Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it a bad thing that my tarot cards are alittle too big for my hands?

ive just bought my first deck and i loved the pictures,not only because they are beautiful but i think they have a meaning to me. anyways they are a bit big and hard to shuffle, is that a bad thing? i havent had them for long, about 4 days.

Answer by Ruth Ann
most tarot cards are over sized and I have the same problem. My hands are small. There shouldn’t be any problem with that as long and your energy charges them.

Answer by RIP Pike Bishop
take it to religion and spirituality.

Answer by Beebes
Yes, its bad, it will cause you and your children to be haunted by a terrible curse.

Answer by ThreeDrinkDonkey
Is it bad that you are a little to big to be playing with tarot cards?

please post this where people care about mysticism and lollypop gumdrop trees.

Answer by LiveReadings
No not at all. I use the Voyager Tarot which is rather large. I shuffle the cards length wise. You get use to it after practice.

Good Luck.

Answer by Airielle
it won’t affect your readings. but i have the same problem. i found smaller ones and they feel so much better.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how do you clean your tarot cards? and where should they be safe?

my little sis spread my tarot cards all across the floor than my mom picked them up so how do i clean them because i lost my connection with the spirits! and also where should be a safe place for them?

Answer by Leah
I wasn’t sure if you meant spiritually cleanse them, or literally. I did find an article that talks about how to do both- it’s here:

As for storage, i was always told to keep them in a natural holder- be it a wooden box, a sewn pouch, etc. But the website I linked to above also tells you how to store them properly, so you should be able to find some great info that works for you.

Hope that helped 🙂

Answer by Joaquim Zorro
Shove it down the toilet

Answer by Sean
When you want to cleanse your Tarot Deck the simplest way to do this, is to pass each card through the smoke of a incense stick. Then to connect or reconnect to the energy of the Tarot Deck sleep with the cards under your pillow for a few nights. When you are not using the Tarot Deck the best place to keep them is wrapped in a piece of cloth (some say black silk is best but any cloth will do ) then stored in a wooden box.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on meaning of tarot cards

Tarot Trumps & Card Rulers

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