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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to use/read tarot cards?

ive just had a sudden interest in tarot cards, idk why, but i want to know more about them
-what cards mean what?
-are they usually accurate
-do you need to have special skills to make accurate predictions
-where can you purchase them, besides the internet, and how much do they cost
if there is a website, or anyone that can tell me how to read them, that would be cool! thanks 😀

ps, any other additional info that i should know would be cool too 🙂 thanks

Answer by Regular Guy

Answer by Number #1 cutie.
Just read and they will

show you the way.

they describe how your life and they predict

what happens in your life or your love life.

Answer by _MiR_
There are so many cards I can’t list all the cards and their corresponding meanings here. But you could always pick up a book online pretty cheap, I think I bought my first one for about $ 3. One of my favorite websites for tarot is http://www.learntarot.com/cards.htm. It’s free, I can easily look up the meanings of various cards, and how those meanings might be influenced by cards surrounding them and in what ways. I also found another site that seems to show spreads and whatnot, I haven’t checked it out as thoroughly as this first one however.

I personally just like tarot as a way to slow down and figure out what I’m already thinking. I believe that I naturally give more weight and value to things that hit closer to home on a problem. There are so many ways to interpret cards to start with and then when you consider I can just reshuffle if I don’t think that particular spread was helpful.

I don’t really think that you need to have any special skills to make them increasingly accurate. I think you just need to slow down and use your intuition to guide you to a conclusion. I think you get better as you use them more of course.

You can usually purchase tarot cards at major bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, however they are usually going to cost more than if you get them online. I looked around their site and it seems most are around the $ 20 range with some in the $ 10 range, however, I’ve also found a set that includes a book that might be useful in the ten range. I just quickly searched around on amazon and there are a lot of options in the $ 9 range and also quite a few options in the $ 4-5 range. Just type in “tarot card deck” and sift through the pages you should be able to find stuff that you like.

A lot of people like the traditional The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, it might be a pretty good starter deck because the descriptions that you often find in books will use the imagery contained in this deck. But, I think it’s more important that appeals to you visually. I forget the name of the deck I have, my mother gave it to me and I absolutely love it.

Good luck, I hope this helps 😀

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I bought a box set today it’s called “Celtic Dragon Tarot” there a type of Tarot cards?

it came with a book and a layout for the cards for certain readings and what card individually means.
I’m having a hard time understanding it if anyone has any knowledge of this these type of Tarot cards that would be great?

Answer by Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods
As much as I love Celtic history and artwork there is nothing to connect the Celts to Tarot cards.

You might as well try divination from tea leaves, spilled fingerbones, fortune cookies, first ten songs on the radio, or pig entrails.

Answer by Taylor
Uhm…I don’t believe that’s an actual type or tarot…

Answer by EJ
Tarot cards are now collectors items for the Artwork as there are so many types now–many never associated w/ Tarot- many never meant to be used for readings.

The Dragons are a nice “Book” as the deck is called.
The best way to learn the Tarot is to get the regular Waite/Rider deck and study the pictures and learn the meanings of the cards regardless of what the pictures are as some decks don’t even come close to making sense as to the real card meaning and it is confusing to new Cartomancers (Tarot readers).
If you can get a book of the Rider/Waite deck to study would be fine then compare the cards to see the similarity and differences,
There are dozens of spreads to use–some very specific to a topic–some complicated–others very simple.

Start out simple. If you can find a Metaphysical store or someoneknowledgeablee that is reputable to ask question of locally it makes it better. Also learn about protection and the White light and these are not toys to mess w/. They can be very accurate if one takes time w/ them.

Don’t try to do too much at a time–study one card and look very carefully at the picture–what are all the symbols and look at the book to explain them. Learn the card then move on to the next one. If the cards speak to you the interpretation will come easily and the picture just start the conversation w/ all you will find.

In a spread the location of the cards means something as do the cards in the spread and their positions to each other. They tell a story–you are just reading the story.

Look up Tarot card meanings on the web and check several sites to learn from them how they interpret the cards –each card has many meanings and you will settle on what works for you to begin to use the cards.You can also find many books on spreads and interpretations but that will be for later–learn them 1st.

After a time you may find you want to have several sets and that is not unusual–they may call to you when you see a special one. If it works for you add it to the group.

Best success in this new journey.



Answer by Su
Unfortunately, many of the so-called current Tarot decks today hitch themselves onto the sense of a deck of cards that will prophesy stuff to your advantage, and many without any other sense than offering meditative images whilst doing their own thing.

Tarot cards should technically connect with a tradition that includes Judaic mysticism and the Tree of Life. Decks that incorporate this stuff on Life, Death and Sammidges include the Golden Dawn deck, the Rider deck, the Thoth deck etc.

In all honesty, many other decks should technically appear as meditation cards, but they hook onto the sense of a respected tradition for the hope of $ .

Answer by RC
hey kid you can use a plan deck of cards for tarot just get a book on the meaning of the cards, they are all the same just different pictures have fun with it!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card

Learn Tarot: The Justice MAjor Arcana Tarot Card

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