Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need help with certain tarot card meanings?

This reading is related to love. Positive answers only please.

The High Priestess Reversed

Four of Swords Reversed

Four of Wands Reversed

Four of Cups Reversed
@ Mert Thank you….@ Leslie if it was a joke I wouldnt have asked for help. If you didnt have the answer why the hell would you waste your time asking the damn question?

Answer by mert
High Priestess R = too much arrogance, cocky, not considering advices, emotional unstability, “just fun guy”, domination of superficial information

Four of Swords R= confinement, hard isolation period, you need to be cautious, depression, cowardy, a new enterprising, social activiy

Four of Wands R= Disappointments, not accepting facts, arrogance, restricted life

Four of Cups R= hunger, unsatisfaction, illness, needing rest, a start of new relationship, not new oppurtinities..

Answer by Cindy
The High Priestess reversed indicates you are blocking your intuition – “refusing to see”. Listen to your heart and your head about this question.
The 4 of Swords reversed – if you are currently in a relationship, you may need to put extra effort into “being with” your partner. You may be distracted or tired and you need to relax and focus on your relationship. If you are looking, try something new – fixups, new clubs, a different crowd.
The 4 of Wands reversed – unexpected good fortune. If in a relationship, it grows stronger. If looking, your chances are good to meet someone.
The 4 of Cups reversed – Stop looking back – it’s holding you back. This might mean it’s time to move on from an ended relationship, or that you need to forgive and forget something in a current relationship. Again, I would look at the first card and search your heart.
I hope this is helpful to you.

Answer by Gypsy
The High Priestess Reversed – It might be difficult for the quarrent to tap into the energy and or vibes around their partner or love interest. maybe they are not sure how they feel for them. This card urges you to ask questions before assuming anything. If asking whether a certain someone likes you, they do.

Four of Swords Reversed – Effort must be made in the relationship to re connect maybe one of you is feeling distant.. If single and you want to find love, change your tactic. You might have to go into unchartered territory to find love or outside your confort zone.

Four of Wands Reversed – A relationship will become more commited and or serious in the near future. You might be invited to a wedding or special occassion. Celebrations are near. This card also urges for the quarrent to think positive, what you want is around the corner, don’t give up.

Four of Cups Reversed -Comingf out of a rut. Living life again, moving on with your life, leaving the past behind.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot card meanings that are really simple?

can someone type or send me a link that give me the meanings for the cards but in the most simplest way? including the upside down ones aswell? thank you:))

Answer by Slighly Amused
Lay the cards out in a seven card spread one after another.

Card #1 represents the root of the issue
Card #2 – What bring s joy to the situation
Card #3 is what give the issue power
Card #4 is love and how it presents itself
card #5 is communication
Card #6 is pysche or the inutitive process
Card #7 is widsom or the spititual nature of the question

Hope that helps. This is the spread I use mainly.

Answer by vid
Tarot meanings vary from reader to reader and book to book. I suggest you buy the book “Power Tarot” as that is one of the best books I’ve seen for beginners. However, it does not include reversed–upside down–cards. Many advanced readers suggest to those that are just starting to not use reversals. Shuffle in a way so the cards do not get turned around. Many advanced readers will shuffle in a way that they do not get reversals, but if one pops up it is significant and should be looked at.

There are some very good resources out there, but nobody could possibly type all 78 meanings upright and reversed=156 meanings total to be inclusive and to fit in YA!

I suggest you get a good book or two. Also, almost anything by Mary K. Greer is good. She also has a book about reversals. Hope that helps…

Answer by matt
I can send you a sample of an application ( copyright held for this ) that I have built, before it goes on to my web site ( app finished… website nearly ). You can maybe let me know what you think before it goes for sale on the site.

Answer by thorndrose
Free tarot lessons:

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Andy

Tarot cards are far from simple, very complex. The little booklets you get within the decks are as simple as it gets.

I however have an ebook that may do? < Tarot Keywords & Meanings Sadhara

Answer by KdS
“The Cartomancer’s Key” by Talia Felix has a simple way to read them. You can read some of the book at’s+key&source=bl&ots=LAUR51FyQs&sig=op60sWb7Tomrnkg_E3C-OsoNI1Q&hl=en&ei=LiQKSo_0DofotgO1vcWJBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6

Answer by Jen
I have simple definitions for cards on my web site (, but these definitions are really only the beginning of learning to read the cards. You have to consider things like how the illustration makes you feel, what colors you see in the cards, symbols, etc.

I have just started a blog where I talk about a card each week. These blogs go into more detail than my website definitions. If you’re interested, you can link to the blog from my site. (Like I said, I just started, so there’s only one entry so far!)

Good luck!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card meanings….quick reference guide online?? ?

Okay so I just started doing tarot cards ijust learned and am still learning. I don’t know all the meanings yet….so if you have a website with a quick reference guide to them then that’s would be wonderful. And a website that tells me what it means when like….2 or more or the same symbols are together. And it doesn’t even have to be a web site. Please just tell C:

Answer by advancedmaster
The deck should have come with a text of sorts to help guide and should have given examples of different ways to do readings. There are many different ways to spread and read – too many to just explain.

What you want to “generally” is follow the spread and get key words from each cards meaning and then find the “flow” that brings them all to tell one story or lead in one direction. The simplest is three cards in a row representing “past, present and future”. Before selecting the cards, shuffle your question into them (shuffle til you sense you are done) then put the three cards down. The first represents what lead you to the question the second = the situation as it seem now and the third represents where it will lead if you do not change your path. With new insight, you can shuffle and spread again to see where your changed path may take you.

The larger spreads take more time, but if you just use the book to see what it represents and then incorporate that into what the cards position means then the story unfolds. It’s better to have someone read for you than to read for yourself – that way judgments and biases are eliminated (do not let the reader know what your question is).

here’s a site with some book suggestions

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
A good book to get is “The Tarot Handbook” by Angeles Arien. While it does track the Crowley deck, it gives good information on numbers and the tarot meaning. all cards are assigned a number.

Answer by Biddy_Tarot

Lots of different Tarot card meanings, including upright and reversed cards.

If you want to learn more about card combinations, what a card means in particular types of readings, etc. then check out:

Answer by Fly My Pretty
Try I’ve found it really helpful while I’m learning. You can also download a free short course of hers that has all the same information but with it being on your pc you can always quickly go to it for reference. It also has information on multiple suit cards in spreads.

Answer by Miss 6
Believe it or not the Idiot’s Guide to Tarot is a very well written book with great techniques. You can find a lot of helpful people at Aeclectic Tarot just google the site.

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