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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want to learn to read tarot cards what is a good deck & book for a begginer ?

Any other tips about tarot cards ? Please

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Nancy Garen


tip: don’t let anyone else touch your cards, the cards personalize themselves to your physic energy once you have handled them.

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Tarot cards

A set of seventy-eight playing cards decorated with a variable set of fantastic and mystical diagrams, symbols, and illustrations. The earliest deck still in existence is dated circa 1432. Researcher Norman Schwarz has dated the Tarot to between 312 and 64 B.C., from various clues such as the inclusion of earlier astronomical constellations (such as the Lovers and the King).
The cards are grouped into the Major Arcana (twenty-two trump cards) and the Minor Arcana (fifty-six suit cards). The four suits consist of fourteen cards each, ace through ten, page, knight, queen, and king. These cards were first in use in the mid-1400s and have been used ever since by gullible persons to cast fortunes.

The modern deck of fifty-two cards used in gambling was derived from the Tarot deck, the suits being transmuted so that “swords” became spades, “cups” became hearts, “wands” became clubs, and “coins” (or “pentacles”) became diamonds. (In Spain, these suits were “palomas,” “rosas,” “conejos,” and “dineros”; in France, “piques,” “cœur,” “trèfles,” and “carreaux.”) These are the cards that were called the Minor Arcana. Originally, there were four “court” cards, but the knight (or cavalli) card was dropped in the modern deck, resulting in 4×13 cards, while the Tarot retained 4×14.
The Major Arcana of twenty-two cards are individual figures:

0 The Fool
I The Magician
II The High Priestess
III The Empress
IV The Emperor
V The Pope
VI The Lovers
VII The Chariot
VIII Justice
IX The Hermit
X The Wheel of Fortune
XI Strength
XII The Hanged Man
XIII Death
XIV Temperance
XV The Devil
XVI The House of God
XVII The Star
XVIII The Moon
XIX The Sun
XX Judgement
XXI The World

(In some versions of the Tarot, the Fool is given the number XXI and the World becomes XXII. There is no known difference in accuracy between the two systems as far as prophetic value is concerned.)
For use as a divinatory device, the Tarot deck is dealt out in various patterns and interpreted by a gifted “reader.” The fact that the deck is not dealt out into the same pattern fifteen minutes later is rationalized by the occultists by claiming that in that short span of time, a person’s fortune can change, too. That would seem to call for rather frequent readings if the system is to be of any use whatsoever.
The form of deck most used today is the Golden Dawn, designed by A. E. Waite, a mystic, and drawn by artist Pamela Coleman Smith about 1900. The art of reading the cards has been referred to as the “ars notoria.”

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I break tarot decks into three categories.

* Basic decks like Rider Waite and Aquarian Tarot.
* Derivative decks like Tarot of the Cat People and Witch’s Tarot
* Extended decks like Thoth

In short, the basic decks have either the original imagery from early decks or modern interpretations of the imagery. Derivative decks interpret the images for a specific niche like people interested in cats or witches, etc. Extended decks extend the original imagery and symbolism of the basic decks. So, they would include more obvious components like astrology, numerology, chakras, etc.

I always suggest that people start with a basic deck like Rider Waite or Aquarian Tarot since the first hurdle is understanding the basic meanings of the cards. Even the simple things can take time to learn, especially when you consider there are also meanings for cards that are reversed. So, initially you are looking to memorize the meanings of 78 cards, their reversed meanings, and then how the cards relate to each other.

Once this is done, you can decide whether or not to move onto an extended deck and work with the extra imagery.

The derivative decks should only be purchased by someone who has a specific fondness for the deck. For instance, if you are a dog person the Cat Person Tarot might not be for you.

When selecting your deck, be sure to check out books that reference your deck. If you can’t find a good book for your deck, then look for something else.

Finally, don’t be afraid of keeping the book by your side during your first readings. Friends and I had a (tongue in cheek) saying that flipping through the book made it that much more mystical! 🙂

Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Tarot Card Confuses You the Most? genuine replys only please x?

As a tarot teacher with 20 years experience I still find that there are some cards – 2 inparticular that I find hard to meditate upon Emperor & Heirophant?

What are yours?



Answer by Kelly R
Im not a tarot card reader but I think people are probably most confused by the death card, it certainly worries me although Ive been told it actually has an opposite meaning

Answer by cappy
Likewise it’s the Emperor card for me but also the World card. The latter, I never really could figure out if it’s a positive or a negative one. . . !
Among the minors it’s the 7 of cups. I know it’s all about building castels in the air, but still it shouldn’t lol particularly when you ask a question that has no relation to this whatsoever per se.

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XIV Temperance

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Tarot Card Meanings – Minor Arcana Ace of Wands to Two of Wands

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