Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need expert advice about Tarot Card readings frequency PLEASE!?

I am new to Tarot Cards. I have done some research on their use but do not yet know enough to fully understand how they work. I have been using an online site for about a month now. It utilizes the 10 card draw from the “Celtic Cross” Tarot Deck. Although I know using an online site is not the same as actually being in front of a Master Tarot Card Reader or Psychic but some of the readings have come to pass with astonishing accuracy!

I have two questions and only two, both relating to each other that I need answered and has consumed my life obsessing over it. The last time I did the online reading was about a week ago and the reading I received revealed the answer to my 2 questions in such a positive way, supposedly in my immediate future that I have not consulted the Tarot again for fear of “jinxing” or affecting its outcome. However, what it revealed has not happened yet and now I am becoming very anxious about it.

Should I do another reading now or should I wait to see what manifests from the good reading I did a week ago? I read that you are not supposed to consult the Tarot again until something changes regarding the first reading or with much frequency?

I am very confused and would very much appreciate any of your advice before the stress and worry over this issue consumes me. Thank you so very much for your time to read this and reply!

Answer by Desiree Nanni
Belief will obtain for you all you desire.

Answer by Manuel
well let me be honsest with you

“Tarot Cards and the Mysteries of them” By Debra Blair says that re doing the reading will scramble of the good energy and ruin the manifestion
“The Mysteries of the Occult-The Tarot Cards” By D.C Conway says that if your reading hasn’t manifested, re-do the reading to discover the blocked energy or re manifest it.

So here is what I have to say, One person says no, another says yes, and do you know what, they are both right. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to clairvoyance. The answer above me is perfect,
You see if D.C Conway says to do it and you believe he is right, do it his way
If your read Debras book and believes shes right do it her way.
Either way you choose to believe both answers are correct, belief powers tarot cards.
Me looking a tthe reading you’ve done, I think by obssessing over it, you have corrupted it.
Leave it alone, let the universe take care of the rest, and meanwhile just live your life in present time.

God Bless


Answer by The Snake
You need to understand that Tarot cards and Runes only are a guide and do not give a definitive answer.

Answer by Cowboy’s Sweetheart
Tarot shows coming influences. These influences are not inevitable, YOU have the power to control your future. Influences last about 6 months. There is no need to do another Celtic Cross reading yet but you might want to try another type of spread. I have found the seven draw horseshoe spread to be the most accurate.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : barter tarot card readings?

Im a tarot card reader and wondering if anyone would like to exchange readings online. pick a spread and vise versa and we see what the cards say based off each other. message me on yahoo or email me at

Answer by enamel
No thank-you…God Bless

Answer by summerlandtarot
I would love to

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : a question to tarot card readers or rune readers?

ok. so i know that some of you say that it’s hard to really give an answer to a question when you have never seen us, so, would an online reading be more accurate if you include a picture of yourself with the question?

Answer by Phoenix’s Mommy
I’m not sure what tarot readers have told you this, but psychic energy is not constricted by time and space. (Time, at least, being only an illusion anyway.) Your physical appearance has no bearing on the contents of a reading, and a good reader should and will be able to read for you from a distance without ever having set eyes on you.

Answer by rawr:]
My mom has read tarot cards for quite a few years now. So I know a bit about it.

When you say “Online reading”, do you mean like websites? If so, they don’t work at all, it’s just for fun. (Just like Ouija boards online.)

But if you mean sending a picture of yourself in an email to a tarot card reader with your question, it might work. There isn’t a sure chance, because your spirit isn’t actually in the room where the reading is at, but it’s better than nothing. So I would give it a try if I were you. :]

Answer by Rosalie
I, personally, have no trouble at all doing readings online, I actually find that more skeptics are convinced that way because I can’t read their body language or voice cues.

Answer by anatketani
In my opinion, no. Others may say differently, but for me personally I can not do any kind of reading on a person unless I am physically in the room with them. Sorry. 🙁

Answer by vid
Some readers find it easier to have a picture of the person so they can focus on the person(s) when shuffling the cards for them. You can do an online reading there are several good readers out there. Have you tried looking on eBay? I know that sounds weird but there are some good ones–and some bad ones–on there. Make sure if you go that route to check out the person’s feedback–not the amount so much but the comments.

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