Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : im looking for a Talent card reader that is free on the web can any1 help i want to see if they can see?

me being pregnant thank u
yes soz tarot reader

Answer by Change is good……
Do you mean Tarot card reader? Kind of like a psychic?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is Marie Rose Valmont a real sychic?

She mailed me a letter and the envelope said to mail it back to Enfield,CT. if that helps at all.

Answer by kentuckyredhead5353
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From free to $ $ had a friend who did that job from her home phone $ 8 hr and she couldn’t even run her own home so you tell me look up the free sites and save your money.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards…..?

I do readings for people and just wondered how many of you out there ACTUALLY believe in it all?
Have any of you had someone do a reading for you and its been a load of rubbish?
Also did you have to pay for it before or after?
I beleieve in Tarot and i swear by it but was curious to know YOUR thoughts?
i dont charge either

Answer by ericcarr_18017
Tarot cards are one of Satan’s many tools used for the decieving and ruination of souls.

Answer by angafeabeta
I believe in them, I’ve had a friend do a reading for me so I didn’t pay for it.

Blessed be!

Answer by Riegan
i read as well. i don’t charge money for it, i only read for my friends and family.

years ago i paid to have my cards done, and it was a load of rubbish 🙁

so it really depends on who is reading them, if they’re credible or not

Answer by Kallan
I’ve been reading tarot for over 15 years.. and I don’t charge either.. lots of my friends do as well, so I’ve never been charged. Yes, I’ve had someone do a reading for me and it was a load of rubbish, but I could tell at the time it was going to be.

Answer by Old Glory
They make lousy toilet paper.

Answer by ≈ Pangel-prayers for Debra M ≈
I have been doing readings for 20 odd years now
and no I dont personally charge for it…
however I have no issues with anyone who does
if that is how they wish to make a living , then it is as good as any means
as long as they are honest in what they do

and yes I have also had amazing readings…. and some hmm not bad
but the not bad ones have usually been those new to reading
and we all have to start somewhere

Answer by batangpinoy
Tarot cards is one of the oldest form of divination. Its origin is unknown until now. The tarot cards contains secret knowledge which only the initiated can decipher and usually under the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

The tarot cards is not only a form of divination, it also tells the story of man’s evolution. The evolution of one journeys thru life. For those whose consciousness could not understand it, it is rubbish. But, for those who want to know the secret to life, the purpose of life why we are and who we are, the tarot could provide a wealth of information.

In the world of the spirit, nothing is for free. A good tarot reader will charge for his services as an exchange of energy.

Answer by rwalke01
My mother used to read. She stopped reading when she predicted that my friends mother would lose someone close to her by water. A few days later my best friend drowned at a lake. So I do believe that they are accurate. I have attempted it a few times and every time I get the same result. My cards say I am doomed to be unhappy no matter what occurs in my life, so I don’t bother with them anymore. : (

Answer by Corcra Féileacán
I have had some reading that were a load of rubbish but I have had some very good reading. I have both paid before and after. I like it better if I pay first because then I can clear my mind easier. I know the Tarot works and Love doing reading for myself and for friends and family.

Answer by GreenEyedLilo
I believe, and I think a good paid reader can be more impartial than a friend. However, I’m not very good at reading them (and I don’t know why that is; I just don’t connect), and I don’t get cards read for me all that often. I prefer divination techniques like looking into a plasma orb or candleflame and scrying bowl and just letting my mind wander where it needs to go.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot card reader

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