Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to stop being scared by a scary movie?

Ok I went to see a film with my friends and I pretend I wasn’t scare and well. Let’s just say it’s been five days since I saw it and I still can’t sleep. Plz help I’m so tired but I get so creeped out!! Btw the film was women in black

Answer by Christi
Remember…it’s just a movie…

Answer by Milly
For me, I just don’t watch them often. But when I do just say, wow good graphics! This is all made up! Xxx hope this helps! Xxx

Answer by ugly1
it is just a movie, but if it scares you to death, try to watch it on a friday morning, that way, if youre scared when night comes from watching the thing, then get a buddy and stay up to play video games or something, i do this all the time, for i love scary movies,


Answer by Idk
The more you watch scary movies the less scary they get. You just need to quit thinking about the movie. Watch another movie to help you forget about that movie. Also just remember it’s just a movie, they add special effects etc to make it look realistic.

Answer by Shaye
You should try watching scary movies only during the day. Me & my sister get really scared whenever we watch them at night, and cant sleep for days. We still sleep with night lights lol, but they really do help. Try sleeping in an area where there are always people around, like your living room, or your parents room. That always helps me! oh & you also need to remember that that scary movies are meant to scare you, but they are not real! If you just repeat to yourself that its not real then it should get better. I hope i helped! 🙂

Answer by ozzieamy
Ok I’ll admit horror films don’t scare me, but nighttimes are difficult to get through. The Woman In Black is a beautiful film and one of my favourites, but if it scares you it’s the story you need to focus on.
Forget all the cheap jumps, scares because that’s the film and that’s all the woman in black is. A film. Its intention is to scare you and if it succeeds then you know it’s a good movie.

I say focus on the story because I can’t think how it could possibly relate to you. Do you live in an old creaky dusty house? Did you ever do anything so evil as that sister did and steal a loved one, giving a ghost a reason to hate you? You need to focus on what it is that frightens you and look at it logically. I try to be nice to everyone I meet so that no one will have a reason to hate me, ghost or otherwise. As long as you do that then I doubt you will be terrorized like the character in the film- which was a FILM.

Answer by David
pray psalm 26 if u scared.
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how well do you believe in tarot readings?

i’ve seek various tarot readers and they all say the same. actually, what they were saying or what they are reading as to what is soon to happen in my life is the answer to my prayers. of course, i never tell them what my prayers are.

what i feel as regards my current situation were also seen in my cards…even the suicide i am contemplating…

what do you think?

Answer by ♥~ KoKo Farina ~♥
I don’t believe in tarot reading at all, sorry.

Answer by Ethan
You need to see a psychologist for your suicidal and delusional issues.

Answer by darwinsfriend3 AM
I don’t believe in them at all

Answer by reinadelaz
Personal experience has taught me that Tarot cards can become self-fulfilling prophecy, and that they are a gateway to a terrible slippery slope. The Bible tells us that prognosticating is witchcraft and should be avoided. If you are truly contemplating suicide, I think you should get off the computer and get help NOW! That, by the way, is also from personal experience. God bless you. You are in my prayers.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

I have studied them for over 20 years & teach them etc.

Tarot are an excellent tool for psychic growth & guidance, they are a stepping stone to the psychics ability. They can be read by the cards alone or with psychic intervention.


Answer by ana
I believe totally as I’m a tarotist. If you want to try me, you should get into my Yahoo! group of actual Tarot reading, at:

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Tarot Reading for 24th August, 2013 – Clairvoyant, Psychic & Intuitive Insight

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