Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I am new to tarot cards, I got a few readings and need these interpreted.?

I recently had a reading, and am going through some hard times. Such as wanting a better career, and my love life is taking me through some things. Can some one help me interpret these cards. As I am clueless.
1) 9 wands (upright ) 2) 10 cups (upright)
3) (upside down) star.. Please help.

Answer by Stephen
You do not need those interpreted. You need what your spiritually involved with interpreted from a biblical perspective. The Lord Jesus Christ is very real, but so is the one who is behind the occult practice you mentioned. This is not a judgment message against you. This is a warning from someone who understands both sides very well. It is warning that you are in danger, and quite possibly unaware. When I see a question like this, I don’t think to myself, ‘Here’s a sinner that needs set straight’. I think, ‘Here is a person, who the enemy is currently deceiving, and to whom I have a responsibility to according to their Father in heaven who loves them.’ If you disagree with me, that’s fine. But as a follower of Christ, it is my duty to assume that your unaware, because God loves you. And to love God, is to love those with whom He loves as well, and that means you. I hope my sincerity comes across. Feel free to message me, even if your angry and need to let off a little steam.

Answer by Fancy Free
You need to be more specific! In my experience, when you ask Tarot a general question, you get a general, vague answer. So ask about career and then about love, in two separate readings.
Some thoughts:
9 of Wands indicates your feeling of defensiveness. You are persisting despite considerable setbacks, and trying your best to maintain appearances (10 of Cups), despite your anxiety about the future (the Star reversed). In this case, the Star indicates, not a hopeless situation, but simply discouragement that that is setting in. So you might be telling people “I’m fine, thanks” but deep down you don’t believe it, and that’s your main problem. By thinking negatively, you are inviting negativity into your life without realizing it.

I don’t normally work with readings that other people did.
– I’m not familiar with your spread.
– I’m not familiar with your deck. For me, as a reader, it’s very important that a deck should be cleansed properly before it is used. Also, each deck has its own symbolism that impacts the reading.
– I don’t know how you phrased the question, and whether you directed energy toward the cards correctly.
If you want me to do a reading for you about this problem, please e-mail me at I won’t charge you anything.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need to write a story about a tarot card reader and her clients Any ideas and suggestions on a story like?


Answer by Steven J Pemberton
Try this as a starting point…

Answer by ƪiɭyWɧiʈε ♥plush puff!♥
A tarot reading duck foretells each of her clients that they will be struck by lightning and bludgeoned with Tiffany lamps.

Answer by the lone writer
a duck, tiffany lamp, evil penguin, cannibalistic carrot politicians, ninja broccoli stalks and foul-mouthed ladybirds go to see a tarot card reader.

You’re welcome 🙂

Answer by Miss Dymond
How about one of the tarot card reader’s clients’ has a bad spirit that never leaves and starts giving the reader hell.

Answer by Definitely no Aphrodite
A tarot card reader predicts that the next day one of her clients will meet foul-mouthed lady birds and ninja broccoli stalks.

Edit – Damn! The lone writer got there first.

Answer by A. Thorne
The client is a soulless person who had a near death experience gone awry and who wants the tarot reader to contact their departed soul like in the tarot reader’s advertisement which says, “Departed Souls Contacted.” They want their soul to come back and the tarot reader who is a fake tries to devise a way the client will be made to disappear or worse yet die, rather than expose them. Have fun.

Answer by sensualgruv
In the course of a day think of how many women go into a hair salon to have their hair dyed. That might equate the traffic of a Tarot Card reader in let’s say Louisiana or some other place with plenty of drinking and partying and superstition.

Maybe most of her stories are just basic predictions of love for the women, money, promotion, long lost relatives for old people, and lots of sex for the young men. Then she meets someone whose cards are very, very revealing. They are bad so she does them again and gets the same ones. When they leave she does a reading on herself but now her cards are connected to the bad mojo of the person who just left. Each time she reads her cards they go back to that same person. She needs to find them and warn them about the truth and not the $ 25 rehearsed version she gave them but the doom and gloom version.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is the ability to glean information from tarot cards a “gift”?

Some wiccan friends of mine read my tarot recently and when I started seeing more from the cards than they were, they told me I have a gift which I should pursue.

Answer by John
No, this kind of activity is really just fooling yourself with power of suggestion and imagination, and I wouldn’t classify that as a gift.

Answer by Shenaynay
If they were using the cards to explore your life of course you would have known more about that subject than them. A pack of randomly dealt pictures are just a prop to help you make things up, not glean information.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Don’t confuse the term “gift” with “supernatural power.”

“Gift” usually merely means “talent.”

No, you don’t have to be especially talented to be able to read tarot cards. It’s a skill anyone can learn, but some have more of a knack for it… just like some tall people might have more of a knack for basketball. If you want to study the cards, go ahead, nothing wrong with that.

I’m not a psychic or especially “gifted” but I am a pretty good tarot reader, so I’m told by my clients. I learned by studying the cards and applying my own logic and intuition to them… everyone has some measure of logic and intuition, so anyone could read cards.

Answer by Keith Kartiye
Yes! not all people can read Tarot cards correctly U know? And it take a Gift person to accurately read it.

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