Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is anyone a psychic or tarot reader who can help me?

hi IM looking for a pshychic or tarot card reader who can help me with some spiritual healing, and give me some advice, if they can email me that would be great πŸ™‚

Answer by Spud
What do you want help with? I don’t tarot read I scry, same sorta thing but I find scrying SOOOOOOO much easier. I’ll help. i won’t email you though.

Answer by KiSaBoS
Can I tell you something… spiritual healing has become a business in itself and it sucks. I can give you advice for on your own, but try and stay away from tarot card/psychics. You will probably only be disappointed.

Spiritual healing should never be regimented or sold because it’s something we all have. I know, sounds corny, but it’s true.

Answer by dipsydoodle
no wonder you need help asking those clowns.

Answer by Shadow Storm β˜₯ Witch ✑ Healer ☯
To the Sensitive Medium: Why, if you’re a sensitive/medium did you not see it comming? This isn’t a common ability but it is not always that I come across someone with gifts devloped enough to state it out loud yet find it hard to find another person with similar or better talents in this area. I myself prefer the words sensitive and intuitive person and while I fully trust my intuition I don’t offer it as a service unless there’s no way around it.

Now if we can all be doctors, should we all operate on ourselves? If we can all be mechanics, should we all spend hours learning so we can fix our own cars and spend money on the necesities? We can all be teachers so why not personally teach our children instead of sending them off to school? We can all create music so should we also invest in that?

If you have the time and the money for these and many other talents then by all means go out and do it and save some money… Remember you first have to spend money to save money.

Not everyone is going to sit around and invest time and money into developing their inner gifts and are satisfied with what they have. As human beings we always (even the most psychic of people) need someone else to say it outloud which is the healing part. Now if you were tricked into giving up your money for unsatifactory work then that is your problem. You failed to use your talents and failed to use common sense in choosing someone appropriate for yourself and now want to play the victim card by stating that everyone who charges is a fake. Tarot readers need to EAT as well, Tarot readers need to pay bills like the rest of the planet. It is disrespectful for you to assume that anyone who charges for spiritiual assistance is a fake and should not even charge since we all have it. That’s as silly as me going to a mechanic to change my oil and then tell him “I’m not paying you because this is so easy I could of done it” But plain and simple.. I DIDN’T DO IT! Therefore he SHOULD get paid for his TIME and service. Time being the one that most people charge for.

Even the catholic church charges for their services in order to keep the church up. Well in order for many readers, intuitives, sensitives, psychics to offer their services and NOT be abused by people who only want free readings and a reading a day they set a price. They put a price on their time. This weeds out the ones that aren’t serious and just want a laugh. everyone’s time is valuable and if you can’t see this, then I might just doubt your so called psychic talents. If you fail to see what is clealy in front of you then I doubt you can get a a seconds worth of future forcasting.

I feel if very disrespectful when some so called medium steps up and speaks without thinking about the situation on a mundane level. If the physical world is too much for you to perceive then looking into the future is not your best talent. When you fail to see the reasons in charging for time and energy spend on such things.

Put into consideration the money and time these people spent on developing their gifts, what about the preperation before a working? and what about ending of the working? After readings I cleanse my self and my home to push out energies a client might of contaminated me with and let me tell you something. daily cleansings ARE EXPENSIVE!

Now I’m not answering the question but I felt I had to speak up on behalf of any psychic or spiritual advisor that charges for their time and most importantly because I felt that the sensitive/medium was misleading the asker and telling her that psychics don’t need money, that psychics can give away their time since they don’t have families, billls, jobs, chores and other needs. So to the asker, I am sure you are wise enough to see that paying for someone’s time (like we pay any other profession – doctors, mechanics, mcdonalds for making our food and even the gardner who cleans our yards for us) .. their time is valuable and is worth something otherwise we wouldn’t be asking them for anything. Now there are some who give free services but that is their gift to the world, a gift many of them offer up as an offering to God through his people. But that of course is a different story and SHOULD NOT be abused.

So listen to your own reasoning on this one, your own common sense and i’m sure you’ll agree that psychic/mediums/intuitives/etc are valuable, their time is valuable and they too have needs.

Blessings and much luck in finding the assistance you need,
Shadow Storm

Answer by Life Is…
Estella, honey, I’m sorry if you are going through a difficult time.

Answer by Beatnik
The card representing the present is inverted and indicates family difficulties, but the balance to this is new understanding and success in new challenges, the past indicates you have used your intuition, but perhaps weakly? The future denotes new relationships.

The advice is to tune in to your intuition, you possess the answer to your issue but for some reason you are not allowing it to come to fruition? The degree of success is contingent on allowing your own inner voice being heard and not being drowned out by external matters.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone good at reading Tarot cards for free please answear back ?

Answer by Donald S
I was a professional Tarot Reader for about a year. This was before I returned to the States. I am also good at Magi Astrology. But when in comparison to Tarot, I feel that my Tarot understanding is at a much higher level.

Um, am I suppose to add some kind of a “swear” word here? Just kidding πŸ˜€

By the way, the reason that I am willing to do free readings now is because I haven’t started my business yet. There are no good starting dates for most businesses for the next 2 years. And it’s good karma. I aim to help and focus on the good side of things. Even though you can’t eat hope, it’s still good to have a little.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : In Tarot, what is a twin card?

This question got answered, but I have no idea what card they are talking about? My deck doesn’t have any twins!!!

” What does the twins card mean in tarot reading?
Went to a tarot card reader and 3 times the twin card came out, what does that mean?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

can signalise a few things could be two different paths to chose could be someone bein two faced could be arrival of someone new in your life could be arrival of old friend who has changed the cards meanin will be different dependin on what other cards were drawn with it and what type of readin you had done and the person who is readin the cards as everyone should inte

Answer by thistlemaid
Some Tarot Decks have twins standing under the sun depicted on the Sun card. The Sun is one of the Major Arcana cards. Other decks show the Sun shining over a child sitting on a horse.

Regardless of the imagery, the interpretation would be the standard “Sun” symbolism – unless of course the reading seemed to heavily favour a ‘twin’ theme. There are several cards which emphasize pairs of things, as well – of course – as the Two of Pentacles, Two of Wands, Two of Cups and Two of Swords.

Unless the “two-ness” seems important in the rest of the spread – stick with the Sun imagery.

Answer by zorbaziv
There isn’t a specific TWINS card in traditional tarot decks. But as thistlemaid has already mentioned some decks will display twins under the Sun card. You could ask your Tarot Reader the name of the deck and then do a web search for it.

But the many different tarot decks available will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.

You can use this four minute video as a brief meditation on the tarot that, repeatedly viewed, will help you learn how to read tarot cards psychically.

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days to study meanings and spreads!

Written by Kablan

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