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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to predict how many children you are going to have by reading the lines on your palm?

I remember once when i was younger my dad told me there was this line at the base of your pinky that told you how many children you were going to have.
Does anyone know what exactly i should be looking for because all i see are a bunch of criss cross lines, or x’s.
Or a website that has instructions on how to find out would be helpful too.
please no tarot.com, unless you have the exact weblink on how to find out.
Just curious 😀 already have two

Answer by dirt bike babe
go to google and type in palm reading instructions….. why do you want to know how many kids youll have? i dunno if id beleive what your palm says

Answer by YY4Me
Surely you know that this is crap. Lines on your finger cannot tell you such things. A fortune teller once told me I’d have four children. I have none.

Don’t be so gullible. It’ll leave you open to all sorts of manipulation by unscrupulous people.

Answer by vivo en un arbol
at the base of the smallest finger, turn your left hand sideways and count the lines.


Answer by eoni
First off to just plainly answer your question. I recall someone telling me this same thing once long ago and the lines they are talking about are on the side of your hand just below your pinky finger, they are short lines that run horizontal. My left side has 2 and my right side has 1.

This is just my personal opinion but the problems that I see with this logic is that there are so many variables and different ways to interpret this information.

Palm reading in the way that the public knows it is purely for entertainment purposes only. No other person will ever conclusively be able to tell you what your future will bring you because only you are in charge of that. Lines on your hand are not a pathway to your future, they are just creases in your hand.

Palm reading in the way I personally understand it is much more abstract and harder to comprehend and explain when searching for answers and meaning. When looking down at your own palms notice the shapes, shades, tones, spots, creases and everything as a whole. What you see is all going to depend on you, your mind and level of awareness.

What I have seen is the colors and tones appear to look like faces and figures, sometimes they move like a little movie and sometimes they are just still. As I understand it this kind of “seeing things” is what psychics and palm readers use as a tool and guideline to personalize their readings if they are truly tuned in.

The things you can see does not have to be focused on your hands, you could do it into the static of television, a tree blowing in the wind, wet sand on the beach, pretty much anything where you have the ability to stare past the vision of what is there and blur your mind into seeing your own subconscious thoughts.

Good Luck!

Answer by Barbie
Alright YY4 Me, I was only supposed to have 3 and wound up with five…….. Please come get your missing links!!! LOL…. It is all garbage. Right down to the fortunes you will have. Better to draw a circle on the floor, Throw 10 pennies into it, everything landing inside the circle will be your children. Keep in mind, the smaller the circle you draw, the less kids can fit into it!

Answer by Fayte XIII
it’s at the base of your pinky on your writting hand…there will be some lines that go horizontal, you want to look at the lines going vertical from them, then count how many…some lines can also represent pets that you have or will have that you love very dearly like a child, or someone else you think of as a child… the lines that are facing horizontal are how many serious relationships you will be in and one will include marriage if that’s how you end up…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Will I be a sucsessfull healer and make a good living from it?

I trained 6 years ago, have since got marride had a baby and seperated. I read Tarot but have little confidence and am very sad about the seperation.
I question my motivation to be a healer I also question if I have any special skill appart from my understanding of universtal law, my compation and empathy.
I find it hard to explain what it is I do and am disapointed that I can not find suport from my family who find it all a bit wird.

Answer by joelgmt
I seriously doubt it.

Answer by Ken J
Instead of giving you a quick “No” answer. I would ask you to name the number of happy successful healers you know, then count the happy succesful people you know who have regular full time jobs.

Answer by Sharon
What modality do you use? If you can’t explain what you offer effectively, you certainly aren’t going to be able to promote your services.

Being trained and being gifted are two different issues.

True healers have no ego about the process, and therefore have no hidden agenda. They act as a conduit and have no motivation other than helping people.

Answer by hrh_gracee
You must heal yourself first. Take good care and be cautious. Work on yourself for awhile. Compassion and empathy are very special gifts in today’s world, I’m sure you’ll find a career to put them to good use. Best of everything to you.

Answer by chrisbrown_222
I am a very successful healer but I do not charge. Money confuses the issues. GOD says it is OK to charge. I don’t charge because, first of all, GOD has always provided what I need and secondly, when you charge, people claim you are a thief out for the cash. Why they don’t apply that to others in the healing world I don’t know. If you want to be a healer for the possible income, I would say forget it. Most, but not all, people who come to me are those who cannot afford any other method. So how much money would I charge a single mother with four kids? Others who come to me are trying to avoid high medical bills, how much would they pay? And the final group, and the most precious in my eyes, are those who have been told their is no hope, you have XXX months to live. These people have spent all their funds on medical work to get them to this point. How much do you charge them? I simplified the entire process. I don’t charge nor ask for anything but GOD’S blessing.
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Had a dream I was pregnant, had a son, then my tarot reading gave me two fertility cards?

Last night, I had a dream that I had another little boy. (I have two kids now.) I recently took a test that said I was infertile in the real world.

When I woke up this morning I did a three card reading. My past was The Sun, the present was Three of Cups, and the future was The Empress.

Normally, I would ignore this and say whatever but it stuck out to me after my dream. What would you think?

Answer by Mark
You could try any of these readings again and it would give you a different reading! Just keep on going with your life and don’t let it influence any of your decisions as that’s what might happen if you keep thinking about it!

Answer by lord_melkoriswatchingyou
Pregnancy dreams are often multi-layered and speak about something inside — represented by the fetus — that has not yet been acknowledged or presented to the world. At its core, this dream is about creativity. Dreams about pregnancy often symbolize creativity, new ideas, projects or relationships. They also signify prosperity and material success. On the other hand, miscarriage in dreams indicates frustration, loss of hope or uncertainty. To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

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