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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I have a devil tarot card for Friday, so I have to stay at home?

Today I had Justice, tv channel was messing up, finally a Tech supporter helped me out.
tomorrow will be the hanged man – sacrifice something? take a chance of something.
Thursday will be Temperance – self healing.. hmmm
Then Friday, I was planning to go out, but devil tarot card for that day, oh I better stay at home then.

Am I being silly?

Answer by Ms.Iknowseverythings
What are you talking about?
WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!

Answer by Scott Combs
Idk, occult items are powered by the devil. Ahh, maybe something good will happen to you. =) I suggest you run out into traffic.

Answer by Tabytha_Klover
It can mean several dif things, not just death or danger, it could mean putting to rest some probs, hard feelings, ext. It can mean the turning point from who u were thurs, and who ull be friday. Go have fun. just trust ur gut! But think bout it. The card still is the card, so no matter if u stay in or go out, its not gonna change the plan in motion. I say have fun.

Answer by Appleblews
Stay home! They were going to get you

Answer by 1bndm*n
um…not only would i keep my behind home somewhere safe, but i would pray too !!!!

Answer by FaireMaiden
The Devil means that whatever you’re doing be ‘aware’. Don’t cave in to temptations. Don’t walk to your car alone. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Don’t get wildly drunk. Don’t accept offers from strangers (wolves in sheep’s clothing). In other words, it would be best to stay in a sober frame of mind that day. Go out and have fun, but keep your wits about you.

If you decide to stay home, be careful there too. Be keenly ‘aware’ of what you’re doing at every moment. You could cut your finger preparing something in the kitchen. You could stub your toe on the furniture. You could get in a fight with someone in person or on the phone and say words you really didn’t mean and will regret. Stay focused at the task at hand.

Basically, The Devil warns us to keep a check on our ego, which so often takes even the simplest of things for granted.

Answer by Ania
Devil card is linked to parties, getting drunk, going for earthly pleasure, etc. In your case, it is possible that the card is simply describing fun time. It is not always bad to get.

Dont let the cards dictate how your days should go. It will take away the joy from life.

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
The Devil is about Temptation. So perhaps you will be tempted by something not good for you.

Answer by Miss 6
Yeah a little. I mean I read tarot but I don’t let it run my life I use it as a guide or an indicator for what to expect – we have free will. The Devil card just indicates you may fall back into old habits – you can stay home and do that!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Just picked up the Death card in my tarot reading and need advice?

I was being stupid with my friend with tarot cards and I picked six cards and it was all going fine till I picked up the last one. It was the death card and now i’ve scared myself so much! Does it mean physical death or a transformation in my life like what some people say? Need help! 🙁

Answer by Berry
The death card represents the ending of one phase of your life and a transformation into something new. It does NOT mean physical death!

Answer by ZiZZGleR
It’s all fake it doesn’t work u have nothin to worry about

Answer by Anders Lindegaard
I heard that it means a change. Not exactly a death but a new beginning in you life.

Answer by dew
It means you’re gonna die in… *looks at watch*… 10 minutes.

The death card signifies transformation. Death of what you don’t need anymore. It’s a card of liberation.

And yet…*looks at watch*… 9 minutes remaining.

Answer by Pam Richards

Death is a card of change.

If you had no question & took no notice of the other cards I would not give it a second thought!

Over 20 years exp.

Answer by 123
“Death” isn’t a bad card. It simply means the end of something. Something is finishing or ending. It’s like snakes, when changing skin. So yes, it’s transformation.
You should look at the cards next to it. They should influence the nature of the change itself.
I actually like “Death” card. It could also could mean renewal.
(“the Tower” or 9/swords are more frightening to me than “Death”)

Answer by Tea
It rarely means an actual death. It usually just means the end of something or a permanent change.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
The Death Card can mean physical death if you are specifically asking about someone who is ill. But 99% of the time it means ending the old and bringing in the new. A Fresh start. Release and transformation.

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The Meaning of Each Tarot Card : All About the Coin & Sword Tarot Cards

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