Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is it bad luck to write with permanant marker on the back of the tarot cards what they mean?

casuse i did that cause i hated looking at the minipaper that came with them to decifer the meanings so i wrote it on the back of each card. is it bad luck or something? anyone know anything about superstitions and tarot?

Answer by John F
No. Tarot is just a game, like any other so-called superstition.

Answer by Obey me or go to hell. Love, god
Yes, I think the magic tarot spirits will kill you with lasers from their eyes.

P.S. Tarot is definitely a superstition. You people are morons.

Answer by Helen
Superstitions are for the superstitious. Nevertheless, I have never heard of any such superstition, it will just spoil your cards but if you don’t mind that then there is no problem.

P.S. Tarot≠superstition.

Answer by MarlaMartian
no, there’s nothing wrong with it. it ruins the integrity of the cards, but it’s not a big deal. in fact, it’s kind of a good idea.

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
You can do what you like with your Tarot cards – they are your Tarot cards! If it helps to write some of the keywords on the back, then that’s fine. In fact, I think that there are some Tarot decks that have the keywords on them already! You might also like to buy a second deck as your ‘real’ deck for when you start to practice readings with others and don’t want to have the cards written on.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How Do You Shuffle Tarot Cards?

I have a deck of tarot cards, and I want to try using reverse meanings now, but how do I shuffle it so that my deck is a mixture of both upright and reversed cards? I heard that every once in a while, in order to ‘cleanse’ your carfds, you’re supposed to turn al of them upright while going through your deck.

Answer by Hey Y
It is to my understanding that you aren’t suppose to try and reverse the cards there just suppose to reverse themselves. In my tarot card deck i just shuffle them like you would regular deck of cards and a reverse card will pop up about 50 to 75 % of the time. There really no way on making sure they are all mix up. Yes it true that source say your suppose to put your cards right up but it is really a person choice. And rember when you are reading some else cards they are suppose to shuffle them their self. Hope this help.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Helen

If your new to tarot, avoid reversed as it gives you a deck of 156 cards.

But to reverse you can muddle the deck on a smooth surface, or divide deck into 4 & reverse one of the quarters, or you can reverse a card at the end of every shuffle movement.

Cleanse your deck as you mention between every person they are used for & between different questions as is places chaos back into the deck.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does the 3 of Pentacles translate to a relationship question?

I always have difficulty with this card in matters of relationship questions, but have seen it come up recently. I understand position matters, but in general how does it translate to matters of the heart?
Thanks Fairycakes…that helps put it in perspective a little better. I never got how it fit into a question of love.

Answer by Fairycakes
The Three of Pentacles, like the Threes in the other suits, represents the initial completion of a goal or plan. In this case, the Three seems to imply the fulfilment and manifestation of a creative venture, business, or building project.

The inspiration of the one is beginning to be concreted in the material world, and the decisions of the two have been made successfully. An initial satisfaction is now being enjoyed and the project is well underway.

The message of the Three of Pentacles, therefore, is primarily one of encouragement. If you continue to work toward the fulfilment of your dreams and do not allow disillusionment to dampen your enthusiasm, ultimately you will experience prosperity and success in your goals.

What new beginnings are you experiencing in the material realm? Is there some project or creative venture you have been putting off because of fear of failure? The Three of Pentacles indicates that dreams can be made real with persistence, determination, and effort.

Use your Intuition when it comes to Tarot, throw away someone else meanings and trust your own!

You know you can do it!

Written by LavinaLotus

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