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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I did a tarot reading for 2012 and got the following cards?

I asked what is coming up for me in 2012 in a four card spread (one at the base and three over it) and got the following cards: Death at the base with the Prince of Pentacles, the Ace of Pentacles and the 10 of Pentacles over it. How would you interpret this? Thanks!

Answer by Courtney
Spirit Creatures—How They Affect Us

Do angels help people?
How have wicked spirits influenced humans?
Do we need to fear wicked spirits?

GETTING to know a person usually involves learning something about his family. Similarly, getting to know Jehovah God includes becoming better acquainted with his angelic family. The Bible calls the angels “sons of God.” (Job 38:7) So, what is their place in God’s purpose? Have they played a role in human history? Do angels affect your life? If so, how?

2 The Bible refers to angels hundreds of times. Let us consider a few of these references to learn more about angels. Where did angels come from? Colossians 1:16 says: “By means of him [Jesus Christ] all other things were created in the heavens and upon the earth.” Hence, all the spirit creatures called angels were individually created by Jehovah God through his firstborn Son. How many angels are there? The Bible indicates that hundreds of millions of angels were created, and all of them are powerful.—Psalm 103:20.*

3 God’s Word, the Bible, tells us that when the earth was founded, “all the sons of God began shouting in applause.” (Job 38:4-7) Angels thus existed long before humans were created, even before the creation of the earth. This Bible passage also shows that angels have feelings, for it says that they “joyfully cried out together.” Note that “all the sons of God” rejoiced together. At that time, all the angels were part of a united family serving Jehovah God.


“My own God sent his angel and shut the mouth of the lions.”—Daniel 6:22
4 Ever since they witnessed the creation of the first humans, faithful spirit creatures have shown keen interest in the growing human family and in the outworking of God’s purpose. (Proverbs 8:30, 31; 1 Peter 1:11, 12) With the passing of time, however, the angels observed that most of the human family turned away from serving their loving Creator. No doubt this saddened the faithful angels. On the other hand, whenever even one human returns to Jehovah, “joy arises among the angels.” (Luke 15:10) Since angels have such deep concern for the welfare of those who serve God, it is no wonder that Jehovah has repeatedly used angels to strengthen and protect his faithful servants on earth. (Hebrews 1:7, 14) Consider some examples.

5 Two angels helped the righteous man Lot and his daughters to survive the destruction of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by leading them out of that area. (Genesis 19:15, 16) Centuries later, the prophet Daniel was thrown into a lions’ pit, but he escaped harm and said: “My own God sent his angel and shut the mouth of the lions.” (Daniel 6:22) In the first century C.E., an angel freed the apostle Peter from prison. (Acts 12:6-11) Moreover, angels supported Jesus at the start of his earthly ministry. (Mark 1:13) And shortly before Jesus’ death, an angel appeared to Jesus and “strengthened him.” (Luke 22:43) What a comfort that must have been for Jesus at those very important times in his life!

6 Today, angels no longer appear visibly to God’s people on earth. Although invisible to human eyes, God’s powerful angels still protect his people, especially from anything spiritually harmful. The Bible says: “The angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him, and he rescues them.” (Psalm 34:7) Why should those words be of great comfort to us? Because there are dangerous wicked spirit creatures who want to destroy us! Who are they? Where do they come from? How are they trying to harm us? To find out, let us briefly consider something that happened at the start of human history.


7 As we learned in Chapter 3 of this book, one of the angels developed a desire to rule over others and thus turned against God. Later this angel became known as Satan the Devil. (Revelation 12:9) During the 16

Answer by Beard of Wisdom
You’re incredibly stupid.

Answer by Patrick
Although I am a believer in future telling and the supernatural, I do not believe in Tarot cards and neither should you. A person can literally interpret that as anything, it is all interpretation, which is why Christianity is such a huge mess….

Answer by PeterSaulMohammed
Shuffle your deck again and see what happens. I will consult my magic 8 ball to see what it says of your hand.

Answer by ∟↑Gravity↓¬ Can’t Keep Me Down ►Ash◄
I interpret this as an example that you can draw random cards. Shuffle the deck, try it over and over again, each time you’ll likely get something different.

Also, pictures on cards and drawing them in a specific order does not show you the future. If it did, everyone would use them to see what’s going to happen due to being shown they can work, which they don’t. Also, the basic idea would have to include magic, or else it wouldn’t work. If you actually believe magic exists, I suggest trying to fly from a very tall building. Did it work? You say magic doesn’t work that way? Why not, it’s magic.

Answer by Adrian Joshua Revenito
I did a tarot reading too and i got card fortune,the world,stregnth

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What queen is the queen of material items?

i got my tarot cards read and one was about i’m materialistic and how i like anything you can touch like objects. what queen could it be?

Answer by Pop N Fresh
That Queen would be my sister… she is totally materialistic.

Answer by A. G.
Aquarius girls

Answer by Pinky

If you can, can you answer mine?

Answer by the all knowing
Queen of pentacles, perhaps. As pentacles are the material.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone help me with these tarot cards?

I am learning to read tarot cards, but I always have trouble with the court cards. They are frustrating for me and I always have trouble interpreting them. Do they ALWAYS represent real people? Any insight, advice, tips, or explanations would be very helpful! I am using a Rider-Waite deck if that makes any difference.

Answer by Willow Moon
You should of gotten a beginners deck, try the gypsy tarot deck.

Answer by FlyMeAPenguin
They usually don’t represent “real” people. Mostly, if you (or someone else) gets a court card in their reading, the qualities the specific court card represents could be trying to emerge in you (or whoever you’re reading). Go with you intuition though, if you feel it could represent a specific person, such as a family member, friend, etc, it could.

Answer by jjt
the majority of the time yes but it depends on the cards next to them in combinations that will tell you what they mean. it does take a long time to master. so you should take classes

Answer by Biddy_Tarot
Court cards often represent other people, but it does not always have to be that way. Sometimes, court cards may be more likely to represent personal characteristics of either yourself or someone else. For example, the Queen of Cups can represent emotional balance and great listening skills. Court cards may also refer to something that is happening at the time. For example, the Page of Wands can represent that you are about to embark an exciting new journey for personal growth and development.

So, interpreting court cards as actual people is a starting point, but there are other methods which may also be useful.

I have a great database of Tarot card meanings at my website – http://www.biddytarot.com/tarotcards_home.php – where you can look up each of the court cards and find detailed interpretations.

Answer by Helen
They can represent other people, events or aspects of your own character. When they represent people, they correspond with personality types e.g. Cups (caring, emotional, gentle), Pentacles (stable, hard workers, faithful), Swords (intellectual) and Wands (creative, charismatic, enterprising, risk-takers).

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot reading

Tarot Reading – January 21, 2013 – Psychic, Intuitive & Clairvoyant Insight

Written by Ashnadel

About Me:
I’ve always ‘seen’ things that people would say are psychic and paranormal – and as a child, I had predictive dreams of ‘things to come’. Being that age, I was growing and playing but being a kid, I never really questioned this too much. Not until I got to about fourteen, when for some reason, I became very aware of it all and began to question. It was then that I suddenly started to realize that not everyone was having these dreams. Or that no-one else had their own ‘Cosmic Teachers’ who would come along, dressed in white and teach me.

I am not as anyone here, you can try by yourself, I am an expert in a different way, holding in my hand the secret of your life, I am from Land of the Pharaohs, I am Egyptian, we going to see together what is going on with you in your life, let’s start our journey into your deep inner and search into your Past, Present, and your near Future, only, for your own highest good. I used many tarot cards, I know lots of spreads, I hold lots of secrets, I can contact with your inner angels, to bring you your best thing for yourself and for your life.

Since being here on Oranum I have already been able to give guidance and spread the healing seeds of positivism, which I am a great believer of. Happiness is achievable for all of us if we learn how to ask for it.

You are at the right pace if you need to talk to someone about your worries and dilemmas, if you are you having self-esteem issues, and feel low on energy.

Do not look further and PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME!