Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to make a tarot deck anyone ?

I am rally wondering how to make one :):) Do they have to have pictures or just the words ? I now there are 78 but do not now their names and meanings 🙂

Answer by Snowie
Take cardboard and draw pictures on it.

Answer by 1 eye dog
Some Gypsy is the creator of that deck of cards
And it made them a lot of money
And still does

Answer by One Brave Mouse
I thought they were the basis for a normal deck of 52, and you could use a normal deck for a reading if you knew what they stood for. That could be just some Christian subculture witch hunt stuff though.

Answer by Andrew
The pictures aren’t needed, there just a nice decoration.

I think all the tarot cards are here :

Answer by ⌡Machine Head⌠
The minor arcana have the 48 of the 52 cards of a poker deck, but they have knights+knaves (two separate ranks) in the place of jacks, which gets you usp to 56 cards, then you add your major arcana and away you go.

Most toy stores and gag gift shops sell them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Buying tarot cards which and where ?

I’ve always wanted to learn about tarot cards and I would like to make a move and buy some.

Which brand should I buy ?
Where do I get them ?
Should I get a seperate book to learn how to use them ?

Answer by mouse14592000
Go to as it has a galore of various decks and previews with summaries and reviews. You can browse the decks to find one that feels right to you. You can connect through the colors or imagery of the cards.

This site also has links to where you can buy the deck you choose.

The rider waite version is one of the most common decks. However, it is better to use a deck that you feel personally drawn to in order to have a deeper connection and greater results.

Some people rely on the books, while others never look at them. It is your choice. I like to have the accompanying book available for my reference when dealing with a new deck, but that is my personal preference. Most decks if bought new will come with the book already.

Answer by eustacia
Find a bookshop or an on-line supplier, look at the pictures until you find one with to which you feel drawn and buy it. It should be fairly easy to get hold of some and more places sell them. Books are usually included, though sometimes they are sold separately. Books give you ideas on what spreads ( pattern of drawing and laying down the cards and what each one means in that position) to use. Check whether the cards you choose all have pictures as some packs have picture cards plus symbols as in playing cards, others are all pictorial. I think the latter give you more ideas as you are meant to use your own intuition and not simply rely on the meaning given by any accompanying book.

Just one point though, it is not easy to read for yourself and do not use them as a crutch for living your life. They are an aid, a tool, not designed to tell you what to do and take away your free will. Plus, if you read for others, make sure you tell them it is for entertainment only and that readings are a guide to the future, not a definite answer as to what will happen.

Answer by xxxx
If you are new to the Tarot you should start out with a good classic deck as a base in learning. The Rider-Waite deck is such a deck.

Never buy a deck you haven’t held in your hand–box and all is okay. You should feel that it is right for you. You can do this at many of the large book stores.

Take the deck home and begin, but if the instructions that come with the deck confuse you, don’t give up, return to the store and get a book that is specific to the classic meanings and layouts.

Answer by ange1tear
I agree with XXXX its best if you go out to buy it, hold it in your hands go through many of them till one feels just right for you. These cards will always be with you so its best to pick wisely.

Some bookstores carry them in the new age/metaphysical section of the store.

Answer by John Dee
I agree wholeheartedly with XXXX. The Rider Waite Deck are a magnificent deck, I have them myself and the Energies that come from them are simply amazing.

Answer by salvacionf
tarot cards alone, better try to any bookstore, sometimes bookstore have it, i have tarot card and i bought it to bookstore, ordinary cards you can find it even in the market place. brand of tarots its not the brand you should choose, as soon as you touch tarot card you can feel something in your hands,that is for you. of course you must study and learn the meaning of each cards and by the help of your vibration/vibes, if you really had a physcic power it would be easy for you. by the way, i said i have tarot card, but i never bought a book, as soon as touch the card and the image something wierd, i feel the heat and it runs to my whole body, and then i can tell the meaning, through proper anallization of laying the cards on the table, quickly i ‘m able to tell what kind , who and telling these to you based on experienced. if you are gifted as they say, no hard ways of finding and learning the tarot card. and please no funfare of holding the tarot cards, its sensitives. even the centuries card, same as tarots both have daring and deep meaning, concentrations of reading cards and vibes is your guide.

Answer by Crystal clear
I found it easier to learn on the Rider-Waite deck and then adapt to other decks that I really admired or felt drawn to. (I now use the Sacred Circle deck and the Rider-Waite deck the most – despite the fact that I have collected several others. These two work best for me.)

Or you could get the Universal Waite, which is the same as Rider Waite only with softer colors. There are a ton of books to supplement learning that are based on the Waite deck as well as the one that you can get with the cards.

This free online course is based on the Waite deck as well.

And as someone else suggested, this is another good site for learning more about tarot and browsing through decks to see what strikes your fancy.

Answer by Amy N
you can find Tarot cards in just about any major bookstore in the new age section. as for which to buy, only you can decide that. which ever deck calls to you most.

Answer by Nicole
Okay, you can buy Tarot Cards in Barnes and Noble. That’s where I got mine a few years ago. I don’t really think the brand matters. There are some packages that you can find and they include a book, an mini interpretation book, some sort of map thing, and a deck of cards. It all comes in pretty useful.

Hope That Helped!

Answer by Devo
Almost all Tarot sets are based off of the Rider-Waite deck. So, in that sense, it’s easiest to start with a deck based off of this because you’ll be able to find meanings for your cards on any website, or in any book.

However, I’d tell you to go to a Barnes & Noble or a “New Age” store and flip through the decks to see which one you like- as your gut is usually the best thing to follow. The brand is irrelevant, and you can buy them at almost any bookstore, though some stores keep them stashed behind the counter. As for a book- most decks come with a book anymore. And if the deck you chose doesn’t, I’d tell you to either buy a book, or find a website, since the meanings are very helpful when you are starting out.

Hope it helps!

Answer by philebus
The cards you buy depends not only on personal preference but on what it is you want to use them for. The best known use for tarot cards is divination, it is not so common to use the traditional designs for this, there being packs re-designed by occultists since they laid claim to the cards at the end of the 18th century. Although I am not a card reader, I have a large collection of these packs and just about all of them offer a different interpretation of tarot, assigning different meanings to the cards but present plenty of visual clues to those meaning in the artwork. Although many will suggest the Rider-Waite-Smith pack, I find it rather unattractive and based rather heavily in Waite’s occultism, particularly from the Golden Dawn. If divination is you thing, then I would suggest that you look for one with artwork that appeals to you personally.

The other use, less well known in the English speaking world, is for card games. This was what the cards were invented for in the mid 15th century. They were created by adding an extra suit of picture cards to a standard pack of playing cards. These extra cards actually took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence they were originally called trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games – so, if you’ve ever played whist, bridge, or spades, tarot is their great, great, grandparent!

The games were at one time the most popular form of card game throughout continental Europe where they are still played. Most countries now use French suited tarot packs for the games, the trumps on these cards look very different, featuring all manner of things, depending on the country, from landmarks, rural scenes, Asterix, or national costumes.

However, Italy, Sicily, and Switzerland do still used the old Italian designs. A couple of these packs have a unique structure required for some of the games. In particular, there is the Tarocco Bolognese, also known as the Tarocchino, that has four special trumps, called the Four Moors. The Tarocchino games are perhaps the best card games in the world, especially ottocento.

If you are interested in the rules and the cards used to play the games, you can visit these two sites:

You can find an excellent range of cards for both reading and game play here:

and in the US:

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Shelby

There are many Tarot decks on the market – thousands.

Rider Waite are the most common, but go for a deck you like the look of as it is you who will have to build a relationship with them.

You can get them from Amazon, if not do a search, plenty of on line shops, & of course bookshops & new age/spiritual shops sell them. Within the pack you will get a small booklet, so yes buy a book that also calls to you for more insight.

Join the forum below if you wish, there is a low cost Tarot Course as well as 5 Tarot rooms which are free to enjoy.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Tarot Cards And Ouija Boards Dangerous?

Ok, So I just bought a pack of tarot cards. My friends and I think there really cool. So I was thinking of Getting a Ouija board but all the articles i have looked up about them say that there dangerous and that when using one you can contact spirits and demons. They also say the same can happen with tarot cards. Is that true?

Answer by Carlton Banks
They are toys.

Answer by Tim
I work with christians that use them every day at lunch, nothing bad happens

Answer by Catholic and Pro- Life 🙂
Very true.A demon can contact you and poses you.

Answer by Calvin
The Scriptures condemn such practices. Whether they actually are dangerous spiritual instruments or not is not what you should fear most. The fact that they are condemned by God, and His wrath is not a fun experience…..should indicate how dangerous they actually are, irrespective of demons and spirits.

Answer by Casey
Tarot cards are not. Many people use them and i have never heard a horror story about them. I personally do not like Ouija boards tho, even though i know a lot of the stories on the internet are fake. If you buy one and your nervous about using it don’t, its your intuition telling you not to. if you feel fine about it, maybe a little excited, go for it. Sorry if im no help…

Answer by CindyComesBack
No they aren’t dangerous if you call on the Source rather than anything else. They are just tools for reaching that Source, IF you use them that way.

Otherwise you’ll just get a bunch of gibberish.

As for contacting the dead, you know if a person was an azzhole in his alive state, he is still an azzhole after he crosses over to the other side. People think “oh if someone died they must suddenly have become all wise and knowing and benevolent and kind.”

No. They are just like they were before they left. So you want to be careful asking the dead anything, just like you’d pick carefully who you’d ask questions of from the living. You wouldn’t just randomly go pick someone off the street for advice or information, don’t do it with the dead either.

Always ask that your information come from the One True Source. And it will.

Answer by World Funeral
No, and demons are not all bad. Learn of their original meaning, before christianity perverted them. Originally they were entities that were called upon for help and guidance.

Ouija boards are only dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions, don’t use it when you’re angry or in a negative frame of mind, that will attract those types of entities. And don’t demand or disrespect them in anyway, it will just piss them off. Show respect and you’ll get the same back.

Answer by halcon
Tarot cards can be used in a number of different ways, but primarily they are an excellent tool for personal development, and readings can help you with this. Unfortunately to gain the most benefit from them you need to learn and work with the cards, and not just look up interpretations in the LWB that came with them!!

Suggest, “78 degrees of wisdom” as a tarot classic that can be used to help you learn your cards. Which deck did you buy? I am also advised that “Tarot for Dummies” is a good basic interpretation book

Ouija boards? Wouldn”t bother with one. mostly excitable kids scaring themselves witless. If you’re going to mess with the occult, join a magical order, and learn to do it properly and safely.


Answer by Mrs. Owl
I have tarot cards. They’re fun (: And harmless. But even though I’m atheist, I will never in my life play with a Ouija board. There are just some forces in life that can’t be understood and should NEVER be messed with. Promise that you won’t do it.

Answer by skeptik
Only if you hit someone with them.

Answer by philebus
Tarot cards are not what most people believe them to be. They were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court and consist of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards (preexisting tarot in Europe by about 70 years) and a fifth suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme a triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump. And that is what they were, a suit of fixed trumps for use in a family of card games – games that continue to be played throughout continental Europe to this day!

It was not until the end of the 18th century that a Parisian occultist, ignorant of the cards’ actual origin, published the claim that they came from Ancient Egypt and were brought to us by the Gypsies. He also published the first account of how they might be used for divination. There is no evidence for the cards coming from Egypt and he didn’t attempt to give any and the meanings attributed to the cards for fortune telling, being based upon an erroneous account of their origins are the product of invention.

Of course, some of the cards can seem a little mysterious, even heretical – but when viewed in context of when and where they were created, we find that they were not. Indeed, contrary to popular myths, the Church never tried to suppress the images of the tarot.

Without an occult origin, fortune telling with tarot is no different in kind from fortune telling with tea leaves, dominoes, or knuckle bones. However people might use tea leaves for fortune telling and no matter what you might think of fortune telling, it doesn’t make tea leaves in any way dangerous. I wouldn’t drink so much tea if it did!

Personally, I don’t believe that fortune telling works – but that is something that you must make up your own mind about. The points is that tarot cards are not dangerous and you should feel safe to use them however you wish. I hope however, that you might also try using them for some games as well – it was what they were invented for.

As for ouija boards – well, the pointing device never moves without someone ‘touching’ it, does it….again, that’s something you shall have to make up your own mind about.

Answer by naphtalia_leba
A lot of people believe in Ouija boards (Spirit Boards/Talking Boards) as a way to contact spirits. I believe that Ouija boards allow us to speak to our own subconscious, not to speak with spirits. That is not to say I think that Ouija boards are pointless. I think they can offer us great help.

In using a Ouija Board, the people put their fingers on the planchette and ask questions. Psychologists believe that the planchette is moved by the ideomotor driven movements of the people present. Ideomotor movements and actions are reflexive responses. These movements are not made consciously by people, but are driven by the subconscious. In testing whether the response is paranormal or ideomotoral, subjects were asked to close their eyes or were blindfolded. Another on-looker recorded the responses. With the subjects blindfolded, the planchette still moved, but the responses were nonsensical.

I do not believe you will endanger yourself. I think you may learn something about yourself by paying attention to the questions you ask.
To use Tarot cards in a traditional way requires study and working with the cards. There is great value in this. The cards are full of symbolism and meaning. There are countless books on Tarot and plenty of people who can tutor you in reading the cards.

For those who have not studied, the cards can still be useful. The deck is divided into two parts – the Minor Arcana resembles a deck of playing cards. It contains 56 cards divided into four suits. There are 14 cards to each suit. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. These are picture cards and each has a name or title. For those who are just beginning, I recommend using just the Major Arcana. Look through the cards and see which one draws you that day. Then look through the cards and see which card you feel least attracted to, or even repelled by that day.

With those two cards in front of you, begin to ask questions. What in the first card drew you? Do you feel an affinity with the fool who steps out with assurance even when the way ahead may be frought with peril? Do you feel drawn to the Tower that seems so solid and yet is faced by all sorts of destruction from without? Look at the symbols that attract or repel you and try to understand why at that moment they do. This is not fortune telling. This is creating a snapshot of where your heart and head are at that moment.

I will do readings for others based on the ideas above. Some people need to have someone else read the cards to point out what is there, and to ask questions.

It is possible to use other items to read oneself. What do you see in the clouds? Inkblots? You can use these things as toys, or you can use them as tools to understanding yourself or others.

Answer by Sarah
Hello!! I don’t believe that any of these items are good or evil until they are put to use, and it’s the PERSON using them that becomes the medium between good or evil and the inanimate object. My own deck of cards caused an electric shock to jump up my arm when I picked them up (not even a deck I would normally have chosen, but they were clearly for me, and have been amazing), and I only use them for good, positive purposes. I’ve bought an ouija board, which does nothing for/with me. My Gran, who is one of my guides, was strongly against them. She acts as a kind of sentinel for me and most definitely blocks me using it. So sure, bad can come of anything you use, but it’s YOU that has to be the conduit. So it’s entirely up to you! Love & light xxxx

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Tarot cards are perfectly safe as long as your intentions are good. You will attract what is compatible with you, As with everything else, the Law of Attraction will bring to you that which matches the energy and vibration that you are sending out whether it be good or bad.

Ouija boards can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing and who is with you when you are using the board. I don’ believe in demons but it is possible to attract less evolved spirits who can be unpleasant. Probably best to stay clear of that until you have more knowledge.

Answer by summerlandtarot
I think it is a possibility to the novice Reader. Just be sure to pray before you handle the cards and pray for the white light of God/Goddess to surround you and protect you.

Answer by Mystie010
No, neither are dangerous if you believe that they are not; but if you are superstitious and do believe in them, then you could end up scaring yourself. My advice would be, if you find the concept of them frightening then leave them well alone. However if you are very skeptical and see them for what they are then that’s fine too and you won’t be scared.

Written by LoveadvisorJoyce

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