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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want Tarot Cards but I’m scared of what they can do if used improperly by accident?

Well. I’ve always been interested in the psychic stuff but I would be too scared to even touch anything in relation to it, so I’m looking through all kinds of sources that would allow me to know whether or not if someone as intuitive as myself should or need anything like this. I’m trying to take safe short cuts without harming myself or anyone around me by doing something wrong without noticing.

It’s like a burning interest for something I’ve thought about for eleven years. I’ve been looking at movies about those cards since i was about eight. I wasn’t the typical eight year old anyways.

During my sophomore year of college, I became friends with a girl who was a senior at the time who owned them,. When I saw them on the shelf of her book stash, I literally stopped and told her I was not okay with those cards based-off of what I heard about them in the past years. She’s an intuit like me, but we don’t talk about it that much because it’s an insiders secret at first Now, she’s opened to talking about those things. She used them before and I told her not to use them on me even if i’m here or not there with her. She promised, but she used them on her boyfriend.

Based off of what I heard about tarot cards is that they’re like portals to the paranormal world and I don’t want anything to do wit that side of life. I would rather deal with what I have around me now, which is live humans and what not. I’m a scary cat and I know it, so i won’t play around.

The reason behind this is that, my mother told me i was born differently from the rest of her kids. I had something that the others obviously didn’t have and that was something like a psychic ability. I have always felt different from everyone. I see what others don’t see. I hear what others don’t hear. I’m sensitive to feelings and touch as well. I don’t know how to use it but it works on its own sometimes. What I noticed is my intuition. I just got in tuned with it three years ago and I’m learning to work with it every day of life. It’s not like some sit in class lecture either. It’s something that grows with me.

My mother told me i would okay with the cards. I just had to be very careful with them and know how to open and close the portals. That sounds scary. I don’t want to do something wrong. I’m prone to making errors. I’ve always needed guidance with things like this, and if I ever deiced to get those cards, I would need to work with someone who is skilled at the cards.

Answer by cookxenya
Tarot cards are not portals, they are more like a key, as in a map key, or like the keys on a keyboard.

Each card has a meaning, and the order they are placed in gives insight into what’s going on.

The cards themselves do not have intelligence, unless possibly if you’re using a really old deck that might be imbued with energies from previous users..
If used in something like a spell, I suppose they would be fairly powerful, and of course you’d want to be sure you were using them correctly, but for a divination, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Oh,as far as movies go, don’t believe what you see in them. Movies are for making money and what sells is drama.

I’d suggest buying a new set, like the easy tarot, which comes with the gilded tarot, which is even a new design. and then just read the instruction book. Learn what they are and what they mean, and then you can better decide whether you want to Use them in a divination or whatever.

And really the worst that can happen if your’ using them in a reading, is that you can think they mean something they don’t and then if someone acts on that wrong info, things could get annoying I suppose. But really don’t worry about it.

As for using them in a spell, spells are spells, and that doesn’t sound like what you’re interested in them for anyway.

Oh, and if you’re scared of psychic stuff, I’d suggest learning some self defense techniques like grounding and centering and shielding.

they don’t do anything

Answer by Fatcowluvr
some stupid thing some superstitious freak made up. (no offense to you-you can like that stuff if u want) soooo, no, they probably don’t work

Answer by akumaxkami
Tarot cards do not open portals. They are not really dangerous at all. They are a divination tool, a means of reading one’s fortunes.

Like the other answer said, the worst that can happen is you misinterpret the cards and give someone inaccurate info about their fortune.

Answer by Tahlia
Tarot cards are just divination tools – if you don’t cleanse or empower them, they really don’t do anything. When you’ve prepared them, they are actually just pointers – they answer your questions, that’s all. Ask them a question like “I’m going to do…… is this wise?” And the answer will be something like “Well, that one is closest to the middle of the mat and that means it is important… it is the symbol for sudden riches, so I’ll probably get money from this. But that one symbolises unhappiness… Yeah, I think I won’t do it, even if I do get rich.”
No portals involved. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the worst that can happen is they won’t work or you’ll read them incorrectly and make a stupid decision. 🙂

Answer by TravisS
Good. You should be. What you need to do is research, research, research. If you really want to use them, learn as much as you can about them. Only then will you be able to use them as safely as possible.

Answer by Girl Raphael
Begin with Leonardo Davinci’s enigma tarot, its more philosophical and there is NO devil in it. I have them they were my first cards and they are not evil but saved me from extreme depression. I have experienced the healing first hand. I also like the Wisdom of Avalon cards. they are more friendly and helpful as well. get what works for you and dont worry about it. God wont give you more than you can handle. Begin with Leo then try another. Just dont rely on them for perfect answers, they are only guides, not answers. they help you look within.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Christians : Why condemn Tarot cards, but not western playing cards?

When both were originally made for playing card games, like whist or bridge for playing cards and Taroccini and Tarock and Tarocchi for Tarot? In Europe the card games are still popular and yet I see Christians associating them with evil.

There is no evidence of Tarot being used for fortune-telling prior to the 18th century, and someone who does divination by cards (which is called Cartomancy) if they know how, can get the same information out of a pack of western playing cards.

So why do some Christian people automatically condemn Tarot as a tool of the devil or evil, but not other card decks?

Sorry, I asked this before, but I didn’t get many answers from a Christian perspective.
As I said, Tarot cards were not originally used for fortune-telling, or for the occult, and still aren’t in other countries, so why condemn the cards and insist that all of them are evil? I have seen this happen on Answers.

Answer by catdogcatdog
From a Christian perspective, if they are using regular playing cards to divine the future, they are just as bad as tarot cards.
So, it’s intent. Playing “Go Fish” is not a sin. 🙂

Answer by RaptureReady
“Why do some Christians condemn Tarot cards and not normal playing cards?
When both were originally made for playing card games, like whist or bridge for playing cards and Taroccini and Tarock and Tarocchi?

There is no evidence of Tarot being used for divination prior to the 18th century, and someone who does divination by cards (which is called Cartomancy) if they know how, can get the same information out of a pack of western playing cards.

So why do some Christian people automatically condemn Tarot as a tool of the devil or evil, but not other decks?

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But Tarot was not originally and still in most countries is not a tool of divination, but a deck for a card game. Why damn one sort of card game deck and not another, just because of how some people use them, when regular playing cards can be used the same way?”


your own question two days ago, why repeat your question when you have already picked a ‘best answer’? Isn’t this against the Yahoo Answer Community Guide rules?

Answer by JJ
Christians view that using anything to predict the future is wrong. Playing a card game is not but I never thought up any card games to play with tarot cards and that is why it is associated with evil. I think there is a bible quote that says soemthing about it.

Answer by wynann m
Tarot are of the occult! Cards used for poker are just playing cards.

Answer by Jaxx
From a Christian perspective, the Bible and all Christian teachings/traditions say that divination and fortunetelling is wrong and evil. It is not necessarily the cards that make it evil but the actions behind them. So whether you are using Tarot, playing or a birthday card to try and predict the future, it is equally immoral and evil.

Answer by ◦Delylah◦
I don’t “condemn” Tarot cards. I just don’t find the use of them to be necessary because of my faith.

The cards themselves are not “evil” or “sinful”, but as Christians we are told to go to God with all of our needs. Turning to a deck of cards for answers rather than turning to God is wrong, according to our religion.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that its not the cards themselves, but what they are used for, and the user’s intent.

Answer by Super G
Tarot cards are meant for evil purposes. Western playing cards may have origin in evil, but hardly anyone ever uses them for that purpose.

You could use anything for evil, but that does not mean Christians cannot use anything for anything? That would be ridiculous.

-Using western playing cards for a game of fun is not evil.
-Using western playing cards for gambling is foolish and can be considered evil.
-Fortune-telling is evil, therefore using any kind of cards for fortune-telling is evil. It’s not the cards that are evil, it’s the purpose for them and use of them that can be evil.

Answer by Rebecca L
It’s not the cards themselves but the use they’re put to that is considered wrong. We aren’t supposed to try and tell the future, which is what Tarot cards are used for. If western cards were being used in this fashion, that would be bad too. (I think that they’ve been used in a Tarot like fashion too.) But it isn’t the cards themselve, just the divination aspect of their use that is wrong.

Answer by Ziggy
OK, I’ll withdraw my condemnation of Carot Tards and Western Cards, but please don’t ask me to bless your Oija Board, Book of Spells, Magic Wand, Golden Calf, Incantation Lyrics Manual, Broom, or your Pumpkin!

Only teasing, loosen up, relax. I doubt if anyone really is that concerned with your card collection….

Answer by DawnRenee
Tarot cards are, more commonly, used as a tool for guidance. Playing cards are not. If tarot is being used for a fun game and NOT in a way to seek guidance of ANY kind, then fine. But… generally Tarot cards are consulted when people are trying to find answers that they should be looking to the Bible or God for. Therefore it is dangerous. It IS a tool of Satan, just as is Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, etc. It makes people look elsewhere for guidance. Playing cards are a game for fun. BIG difference. You’re not asking during a game of Bridge “What should I do in this relationship?” That would be foolish, right?

Answer by The Radio Flyer Mechanic
The most likely reason why is because regular playing cards are used for poker and other such games, and not the occult. Tarot cards along with Ouija Boards, amulets, astrology charts, magic etc, are used in occult practices. If someone can use a deck of regular playing cards to get the same result, that tells me that a person is going to practice the occult regardless. Taro cards are used for prognostication or telling the future which is condemned in the Bible because the spirit’s that are consulted are demonic in nature.

Deuteronomy 18:9-12 When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. 11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
Galatians 5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

In verse 20 witchcraft was condemned along with many other sins and will “not” inherit the kingdom of God. Witchcraft is also part of the occult. So any who practice such things including Tarot cards will not inherit eternal life unless they repent and turn away from such.

Answer by Diana
It depends on what you do with the cards. If you use Tarot Cards for something else than fortune-telling, there’s no problem. The problem are not the cards but the try to predict the future.

And you wouldn’t ask this question in Russia, as Christians there condemn normal card games as well.

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