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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I am tarot card reader?

I have been a tarot card reader for 7yrs. now and I finally decided to go to the web( . What can I do to bring in clientele? I really enjoy doing readings, I am very affordable and I am not trying to get rich.

Answer by Miss 6
I’m a tarot reader also. I get a lot of requests on this site. Just put it on your profile that you’re a reader with a link to your site.
Also see how much it cost to advertise on the web as well as maybe make up some fliers that you can hang up around your city.
Best of luck to you!

**I just looked at your site, its pretty. You’re making me want to put a site together too!

Answer by BounceR is back from Afghan 🙂
Darn it hon.

…..Ummmmm…. I ain’t know nothin’ about them tarots but er…. I luv carots and stuff and have tons in my fridge. Nothing to read in that fridge but you can eat them food…. LOL

….krappers….them site is nice hon….gesus murphy…

Answer by ♥CoLd♥
Well can you do me a free reading plz plz plz

I want to know if i will travel this year?
Would i get a new job?
will sumthing exiting happen to me?

If i was psychic or card reader

if u need sumthing from me jst ask..plz

Answer by George
Like all businesses you need to advertise.
A web site isn’t enough you need to promote that web site with links to from other web sites and increase it’s google ranking so it appears in their search results.

I’ve recently added a free directory for Tarot readers on my own web site.
Fill out the submission form and add yourself to it.
Any problems with using it let me know using the contact page.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do the free tarot readings realy work? tarot readings?

and facade tarot readings. I was just wondering if the tarot readings realy work
im being serious man

Answer by cryptic_non_sequitur
they work as well as the ones you pay for … not at all …

Answer by Devils Advocate
Definitely! I was talking to Elvis just the other day via the Tarot cards. Whatever the question, his reply was “Uh huh, huh! Ooooooo yeay! So it was definitely him, no doubt about it.

Answer by PaulCyp
Not any more so than the paid for readings “work”. Are you serious????????????????

Answer by Simon T
They work quite well.

Enough gullible people are taken in by them and will pay good money for subsequent readings.

Or did you mean something else?

Answer by Abstraction Method
Ask the cards if they work. The answer would probably be yes as it is good for business.

Answer by John Cena
yeah and depends on who you go to.

just listen and appreciate the reading, but dont take it with a grain of salt or revolve your life around it.
often times psychics are wrong or see many possibilities and have to pick one sort of. If that makes sense.

also you have to feel comfortable with who the reader is avoid being scammed.

Answer by washuu_de

I took my cards with me sometimes. It is just psychologic feeling.

Answer by Epiphanies from the Dark Tarot
Wow. Those answers…just wow. In all seriousness, yes, the right programming will give you as good an answer as a reader might. Check out, her program is pretty damn good. It even drops a card now and then as a real deck does. Moving on, just keep in mind it is hard to read for your self. There are somethings we are just better off hearing from someone else…

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How to Read Tarot Cards : Reading by the Book vs. Reading Clairvoyantly

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