Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I recently had High Priestess Doris, cast a spells to get my lover back. Do these spells work?

I recently lost my love. He’s been married ofr 6 months and we met 4 month ago. We immediately hit it off and had a wonderful relationship. He told me later that he was married but was very unhappy in the marriage. Two weeks ago his wife got to know about us and told his parents. All hell broke loose. He tried explaining to his parents that he was very unhappy with her and that he loves me but they wouldn’t have it. They were convinced that he needs to stay in the marriage no matter what. They believe that this girl would not be able to find another hunsband as she comes from an orthodox muslim family. After a lot of drama he made up his mind to tay in the marriages as he doesn’t want to hurt his mother and his wife. They called him all the time telling him that his mother wasn’t eating and that his wife wasn’t eating, etc, etc, I don’t want to sound selfish but I went through that too. I was devestated when he told me we couldn’t be together aymore.
I now how much he loves me and he knows that I love him very much too. I am unable to function normally. I haven’t been able to work, eat, sleep or socialise. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m in a foreign country and don’t have my best friends to help me through this.
What hurts the most is the fact that we are so madly in love with eachother yet can’t be together.
I recently contacted a spell caster, High Priestess Doris, on the net and she says that she’s cast a spell for me to get him back. She also gave me a ritual to perform. It;s supposed to take five weeks before I see results.
Has anybody else tried this? Does it work? I am desperate. Somebody help me. I think I’m losing my mind.

Answer by Kthxbye
Doris? High Priestess DORIS? heh, I could come up with a much better name than that.

Anyway, no, none of this crap works.
Don’t mess with married people. Any man who cheats on his wife will cheat on you. And if he wants a divorce, he should get one BEFORE he starts dating.

Last hint that you’re clueless…you put this in Mythology….

Answer by Marcymar
You apparently have lost your mind if you’re trying to alter someone else’s free will for your own selfish gain. The law of nature is that what you put out comes back to you threefold. If you were wise, you would suck it up and walk away. You never try to interfere in someone else’s free will, when it comes back to teach you a lesson, it’s going to suck. Try growing up and realizing that it’s wrong to try to take away someone’s husband and go find your own.

Answer by you ask I shall answer
No and here is why you can’t mess with a person’s free will!
Your going through this little thing called Karma right now shame on your for being with a married man.

Answer by Judith
Doris? Dang. I would have gone with Franjipaniking or something else equally sparkley.

Anyway. There are no real spell casters not even Doris. Spells and the like are just pretend. Not real.

Now as for your relationship. First of all you can’t build your happiness on the unhappiness of others.

Secondly, if he will do it to her, he will do it to you.

Third, Why would you want anyone who would treat a woman the way he is treating his wife especially since he has been married only 6 months.

Fourth. How do you know that anything he has told you is true? You don’t.

Five. Love takes time to grow. You fall in love by learning about this person. You want to know how he acts in all situations, how he treats his mother, is he honorable, is he trustworthy, is he worthy of anyones love, can he provide for you, is he educated, does he have a future, is he well thought of by his family and friends, have you met his family and friends? If not then why not? If he loves you enough to want you in his life forever then that would include his family and friends.

Sixth: Why are you second?

Seventh: Why are you the one not chosen?

Eighth: Why are you on the outside looking in.?

Move on. FInd a man of your own. This is not love. He is not honorable and neither are you.

Answer by Goblin g
I’m so very sorry that you are going through this. Hopefully you did not pay this so-called “High Priestess Doris” any money (but I’m sure that you did, as this person sounds like someone who is in it only for the money).

There are love spells, but while these spells will work, please know that karma will come back at you three times worse because you are doing a spell against someones will. This spell would be to bring heartache to someone else, which will result in your having heartache three times worse over.

The only real true love spell is to visual and believe in yourself and in casting this spell, you ask ONLY for the right person to come to you, not that you have named an actual person.

While I understand that you are desperate, please know that in the scheme of things (life), the Universe (God/Goddess, what or who ever you believe in) will send the right person to you, not the other way around where you are doing the choosing yourself. Things will align for you, but unfortunately you will have to wait and see. The right person will enter your life when (and only when) you are ready for them (both spiritually and mentally).

Have a lovely rest of the evening. Bright Blessings.

Answer by littleredhen
I am sorry you are in this awful situation dear, there is no point telling you it was foolish to ask this woman to do a spell for you, i believe you are already in enough pain and distress.
My answer to your question is this. It is for the best that you move on now, this man has deceived both his wife, and you, therefore he is not worth all the trouble you are going too anyway, he is a deceiver.
‘Doris’ may have told you she can get him back for you, but she cant, i really believe she to has deceived you. I doubt very much that this will work, i think it is time to walk away from it all, wash your hands of it, literally. And don’t listen to those folks on here who tell you about karma, or the rule of three, this is nonsense dear, they are mistaken.
I wish you all the best, please be strong in this, no good can come of it.

Answer by Codex Buranus
If you do a Yahoo Answers search, there are many questions/answers about her. is one of them that got a serious answer.

Answer by Amy+Josh=Rowann
:rolls eyes:

your dumb i hope you feel happy your a home wrecker!!

Answer by Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯
Most of us have felt the sting of loosing a loved one in such a way and so we have an idea of what you’re going through. Your strong though, the way I handled it last time was with many… MANY bags of doritos and lots of sleep. I would fall asleep hugging my bag of doritos but didn’t shed a single tear until weeks later. So although you may be feeling the same or worse you need to first see how strong you are and you need to use that strength to focus on life and spend some time meditating on this entire situation.

Now I have no right to talk about a person who I have never met. For all I know she might be an honest woman with a wonderful family, very loving, very caring and all that good stuff but again, for all I know, she could be someone out to get your money.

Still I was curious and went to her site to see what it was about and get a feel for her. My initial feeling was a bad one, I felt like leaving the site so that didn’t work in her favor. Second one is not a strong indication of anything but the fact that she doesn’t put up a picture, states her age or any other background information is not comforting at all. Who am I to judge? I myself have cast spells for others online and they have never seen my face. I’m not good with pictures so perhaps this person just didn’t think it was unimportant.

High Priestess would indicate that she is the head of a coven or at least reached a level in her coven where she is ready to have her own coven. There are High Priestesses and the person above her could be an Arch High Priestess for example. So anyway as part of background information I feel that it would be important for her what coven she belongs to simply because she is claiming high priestess. It is not common for anyone to state their status and where they achieve it but when you are casting spells online and are stating that you are a high priestess it is comforting if you tell us a little bit about that or about your personal practice.

So my feelings towards the site and her were cold as if there might not be enough done on her part or perhaps nothing at all. I threw some cards and the results from this woman will be disappointing according to this reading. I have a feeling she will soon be comfronted or exposed if she really is a liar. Well enough about her, There’s no more that I can say other than my personal feelings and observances and this person is a complete stranger to me.

This is about you. Your past shows your seperation, you are strong willed, powerful but in this situation you find yourself watching and having little power to do anything. Of course we know this but it only helps to show that the reading is on the right track (more for me than you actually).

Present, reveals little as we know the situation. There is someone who is talking so much. This could be one or several people but he’s getting a lot of sh…this is still a topic of conversation and obviously the other side is still struggling over this and he is being told what to do and is basically playing mr submissive and doing as he is told. Despite all of this he isn’t very happy and is not what you wanted. Things still don’t look so good as the 10 of wands fortells a loss but let me now move unto the future…

I am afraid that the future is not for you to know. This happens from time to time, it’s also one of the few things people fear. I have had others who tell me that they do not like to go to readers or psychics because they are afraid to hear something and not be able to understad, or know what to do or that it will be so terrible they’ll hate it. Thing is that we never hear any more than we could handle, very much like god never gives us more than we can handle so that any of us experience anything at any time it is because we can handle it. There is nothing to fear here.

I was using a tarot deck for your reading and when I reached your future all it said that something unforseen will occur and that there was a sort of weakness and this is the only clue. Confused about this I pulled out a different deck of cards and tried to get clarification. Now I said tried because I failed. All I got was that this is a time when good will come into your life, there is good energy around you despite all that you are feeling you are where you are supposed to be and this is an important time in your life. Some wisdom received that I now pass to you is that you should remember all the good that you received even when things aren’t looking so good. The old saying that I believe goes “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all comes to mind when I saw this spread of yours. I got a really good feeling from it even when I know the situation I can’t help but smile at how comforting this appears. You know, when you plant treest next to each other it is usually best that they both have enough space between them so that they can both grow. Seperation is always though of as a bad thing by many

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