Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to do a celtic cross spread?

hey guys i would just like to know how to do a celtic cross spread and all the different meanings each posistion of the card means (if you understand what im trying to get across) and also some other different spreads i could use, thnx

Answer by Redundant Mariah is Axolotl
It’s set up like:

1= your current circumstances
2= what’s helping, or what’s hindering you
3= the best you can do at present
4= hidden factors around you
5= the effect of the past
6= your next move
7= how you see yourself
8= how others see you
9= hopes or fears
10= the outcome

Personally, whenever I do a reading, I tend to use the question and answer spread (also called the seven card horse-shoe) because there tends to be a reason I’m doing a reading. It looks like this: and can either point away from you, or towards you, it doesn’t matter.

1= the past
2= the present- question at hand
3= hidden influences that should be considered
4= the attitudes of others around you
5= best action to take
6= obstacles in your path
7= the outcome

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are the meaning of all Tarot Cards the same?

Ok so i got tarot cards for the first time and well the directions on how to read them is in chinese…hahaha…so i looked online for the meanings and then i was wondering if the cards from different companies/makers differ in meaning

Answer by sunscour
Yes, but different themed decks have different writers. I stick with basic meanings because they were the first and best. [if it aint broke don’t fix it].

Answer by thecityoftownsville_2000
There are no right or wrong Tarot card meanings. The meanings often vary depending on the publisher. It is interesting you should post your question under “card games” for that is the purpose for which the Tarot was created. Tarot was not used for divination until long after the creation of the deck. Tarot was created for card games and people in Europe still play Tarot card games.

Answer by tarot wisdom seeker

Im doing a tarot course with holistic paths to wisdom, they have a free forum, maybe you should join, you can ask all sorts of stuff, not ust about tarot either. All the cards in a deck Do mean different things.


Answer by ind-a-go
Here’s the how-to of reading tarot cards with psychic perception in six simple steps.

Answer by energytherapies
the original tarot deck was in existence for thousands of years and today is most commonly seen as playing cards.

rider realised the deck had limitations as it represented the lives we live and introduced the major arcana, this part of the deck brings forward the hidden feelings, higher purpose, or inner selves which are available to improve or understand life and depicts lifes journey, the challenges, and the tools.

there are some truly aweful meanings out there which can alter the structure to a degree that becomes unusable.
the original rider deck is full of symbolism that tweaks your inner consciousness so has psychological significance.

the word tarot now implies a deck that is complex, containing two levels and even if different in many ways still follows the orginal idea of a deck, many will reference the equivalent rider card. the main difference is the creators directive, some area simply visually different which appeal to a person for that reason,and others have badly researched meanings.

even where the meanings are misunderstood you will read your cards with thosemeanings in tact and that will be what they mean as you draw them and interpret them.

there are many good tarot meaning websites and books around, so as long as you like your cards you can apply the meanings you like the best and that will be right for you.

this book has cards attached but is one of the best for learners Juliet Sharmon Burke has written many books to each tarot reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does tarot reading work?

How does it work? Like how many cards are selected, some meanings, what’s the point, etc

Answer by Jorge
It just lies

Answer by Todd
A good reader is just that. They’re good at reading people. They might even believe they mistakenly have tarot skills, but really they’re just doing two things… 1) picking up on people’s tells (they read the person), or 2) They suggest things that will make sense to the client. You force feed information to get a reaction and play off it. It’s a terribly old and silly mentalist tactic that I can’t believe people are stupid enough to believe in it. Well, I suppose I can understand, because it’s easy when you hit close to home. It’s like hypnosis, you can force anybody to believe something they don’t already want to believe.

My favorite is when a kid tried to read me on the bus one night. Because I happened to be wearing nice clothes at the time with a new haircut, he told me that I was ambitious and was about to come into money. It was funny, because he couldn’t have been further from the truth, but I played along.

Go see a tarot reader dressed like you would not normally do and feed them misinformation and see if they can really read you 🙂 It is hard for some people to lie though. They flush, heart races, eye twitches, they mouth something, etc.

Answer by sand3419
Instead of coming on here (the tattoo section of Yahoo!7Answers) You could go to Google and type in your query. Do a bit of research. Buy a deck of cards and read the instructions. Go to the library.


Answer by Jenny
There is history and information on card meanings at

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card meanings

Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Video

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