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I am a typical teenage girl and I would love to have a FREE tarot reader. Id prefer skype or email. Please comment skype names and emails.

Answer by Wage Slave
OK, I’ll bite. I’ve done tarot for about eight years now, not doing much any more, just the occasional read to keep my skills sharp. My reads tend to focus on you in the here and now. I don’t predict the future (although sometimes the cards suggest a particular future). I don’t do “yes/no” questions (like, will I get the job or is he cheating on me). Finally, I don’t look into the energy of people without their permission. That would be like going through somebody’s bedroom. So if you want to know what somebody thinks about you, I can’t help you. If you still want a read after all my disclaimers, please send me a note at Put Tarot Reading in the subject line, and tell me a little more about yourself.


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So many people have exploited the tarot card and some serious readers and truth seeker always seek for the origin like where tarot cards originate
do you think we should give credit for the images on every cards in tarot in the major and minor arcana of tarot cards? Pls ans and I wish you all the best ..

Answer by yaknow2
some cool artists made them up along with secret service agents

Answer by darkridr
Give credit how? An individual artist is only re-creating something that was originally done hundreds of years ago. The Tarot’s true origin is unknown to me — and your weblink wouldn’t work for me, btw, so I don’t know what it was linking to.

At any rate, unless you have solid documentation as to who the Tarot’s original creators were, there really is no way to give credit for those images.

Answer by answerthis
Read any books on Edgar Cayce, one of the most well known psychics who had lived in the U.S. He’s had books written about his psychic ”readings” including books on soul mates, past lives, healing [naturally], the land called Atlantis [which is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean], and future earth changes, etc.

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Lost History-Tarot Cards

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