Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to do Tarot cards online (etsy) anyone successful?

Where can i do Tarot cards online from the comfort of my home??

They banned all the Tarot readers on ebay, and I had so many clients! 🙁

aw well…

Answer by Mystic
hmmm if you had so many clients, if you are alright with what you did, not to worry, they will call you back. Accuracy is the key! I have been a reader for over 40 years, never had to advertise, and word of month has currently lead me to thousands of clients. I book once a month, take one day off a week. If you are not getting that repeat business, then please reflect a little and find out within your presentation, what you are not doing well, to correct this.
The best clients are word of mouth, not the internet. This is a very hard business to be in, but also a rewarding one if done well. You can make a good living, be honest, be forthright, be truthful, be knowledgable, as those are the attributes that will bring empowerment to your business. Give a good product and service. Record things. Be professional. You should do fine.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot: Why do people bless or purify tarot cards before using them?

What type of rituals are used?

What is the purpose of doing this?
Thanks Kad.
Thanks, Scarlet.

Answer by Ryan
Its good luck

Answer by Noname
They Don’t .

Answer by kadmonzohar
I like to have a fresh deck and keep it. You do this to get rid of any negitive energy in the deck. There’s many ways to do it depending on the magickian. I just do a pentagram ritual, thelemite style with my ring of protection and do my own thing(I seem to evolve over the years in my methods). I keep my deck(a Thoth one of course) in a magickal wooden box. I don’t let anyone play with my deck, it just holds my energy. If I feel the deck gets contaminated I buy a new deck or at least repurify it. I like to keep my deck next to my Kabbalah books and other holy books. I have my own religion but it is a form of a Thelemite with heavy Kabbalah influence, and I like to keep my vibs up with chakra meditation. We are energy. So I can’t give a full exsplaination but you can check out those key words if you want to learn more.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
It creates a sense of sacredness… makes them feel “special” and creates a “bond.” All of this helps to make the reader feel more comfrotable with the cards which allows them to open up intuitively to their messages.
Lots of different rituals can be used. Jsut about any cleansing or blessigns ritual, depdning on the readers spiritual preferences.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Personally I cleanse my Tarot cards for two reasons. First to remove any negativity that they may have picked up…Second, to remove the energy from the last reading I have done so it will not linger and affect the next reading I do.

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