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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If your child was kidnapped, would you be happy to have Psychic Detectives try to find her?

The police have no leads, only a tarot card (Death) left at the scene of your abduction.
One psychic comes forward at the scene, and the detectives let her hold the card… she gets a vision. Would you want them to follow it as a genuine lead?

Answer by Donna, GO YANKEES!!!

Answer by No.
No, it’s a waste of time and effort.

Answer by DrB
I believe when your child is missing you’ll try anything no matter how silly it sounds.

Answer by Jerre
No its not real

Answer by Hub

But desperation calls for desperate measures – and if my child went missing I’d probably be out of my mind. Who knows what I’d do? I may even pray.

Answer by Robert
I agree that if your child is missing and you want to try everything you can to get them back – even if it means going outside the square…

Answer by Holy Trinity
I’ll stick with the cops, thanks anyway…

Answer by Oscar Effing Wilde: Evil is Sexy
Hell no.

Well maybe. But only if it seems like that scam-artist douche is somehow involved/responsible…

Answer by Doubly Devilishly Sexy Occulty
I’d just be happy if my child was kidnapped.

That kid is a TOTAL brat!

Answer by Return To Eartha

Answer by tomslick54
Are you KIDDING? If George W Bush could show me how he could help, I’d put HIM on the case too!!
It’s my CHILD ! ! !

Answer by The angels have the Arc Light.
Yes, because sometimes the non-rational mind can put disparate pieces of information together in ways that the rational mind can’t.

I think it’s a misnomer to call that psychic though.

Answer by Instant Star PhD
People who are desperate to find that which they seek will try anything, however, some parents would probably be able to follow their gut instinct and their connection with their child moreso than listening to a psychic detective.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card question for someone who knows what the cards mean. I got the one with the guy pointing the sword?

I got a reading 10 years ago, and remember it now because many things from the reading have come true. I got the guy pointing the sword towards the sky in victory for the final card in the center spot. I don’t the name of the card, the reader said this was the perfect card to get in the perfect spot. Wondering if there is any tarot card confirmed rule that this is in fact an awesome card to have for the final center spot. Again i don’t know the card placement it went in a box with the final card filling the center. Question is this really the sickest card to get in the sickest spot? Any internet data as backup is appreciated to backup any answers.

Answer by rainsong4573
The cards mean evil…….stay away from that crap.

Answer by Goblin g
It’s difficult for me to know exactly which card you are referring to, only because there are so many different types of decks.

Rule of thumb, there are four different suits for the minor arcana (or lesser cards). They are penctacles (sometimes refered to as coins), cups, wands (sometimes refered to as sticks) and swords (sometimes refered to as knives).

Cups (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered Hearts (things with love attached to them).

Swords (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered Spades (things which need to be addressed in your life, which need to be turned around – swords are considered warning cards – they also stand for confilict, obstacles and aggression.) Depending on the other cards in the spread, these cards when received in the Royal aspect of the card (King, Queen, Jack as know as the Knight) are for logic and thoughtful attention to all sides of the issues at hand).

Pentacles (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered diamonds (which refers to the financial aspects of your life).

Wands (or as in a playing deck of cards) are considered clubs (which refers to growth, ambition and development).

If you go to Borders Books, going into the section marked “New Age”, they should have a book called “Complete Idiots Guide To Tarot”. This book is very helpful to “newbies” who are interested in learning the Tarot. This books uses the Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck (which is the most universal and standard of all the decks which are available today).

Have a lovely rest of the day. Bright Blessings.

Answer by freddy
The worst card is the tower and it dependes on the cards on ether side what it means and how bad.I think I answered your question?

Answer by johnlloydscharf
Given the sparce describtion you give, I am guessing you are refering to the Knight of Swords. It represents a man under the age of 40 who is both impulsive/compulsive and a creative organizer/planner/builder with a good heart. From the interpretation you were given, I highly suspect your reader was/is female. I believe the ultimate interpretation must come from YOUR subconcious mind or spirit, not the READER’s subconcious mind/spirit. I do not believe in trusting someone who does not want you to touch their cards or plants an interpretation from their spirit/mind instead of drawing it from YOU.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some of the most dangerous things and people still out in the world?

Tarot cards, Ouija boards, “possessed” persons. Daemons etc. Unexplained dangers.

Answer by tina

Answer by muaythaiguy
Tarot cards are pieces of paper, Ouija boards are cardboard games, possessed people actually have a mental illness, daemons are a myth just like Zeus

Answer by many owls
people who disappear with no explanation.

Answer by Katherine Santiago
EVERYTHING. Because for example toys are fun for kids but on some occations they have killed many of them.
if u want spacific things u could start with voodo i think? Or animal attaks. Even worse my sister!

Answer by Shaman Bob
Most of the time they are harmless pieces of inanimate theory and entertainment but every now and again some fool who thinks (but doesn’t know) he knows what he’s doing and most probably has an underlying psychiatric problem in a misdirected attempt at communicating with a ‘Great Ultimate’ open the bottle (pardon the analogy) and doesn’t know how to stuff the genie back into the bottle.
Such occurences are jumped on by the media in an attempt to demonise, and rightly so, the improper uses of what are actually methods of synchronising with the unconscious mind according to Gustav Jung. Most of time the spiritual guidelines are followed religiously with the knowledge that that’s what they’re there for, safety and protection
Like firearms, things don’t kill people it’s misinterpretations and lacklustre preparation that puts them in psychiatric wards and even then we only get to hear about it when something hits the fan

Answer by ladidaaa
demons and vampires. but even demons are scared of vampires.

Answer by moonheart
people with guns. not guns by their self though. guns don’t kill people. people kill people.

Answer by Elisheba
the person you beleive to be good, Satan doesnt look like a demon, he looks like the guy next door, one of the most beautiful angels. So apparently he cannot be ugly on the outside. He looks like a president or senator, good looking and full of malice. He never sins because he hides it that well and deceives you into thinking he’s doing it for your best interest. Honey, the road to hell is PAVED WITH GOOD intentions

Tarot is not evil, its jewish mysticism and kabballah teaching and now your not ignorant of that
possessed happens only to people who no lnger think for themselves and can only take orders
unexplained dangers happen to us all all the time.

Get some wisdom for real…and quit listening to others, research, learn and think for yourself. ALL MEN LIE EVEN ABOUT GOD and satan.

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