Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Im setting up a fortune telling booth for culture night at my high school, help please?

I need different fortune telling techniques that are cost effective if purchasing items is required. What could i do at my booth?

Answer by Fireball
ask the librarian for help…

Answer by SteveN
If this is all for fun, I would say that the three best ways to do a fortune-telling booth would be with tarot cards, crystal ball, or palm-reading.

With tarot, you get special cards that you turn over, and each card is supposed to have special meaning when turned over for a question asked. Cards facing the right way are positive, while cards facing the opposite way (upside down for you) are negative or conflict cards. The simplest reading is three cards, representing past, present, and future. You can find the meanings of each card online, or some tarot card decks actually give you a description of the cards’ meanings.

A crystal ball method, you basically are asking the person to stare into the ball and focus with you, and the energy is supposed to come through for you to see and interpret. You then can “read” the person and give them an answer to a question, but it should not be a simple yes or no. Most crystal ball readers try to leave things a bit vague. Much like a horoscope in the newspaper, you leave something for the person getting the reading to interpret themselves.

Finally, with palm reading, you want to learn to interpret the lines on someone’s hands and give some responses based on them. For example, a prominent life line can mean a long life, while one that seems to interrupted at some point can suggest health problems.

If you are doing this to raise funds for the school, you might want to use one of these methods for your fortune telling booth:

Try the crystal ball method, selling small crystals or polished lucky rocks to people after a reading. A dollar store may have small crystals or rocks that you can sell for $ 2 at the booth.

Perhaps you can sell special fortune candles. Buy dollar store scented (or unscented) candles of varying colors. Each would have a different purpose…money, fame, power, health, luck, inner peace, etc.

If you know a woodworker in the family, you could have them create small wooden chips (like Scrabble letters) with a strange symbol on them. These could be “runes” that ward off evil spirits or bring good fortune. Put a hole in them and attach a shoe string or bit of leather and you have an interesting necklace or bracelet people may wear for years after culture night.

Buy loose tea leaves from a local tea shop, and sell them in individual packets for reading tea leaves. You tell them to buy the tea, tell them how they must drink the tea in a certain way (such as always taking a sip from a different corner of the cup until the tea is finished). Then you give them instructions for reading the leaves. Are they a circle in the bottom of the cup? Long life! Are they all in a pile in the center? Good fortune! Are they tilted all to one side? Right side of the handle means things will look up in the future. Left side means something bad may soon happen. That sort of thing.

Just be sure that people know it’s all in good fun and not to take it too seriously. Unless you are a descendant of a true gypsy fortune teller and actually believe you have psychic powers, what you are selling here is just a fun experience. Nothing more.

Answer by Psy Chic
tarrot and palm reading

Answer by HappilyPagan
palmistry is good, tea leaf reading is cheap and if the person interprets their own its their subconscious telling the truth.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are wiccan cards?Are they the same as tarot cards?

What’s the difference between them if they aren’t the same?
Where could i buy some ?and where can I buy tarot cards?
Im just really curious about this stuff I don’t practice them…

Answer by Miss Mischief
Yes, they are evil, stay away from. They are not real for anything, just whatever the person holding them wants to say.

Answer by Cockfighting
wiccan cards are like phone cards, you dab into a cauldron and invoke the person.

additionally, you can use a cellphone.

Answer by Nightwind
It’s mostly a marketing thing. They are similar to tarot cards except using symbolism that is familiar to Wiccans…that and slapping “Wicca” on a product helps it to sell.

Answer by Elaine M
You can read the review about them over on the tarot site just click on ‘cards’ and type in the title to get both the review(s) and images of the cards.

It’s not a tarot deck, it only has 33 cards (tarot has 78) so I’d consider it more of an oracle deck (the number of cards and the meanings won’t match any standard tarot). The art uses too much orange color for my taste, but it’s rated fairly well as a useable deck.

You can buy tarot at any bookstore (they’ll be limited in the decks they carry though), or online from Amazon or from Tarotgarden. Find artwork you like first, and read the reviews of how the deck works. The MOST common deck is the Rider Waite deck, and there are others that use nearly the same artwork plus the same meanings — if you want a softer feel to it look for the Mary Hanson Roberts deck, it’s the same as the RW but ‘friendlier’. Another extremely popular RW style deck is the Robin Wood deck, which I find very easy to use.

Most decks are in the $ 18-$ 25 range (without a hardcover book). The aeclectic site shows a huge number of decks on the market, some that are discontinued, AND new ones in the making. It rates them from 1 to 5 stars for useability and has recommendations.

Answer by Kristin
Wiccan High Priestess here. There’s no such thing as “Wiccan cards.”

Answer by Matthew
They are the same.
You can buy Tarot Cards basically at any spiritual, new age, metaphysical bookstore, or even Barnes & Noble has some.

If you’re on a budget, check Google, Amazon, or eBay.

Answer by erisian trubble
Sounds like a marketing thing. There are all kinds of cartomancy systems, but tarot is probably the most widely known in the US. “Wicca” as a whole doesn’t have its own system of divination, although most practitioners do practice some form of divination, usually tarot, rune casting, or scrying.

Answer by Mackenzie
There are no actual such things in Wicca.

Some company realized Wicca is a popular name; it sells all kinds of spiritual and new-age products.

So they created a card system and slapped the name “Wicca” on the label.

Basically “Wicca cards” came from a company that decided to invent “Wicca cards”– they did not come from the religion of Wicca or Wiccan practices.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please help me interpret this tarot reading ?

I asked what the outcome of a relationship I was recently in that has broken down. I got the following cards :

Past : Star
Present : King Wands
Future : Queen Wands

Any help with interpretation would be great thanks 🙂

I ask because we’ve been through this before and I’m unsure whether to pursue it or not.

Answer by C.C.
Star: If they are single, the love and affection they currently yearn for will soon enter their life. Benefits are about to appear and these will bring contentment and happiness. So if life has been difficult, or they’ve not been dealing with the easiest of people, harmony and tranquillity lies ahead of them.
This reading also promises rewards for special efforts of the past. If they are about to undertake some form of test or examination, or they are waiting for the results of something similar carried out in the past, then hard work will surely bring its just rewards.

King of wands:In terms of love, the King of Wands is an excellent omen. He signifies that someone you care about also has protective and caring feelings about you, and that they are also willing to work hard if necessary to make the relationship work. You may be more than usually focused on your own work/career now, make time for romance (even if you are currently single) or you’ll end up with work being the only thing in your life.

Queen of wands:Again, this Queen is a very positive omen in the context of love relationships. If you are looking for love, this can mean that you’ll meet someone suitable through a light haired friend or acquaintance. You aren’t in the mood to be on your own now. Get out, mingle, trust yourself and the universe to bring you the love and support you want and need. If you are in a relationship, this is a very good omen it could last a while.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card meanings

Tarot Card Meanings – Ace of Wands

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