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I got a new deck of tarot cards from a family member last Christmas, when I opened it up last night I found there was 2 knights of swords and no knight of cups. Short of returning the cards to the shop they came from, which is impossible after so long, has anybody any suggestions on how to maybe fix this. Could I dedicate one of these 2 cards to be the knight of cups?
Any suggestions are welcome.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Contact the publisher of the deck and explain the situation. What deck is it? There are two major publishers and a handful of smaller ones out there. They might be willing to send you a replacement Knight of Cups. I’ve contacted Lo Scarabeo before about a damaged card and they gladly sent me a replacement card at no charge. It never hurts to ask.

If you cannot get a replacement card then do as you wish. Maybe just use the deck as-is with no Knight of Cups and two Knights of Swords… Is there any harm in that? Or you could put away one of the knights of swords and use it one card short. Or you could use one of the “extra”cards that sometimes come with a deck as your Knight of Cups.

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my mom was really good at tarot cards, but when she was in the middle of a reading she broke down crying and asked the person she was reading if they had been abused as a child and they got all offended and called her a witch for knowing that and so she never did it again… but i’m not afraid of the super natural and i think she had a gift. and i have intuitive dreams just like her, so i think i might be good at them =) how much do they cost and what should beginners get?

Answer by Paganus
rider waite tarot about £10.
However they are not so much supernatural as insightful.

Answer by UP and COMING
I would suggest Quick & Easy Tarot because it has the meanings printed on the cards which is very helpful if you are a beginner so you don’t have to constantly reference a book.


I have them; they are great. Based on Universal Waite Tarot. They cost $ 17 new or $ 7 used. I would not buy a used deck as it could be said that they might carry old energy from the former reader. You really want to be in tune with your own cards, so that’s why I recommend a new set.

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