch and roll my ankle turns out it happened except I broke it. Does anyone know if it’s normal or completely weird… the way this is serious to

Answer by MrAnnonymous
its more of coincidence than a prediction. Unless your dreams frequenlty predicted real life situations with specificity then maybe your gifted. But Dreams are not real, they only exist in your mind and they cannot predict the future. Frued claimed that it was window into the unconscious mind, revealing all you darkest and deepest secrets and concerns. There is significnce in dreams but they are not the kind that we would depend on for knowing hte future. You could of had a dream about the rain, and woke and it was rainning, but your dream has no connection with the events occurance.

Answer by Rafael
I don’t know how much you believe in spirituality but let me tell you this:

There many researches and studies abut quantum physics, and particularly one of this studies is about the power of your brain. But before talking about the power of the brain, you should know first that everything we see, touch, anything we interact with… is connected somehow to our unconsciousness mind. When we are awake, our conscious come up front and make “the world” for you. But there a lot of things that our unconsciousness mind can do as well but we hardly have access to the unconscious,
So when we sleep, your consciousnessness is there, kind of relaxing, but then there are unconscious thoughts that show up to you as premonition.

So here’s the thing,I’m not a Physist,PhysicistDoctor, I’m just a designer who loves cognitive psychology applied to design… anyways, my PERSONAL opinion on this is:
During unconscinous lots of thoughts come out, ideias, ideases of childhood, AND, a prospect, you unconsciousnesss free pass to do whatever it wants, there are no filters in these thoughts. Oh and most importantly, many times they would be stuff that you would never think during consciousness take yo unconscious hat you don’t want to bother with, bad stuff you don’t wanna think about goes all there. And when we sleep, all these storage of feelings, thoughts sort of come up in a way or another.

Now the power of your brain: since everytineverythingworld is a creation of our minds, therefore it can be assumed that our mind also predict stuff. But how come??? Well, people with this abilities probably learned how (was born with) to reach their brain more than the other people. Example: Those tarot card reader, or medium, psychosepsycho-sensitivell have a larger use of their brain, most importantly, reaching the unconscinous.

I’m finishing LOL: So your dreams come true. NO, it’s not a message from above. You’re a medium or psycic, you have access to this part of thpsychicn which allows you to “decide” /”tell” what’s gonna happen the next day or even later days. It’s kinda you can see a near future. But at my understanding of neurophysics and quantum physics, I could tell that you’re able to access the “life planner” which in your case has been happening when you’re unconcsionousness and suddenly you bring those action to your potential consciousness.

There are ways to bring unconsciousnesss to cons thought through a therapist, maybe with regression session or something. But afterall, YOU ARE NOT WEIRD, IT’S THE OPPafter allOU’RE TECHNICALLY SMARTER BECAUSE YOU’RE ABLE TO USE MORE OF YOUR BRAIN THAN MOST OF US.

I really hope you got I mean because I know sometimes it sounds confusing!
Any doubts or for further explanation, please comment.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : TAROTREADERS: Could you give me a general Tarot Reading; about myself and my life?

I know I probably know myself way better then anyone or anything, but for fun…and to see if you gave an accurate reading or not.
10 points. And I’m not asking for a full in depth reading…unless you feel it’s important to tell me what you see in the cards, then go right ahead.
And I feel this could help me in a way so that would be really great
Name is Katie.

Answer by toko40351
It’s impossible to have your cards read online or over the phone. You have to be present to shuffle the cards. At least, according to my mother, who’s been reading them for about 30 years now and is actually pretty accurate. Although whether that’s from the cards actually saying something or just her subconsciously cold reading someone, I’m not sure.

Answer by vid
Yes, you can get cards done online or over the phone. You don’t have to be present to shuffle, and many readers don’t allow anyone to shuffle for them. However, you wouldn’t go to a mechanic for an oil change free would you? The reason you wouldn’t do that is because it takes the mechanic’s time and energy. This is true with Tarot readers as well. Giving a genuine reading can take a lot of time and energy just so you know.

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