Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how much do people generally pay for a tarot reading in the U?

I have been asked to pay £25 is this too much ?

Answer by Green II
Anything above nothing is too much.

Answer by Seth R
Pay it for buying a book on “how to be an atheist” its a lot cheaper and if you simply understand what is god then you save the money and can you buy a good movie or xbox game..

Answer by Orac
Thats £25 too much. Tarot cards were a medieval game turned into a fraudulent prediction racket. Believe none of it.

Answer by qwerty
If you really think you will get something out of it then how could £25 be too much?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when I get the 10 of swords in a tarot reading?

Like I ask the cards…what does Sara feel about me? Then The card that shows up is an 10 of swords. Can you try to explain this to me.Thank you!!!

Answer by Dee
Ok, here is a link for that very card, with its meaning~

Now remember, it does signify disruption, etc. but it also
signifies that the worse is behind you, and things can
only get better from here on~ hope this helps and…gl

*btw, it also matters which position the card was in when
you got it~ as each position signifies different parts, such
as the past, present, future…
.ex. what was, what u were going through, what u can look forward to, etc.

Keep that in mind~ and what kind of problems too~

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where could I read the The tarot of perfection online?

I’d really like to read this book, but can’t find it online to read anywhere. Of course I plan to buy it, but I’d like to read it first. Please can someone provide an online link to this? I am aware there are audiobooks, but I’d like to read it myself.

Answer by redunicorn
Go in a book store and look through it. There is no FREE and LEGAL copy online.

Answer by Elaine M
Your library probably has it as well. It came out in 2008.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot reading

Tarot Reading for May 11, 2013 Inuitive & Clairvoyant Insight

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♥ Will this be a long-term relationship?
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♥ Is someone else involved with our problem?
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♥ Can we be happy together?
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