Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how to forget someone you love but doesn’t love you back?

Answer by Dakota Clark
Easy, learn how to hate them and stay away from them.

Answer by muah
go to google and type in: 2knowmyself. he will help you, it helped me lol

Answer by Predictions That happen
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Answer by Jessica
i was in the same situation and honestly the easiest way is to start to look at the things that you dont like about them and think to yourself like eww i dont want to be with someone like that at first it will be hard and you dont want to think about things like that about them but then if you think about it they dont care about you that way why should you hope it helps good luck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic answers free?

I’ve got a few questions for a psychic anyone know where I could get answers free? 🙂

Answer by Jasmine Heaven
On etsy there are some tarot card reader that give you readings for free.

Answer by Lucie
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Readers: HELP?

This is the situation. I know i overexceeded myself in the use of electricity. But she is not claiming that. She is claiming that the ACs in the house dont work. And neither do the dish washer. It broke down during the last week i was there. The ACs do work, they just dont turn on by the remote. You have to step on something to turn them on by hand. They malfunctioned in that way for a very long time. I just never said anything because i could turn them on manually. The contract said that any repair that costs above 75 dollars should be paid by the landlord. The dining room chairs, she claims they are broken because they have kind of thin close hanging underneath. However, this damage was absolutely not done by me. I to tell the truth, i remember the chairs being that way since my very early days in that house. I dont think i should pay for repairing the dishwasher. It broke down the last week i was there. I really dont think 2 thousand dollars for cleaning a house is reasonable. She claims the kitchen is full of lizard poo underneath the cabinets. However, it is impossible for me to see or smell that without taking the thing apart (there is a metal cover underneath the cabinets which must be taken off to be able to see that there is lizard poo there). I think she is asking way too much. And being unreasonable. I drew one card (drawing card right now):


Psychics, tarot readers, help me before this gets worse


Answer by pygmalin
Death card, is not “death” It means great change is coming your way. death of one thing to give life to another. Ok, all wear and tear repairs should be made by the landlord, and you should not be charged for them. Lizard poo, is your responsiblity and is not natural wear and tear. Did you sign a move in report? Did you take pictures? Did you call in a reasonable amount of time during the course of living there for the land lord to repair the broken items. I think she is Asking way too much, but without seeing the condition of the renatal before and after its hard to tell.
I dabble but I have no natural talent. But I would suggest getting your self a free copy of of landlord tenet laws.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot card reader

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