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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How long did it take you guys to learn tarot cards?

I got some as a gift for Christmas and it just seems so hard to remember all the different meaning for each card, all the spreads, and the reverse stuff. I’m generally slow at memory though so I’m wondering, for any of you that have learned tarot cards, how long did it take you to be able to use them proficiently?

Answer by Voice in the Wilderness
3 Seconds. Aim rubbish bin, and toss.

Answer by Nick!M!
It takes a lifetime to learn those card-sharp shuffleing techniques. The telling the future stuff? thay just make it up.

Answer by Eclipse-girl
Tarot cards to not predict the future.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What happens if you burn tarot cards?

I always wanted to learn to read tarot cards, my mum was very good at it. After she died a few years ago my dad tried them. They must have told him something that scared him so he burned them, along with the book that came with them. They were lovely cards and I loved the fact that they had belonged to my mum, so I was pretty angry with him for burning them, but he said there’s some things we’re better off not knowing.
Question is, do you get bad luck from burning them?
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Answer by sailormoonfan281
the only bad luck is that they were burned in the first place. as far as i know there isn’t any superstition tied to them.

Answer by Kiki
i don’t think so, i’m sorry that you lost them though.



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