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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How would I tune in if I am sensitive?

I have been told that I have a sensitive aura about me, by different people in different stages of my life. I do dream vivid, and sometimes they come true. I experience extreme de ja vue, but its always insignificant. I read tarot, quite well & enjoy reading for strangers the best. If I have a gift, what can I do to make it stronger?
Is there something I can do to tune it in?

Answer by Oh
this thing people have todl you is going you the illusion of weakness. Yet that is only in the mind. You are not weak, You just need to balance logic with intuition. And also know its a gift to be sensitive. You get to experience all that life has to offer at a greater intensity 🙂

Answer by Misconception
By the law of attraction you won’t be attracting any bad people. Unless it’s undue karma from the past.

Keep helping people, you can learn a great deal from them and hone yourself better.

Answer by sadansan
If it is true -you will possibly attract others who are like you to help you on your journey. You will also meet those who may think your weird -so be careful to only share portions of your gift with that type.

My grandmother and my Mother both had the insightful dreams and a large dose of ESP and passed it on to me!!! Does this perpetuate in your family on the female side?

There are so many tools out there to help you…..and you will come across them or they will find you.

In the meantime just type in anything you want info on into your favorite browser>> it’s all just a click away. God Bless.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Went to a psychic today and tarot cards were read.?

I went with 2 other people and they also had their tarot cards read to them. My reading included the whole deck, while theirs didn’t. I was just wondering if this is a common thing.

Answer by Helen
You can use the whole deck or only the Major Arcana. It depends what type of questions you have. The Major Arcana cover major life lessons while the Minor Arcana cover more mundane day-to-day issues.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there scientific evidence that Tarot Cards don’t work?

It’s easy to dismiss esoteric things off hand, but I wonder if there are any studies that actually prove conclusively that Tarot Cards can not give any kinds of useful forecast.
Is there?

Answer by TJ C
I have no idea where you would even look for that kind of research. However, the way the scientific method works is this. We make a hypothesis, such as: tarot cards can give insight into the future. Then we test it. This wouldn’t be too hard to do. If Tarot card readings were shown to give insight into the future in a statistically significant amount of times then we would have to say that Tarot card readings are doing “something.” But it doesn’t seem likely that we could ever say that the cards are doing. That is it would be tough to find a mechanism. That’s what scientists want, a mechanism to study. Further, in the Tarot card reading the forecast into the future would need to be pretty specific. It would be pretty hard to demonstrate that the reading had anything to do with the person meeting some random person. That is to say, if in the reading the forecaster claims that the subject is going to meet someone and become romantic with them that is a pretty broad claim. Single people meet new romantic people all the time. But if the reading claimed that they would meet a hazel eyed auburn haired Irish woman who played the fiddle that would be a pretty specific claim. Anyways, tons of variables to try and control and very little hope of finding an actual mechanism to test.

A quick search of education sites with (tarot card reading study site:*.edu) in google didn’t provide any real hits. But keep looking.

Answer by Lucy
There’s nothing that says they cannot, so no.

Answer by Chrystal
I don’t see how there could be, any more than there can be scientific proof they do work.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
Science doesn’t try to prove things don’t exist, it’s not possible. Could Science prove the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist? No, not to someone sufficiently determined to believe.
However, we can ask why Science hasn’t proved they do work. Why a reader of Tarot has never done this, only they can say. With the many worldwide rewards for a demonstration, it’s a wonder not one Tarot reader has. The acclaimed magazine Scientific American has been offering a prize since 1922.

Answer by Tom
You need to look into the writings of the eminent Psychologist Carl G. Jung. Besides being the co-founder of modern Psychology (with Sigmund Freud) He also looked into something called “Synchronicity” or runs of “Meaningful coincidences”. That demonstrated to him that there is an “inter-connectivity” to the universe. Jung also studied “the universal subconscious” in effect a “shared mind” of all humanity. Many of the symbols on the Tarot correspond to”Archetypes” associated with the universal subconscious.
Jung had a theory that the Tarot cards (and cards like them) were “coincidence/synchronicity” generating tools that can form synchronicities/coincidences with Realities in the universe AND the person reading the cards. It was yet another method to aid in psychoanalysis.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Conclusive proof? Of the fact that tarot cards don’t speak? Hm… I don’t think anyone has tested to see if tarot cards conclusively cannot use language all on their own, but it’s hard to prove a negative… you can only prove something is possible, not prove that it’s impossible.

On the other hand, I doubt that anyone will ever prove that tarot cards can talk. Tarot card readers, on the other hand, often use spoken language.

Answer by Wood
Ummm … what exactly is it that you think Tarot does? Have you ever checked with a Tarot reader to see if their definition agrees with yours?

Tarot works best when you use it to help you evaluate a situation. A good reader will take questions like “Will Billy be my boyfriend” and turn them into “Why do I feel it’s important that Billy be my boyfriend? If he doesn’t, how does it affect me and what should I do?”.

Tarot doesn’t foretell the future — because you’re in control of your own future. However, it offers insights and perspectives to help you take control and guide your own fate.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I do not think there is.

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