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@pipal_K (Yumi Kwon) tweeted the following :
The tarot card reader told me that never work so hard for anything..It sounds good to me..:-)

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@NikkiLeigh18 (nikki..ā™”) tweeted the following :
Tarot card reader said I would meet some one at a family gathering this week. Roll on today’s christening! #ComeAtIsssss xox

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@imsoPHILthy (Im so PHILTHY) tweeted the following :
Iā€™m that palm-reader sittin on the corner, tarotcard-holder givin orders

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m thinking about having a tarot card reader at my wedding. What do you think?

I was just sitting here trying to think of ways that I could make my wedding unique and the idea of having a tarot card reader available came to mind. I am a Christian and I understand that it’s a sacred ceremony, but I find astrology and things like that interesting. My boyfriend probably won’t go for it and may want to commit me for even mentioning the idea, but what do you think?

Answer by Joycee
No…sounds tacky

Answer by ciganka515
that’d be fun

Answer by atlatlanta67
maybe if you were spiritual and all that, but definitely no if your fiance won’t go for it!

Answer by Just tryin’ to help
Hmmm….who are you marrying? Hopefully you mean your fiance when you say boyfriend. Remember, it’s his day too. If he doesn’t want it, you should probably compromise with something you BOTH can live with.

Personally, I would not think very highly of tarot readings at a wedding, but that’s me. And it’s not my wedding.

Good luck

Answer by Red One
what about a magician…not the crappy little kid kind but a skilled one who also tells jokes.

Answer by Britt
I think that would be so interesting! It would definitely make your wedding a very memorable one. Maybe you could have it at the reception as just a silly kind of fun thing to include and you and your bf could have your fortunes read in front of everyone. Ha you wouldnt even have to mention it to him, it could be a huge surprise to be done…there would be no backing out of it then :]

Answer by Paradise Weddings & Travel
You may end up insulting some of your guests by having tarot cards there. Thats never good to do, it could cause hard feelings between the extended families.

Answer by mamatucker
I think it is a super cool idea. Maybe if you went with a theme wedding. I went on a train ride with the theme. You could do a Vegas theme and include her. Good luck and congradulations.

Answer by lady31
Bad idea for a Christian ceremony.

bad idea for a wedding period!!!

Answer by terasa425
Although I think fortune tellers are really cool, I don’t think that they should be at a wedding. Some people may be offended. What about having one at the wedding shower, rehearsal dinner (where there’s also fewer people) or taking your bridal party to one for a girls outting before the wedding. Good luck and Congratulations!

Answer by raffi
i think its a pretty unique idea, but nobody wants to hear anything bad, especially at a wedding

Answer by eey0re_x
i understand you wanting to be unique but i dont think tarot cards are the right thing for you to have … alot of people dont believe in that and may talk garbage about your wedding i know it is suposta be your day but try something else .. like a crazy game or i dont know.. a different type of decoration good luck

Answer by Wicked Bride
sounds fun, but Goth. Probably freak out the christians, I think

Answer by kiwi
Are you going to have a minister officiate? He/she may very well feel very offended at the idea of tarot. You might also insult many of your guests.

Tarot is not a Christian thing. It is a black sorcerer thing, that comes from Satan.

Answer by Christina T
I don’t know, what if your “fun” tarot card reader decides to tell one of your guests that they are going to die soon? Or that something awful is going to happen? What a way to ruin a joyous mood. If you want entertainment at your wedding, hire a caricature artist. šŸ™‚

Answer by robertparkerco
If I went to a wedding and there was a tarot card reader I would think to myself this has to be the most stupid thing ever. yes your wedding would be unique, but it would be in a bad way. A wedding is a union between two people, it is not a side show to see how far you can push the boundries. if you must have a tarot card reader there why don’t you add a pony ride and a clown. thats how stupid the idea is.,

Answer by Kimm T
It is something that the 2 of you need to decide together. I don’t think I would feel comfortable going to a wedding where there was a ” tarot card reader”. However; it is not my day to decide. There are many many other ways to make your day special and unique that will make people feel more comfortable.
I find that kinda stuff interesting too, but it is not something I personally find appropriate for a wedding. Maybe at your “party” for a bachelor/bachelorette party. But even that is pushing it.

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