Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m looking for a tattoo that represents loneliness or isolation, any ideas?

I’ve searched the internet for weeks but I haven’t found anything. The closest thing I’ve found are some Japaneese characters that translate to alone, does anybody have any better ideas?
It’s not that I’ve feeling particularly lonely or isolated right now, but it has been the theme of the first 21 years of my life. So for me, it’s a tribute to what I was, and who I am. If this doesn’t make any sense, please tell me. And thanks for all the great responses so far.

Answer by Vesna G
single star

Answer by javy
a picture of you

Answer by babygirl
a black circle. teardrop,a unhappy smiley face.

Answer by dmaprile
I dont think a tattoo based on that is the best idea. But if you are looking for something, try the japense writing on “loney” or “sad” so if one day you do become happy.. no body will know what it really means

Good luck

Answer by Maggie M
I like chinese characters
Good luck

Answer by Ultimate Fanilow
maybe an island

Answer by Blair (show your tats)
Maybe an a small island, with a single tree, and a tattered looking fellow sitting under it looking, lonely?

Or, cheer up man. You need a shoulder, I can get you in line….
IM my tattoo advice and love line.

Answer by seasideatsunset
Why get a depressing tattoo ward off people and make you more alone? How about lookinG in the mirror and tell yourself ” I AM BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFULLY MADE “. You should not get one you can’t improve on the mystery of perfect creation. Smile.

Answer by jamie p
a straight jacket or a anti social symbol anarchy

Answer by petunia1354
If you dont have any tatoos and you are a God fearing Chritian or Jew — then don’t do it !!! The Bible says this is against God’s laws & you might be in jeapardy of your soul being lost forever.
Also, this might be something you will regret for other reasons later in life.
I understand lonely. I’ve been so lonely all my life, people dont seem to want to make new friends — they have their group from school or work & they wont make an effort to be friends with anyone else! I’ve been thinking of putting an add in the paper to invite people who are also without current friends and have like interests to call me and meet somewhere public for the purpose of becoming friends. I know a woman who did this several years ago & we were good friends for years til she had to move! So, you might do the same in your town. Dont give up — you could even run an add on the net! Just be causious and pick carefully. You are not the only one who is lonely — it’s a lonely planet, but you could do something about it — you might even save someone’s life! You never know!!! We are all human and we all have similar feelings and troubles! Try it, it cannot hurt !!!
By the way, we were and are all very nice looking ladies.

Answer by Chris M
Before you get a tattoo, consider this – what happens when you’re no longer lonely? Will you spend that extra however-much to remove it, or do you plan on adding an extra symbol that reads “Lonely…no more”?

Answer by Zombie_Eater
Tarot cards. It sounds weird, but some of them are very artsy and have great depictions of feelings, mindsets and meanings. Plus, you can get ideas from there and change it up to make it more personal to you.

You could also try searching around Google with words similar to isolation and loneliness. Use a dictionary or thesaurus to get different words of similar meaning, it might just help you find different pictures.

(btw…I understand the loneliness thing completely)

A fun site to try for the time being is:

Other than that, the only other suggestion I have to you is ask an artist to draw something for you that he/she sees as a representation of loneliness

Answer by kristina807
if you could somehow work this into the tattoo….a figure alone with no shadow?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What symbolism/meaning do the jacks of each suit represent in a deck of playing cards?

Answer by jleslie4585
Firstly the modern deck of playing cards is taken from the Minor Arcana of the Tarot and the four suits we know have been changed from the Tarot’s

Clubs= Staves
Diamonds= Pentacles
Hearts= Cups
Spades= Swords

The Jack does not exist i nthe Tarot, it is presumed to come from either the Knight, or the Page. Many more ascribe it to the Page so i’ll give you the brief meanings of the Page of the Tarot

Page of Wands= Faithful, perhaps a loyal lover, truthful and intelligence, survives trial.

Page of Cups= a studious youth, reflective and romantic. Young love, seductive, perhaps deceptive

Page of Swords= Alert, the young vibrant soldier, secrecy Vigilance and possessions

Page of Pentacles= young scholar, yearning for truth. study, message and management

Check the site below for a brief explanation of each individual tarot card. But you will gain much mroe form a real Tarot deck then a normal deck of cards

Answer by ianlake2000
try this

Playing Card Historical Personage
King of Hearts Charlemagne
Queen of Hearts Judith (of the Book of Judith,
an Apocryphal Book of the Bible)
Jack of Hearts “La Hire,” a famous French warrior
a.k.a. Etienne de Vignoles
King of Spades King David
Queen of Spades Pallas, a.k.a. Minerva
Jack of Spades Hogier the Dane,
one of Charlemagne’s paladins
King of Diamonds Julius Caesar
Queen of Diamonds Rachel (of the Bible)
Jack of Diamonds Hector of Troy
alternately, Roland of France
King of Clubs Alexander the Great
Queen of Clubs Argine
An anagram of Regina
Jack of Clubs Lancelot

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need the list of the seventy-eight tarot cards?

I don’t even need all seventy-eight, just the ones you know, and what their main cause or meaning is.

Answer by Riley G
i dont know what you are talking about!

Answer by Pretty Kitty
The major cards are listed here and their meanings.

Answer by Adam

Answer by Helen
You will also find them all (with pictures) under Rider-Waite tarot deck in wikipedia and in

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card meanings

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Video

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