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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a tarot card spread interpretation please?

So I did a tarot card reading on myself and the question was regarding my soulmate/future love.
1st card- Knight of swords – supposedly this would represent the physical or personality of my “soulmate”
2nd card- 4 of swords- the conditions of us meeting
3rd card- ace of wands
4th card- temperance
5th card- the emperor
the rest i cant remember lol but overall all together, can someone interpret it for me? 🙂
thanks a loads 😀

Answer by Barney_22
Well…first of all you need to state what the question that you asked was…i.e what exactly did you ask as that makes a difference!….and then you only have assigned position for the first two cards and the rest nothing..which makes 1st 2 cards easy to read but the rest too confusing can you remember if they had certain positions assigned to them?

for the 1st 2 cards id say he’s quite a go getter, risk taker, he does now and thinks later…probably an air sign or someone with a heavy air sign influence in their birth chart. He may come across as rude or abrupt to others but that is just his way… As to where you will meet…hmm…seems like it will be either a funeral or some re-treat centers!

For the other cards…not knowing the actual question and no positions it’s difficult but i will give you general interpretations given to them

Ace of Wands … new begginings, spark of energy… it is also sexual..sexual attraction or a new sexual adventure
Temperance … about moderation and balancing elements. patience while doing so, trying to keep the peace etc
Emperor …. about power and control, set ways of being/living/thinking…influential….wise..secure…foundations etc etc etccc…see how without the extra info cards are harder to read! 🙂

p.s .. most tarot readers have different takes on cards by the way…not sure if tarot is a hobby for you but you should always go by what your gut instinct tells you and not relly on others interpretation much…may help but you will know the exact answers …Good luck! 🙂

Answer by LiveReadings
Also need to know what positions each of the number relate to in order to get accurate reading. At the moment without knowing the details it tells me your next love is likely to be like your father – that may be a good or a bad thing depending on your relationship with him.

Keep and eye on the below website as in the next few days’ i’ll be loading some videos up on interpreting the tarot.

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Tarot Reading October 18, 2012

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