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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How long did it take you guys to learn tarot cards?

I got some as a gift for Christmas and it just seems so hard to remember all the different meaning for each card, all the spreads, and the reverse stuff. I’m generally slow at memory though so I’m wondering, for any of you that have learned tarot cards, how long did it take you to be able to use them proficiently?

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
“How long did it take you guys to learn tarot cards?”
You can give a decent reading pretty much right away, but many tarot readers with 20 years of experience will tell you they are STILL learning tarot… tarot isn’t like the alphabet… you don’t just learn it once and then remember it for the rest of your life. It’s a process… it’s a rich symbolic system and your experience with it can be very complex and layered. You’ll probably learn something new every time you do a reading.
I took three months of concentrated study to feel like I ‘knew’ the cards comfortably well.

“so hard to remember all the different meaning for each card”
Please don’t try to memorize the book-meaning for each card. This will only hurt your ability to read them. The point isn’t to memorize static meanings. If it was, then the book meanings would merely be printed on the face of each card to make it easier… but what is on the cards instead? Pictures, right? Symbols? Pictures and symbols have many different meanings and it’s up to YOU which meanings are used in each reading. The point is to look at the pictures and pick out what they MIGHT mean in the context of the spread, then use your intuition and logic to figure out what is most important about the image and what that could mean, regardless of what the book says.

“all the spreads”
You don’t have to memorize ‘all’ the spreads. In fact, there are thousands and new spreads are being created every day. No one even has ‘all’ the spreads in one book, never-mind having them memorized. Spreads, too, are a process. Try out a few and find spreads that you like, then just work with those spreads for a while… memorize maybe two or three simple spreads, like some three-card spreads, then as you get more experience, experiment with other spreads that you come across. Take your time, this isn’t a race.

“and the reverse stuff.”
Some tarot readers (like myself) don’t even bother reading ‘reversed’ cards. It’s a matter of personal choice. I feel that 78 cards provide enough information without complicating it with a further 78 possible meanings, so I have always read the cards upright no matter what position they are thrown.

One effective method of learning tarot is to journal. Go card-by-card through your deck in order and spend some time with each card. Study the image on the card and record your impressions. Break down the symbolism (out loud if you have to) and record what you think it means. Then get out your books… the guidebook that comes with the deck and any other book you have with tarot meanings (at least having one other book can be helpful. I recommend either “Tarot: Your Everyday Guide” bu Jenina Renee or “The Tarot Workbook” by Nevill Drury) and read through the entries while examining the picture on the card. Record whatever information seems important or relevant. When you are through with the deck, go back through your notes and study them… compile a short statement about the card, maybe a couple of sentences describing what you think it means… then see if you can break this down further into a keyword or two that describes the card… this will help the meanings you see by studying the cards stick in your head a little.
The next thing you might try is comparing the numbers. Take out all the aces and compare what they mean… the things they have in common will refer to the essential meaning of “ace” and the things that are different about them will refer to the essential meanings of each suit. Go on and do this with the twos, threes etc until you’ve gone through all the minor arcana. I found this to be extremely helpful, myself. Next find a reference for the “Journey of the Fool” and the story about the major arcana and why they are in that particular order and what they symbolize in our greater life’s journey. Journal about the Journey and how you feel about the major arcana… these things were all very helpful to me in my training.
To do a reading, leave the book alone. Don’t even keep your guidebook with your deck as you don’t want to be tempted to reference it during the reading. Read from the images, even if you have no experience with the cards. Look at the people on the cards and figure out what they are doing, how they are feeling and what the various symbols might indicate, then try to apply the behaviors and symbols on the card to the situation at hand. Use your intuition to focus on what seems to be the most important and relevant aspect of the image or symbolism.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what does it mean if you get the death , the devil and judgement , and the pope in one reading?

Today i went online and got a tarot card reading there were 7 cards i clicked and turned them over and the 1st was the tower the 2nd was strength the 3rd was the star the 4th was the pope the 5th was death the 6th the judgement and the 7th the devil. what does this mean? does it mean i dont have a future or my life will get worse please let me know.

Answer by Neil
I would say you are going to face big changes and big challenges in your near future. Possibly with a teacher/authority figure who does not have your best interests at heart.

Answer by Robyn
The Devil is an excellent indicator for success in business and career. Ambition of all kinds, which could override the wishes of others, is very likely. The desire to dominate is strong. Astrologically this card is Capricorn and the 10th house, which is also the position of the father. When the Devil is weak, the client will often feel put upon, under stress, unable to move or change careers. There may be repression or bullying at work. Alternatively, the client is obsessed about work and career, and their place on the greasy pole.

Answer by EasyDo
It means nothing if done ‘online’. ……… Tarot readings are only any good when done “In Person”. “Why?” … Because a Tarot reader must be able to pick up on your emotions, ‘energies’ & so forth. This cannot be done by any electronic means. … Also, You need to watch the reader to be able to determine whether or not you think the person is genuine or not. You need to feel that the person really is what he or she claims to be. For all you know,, it could be a computer that gave you an online reading! …….. You have to actually Handle the tarot cards yourself as well. You will not get a ggood reading unless the whole deck is used,, & you need to see if any of the cards were upside down or not, & which ones in what places they were. …….. I Hope that your online reading was FREE & you didn’t pay anything for it!! If you believe in tarot readings, then do yourself a favour by forgetting the results of that online reading,, & go out & find a real Person, who reads tarot. Just be aware that many people do this as a way of making money so you will have to pay their fee. .. Many others charge No Fee at all. . To such people, doing this for others is just part of their way of life. ……….. I suggest that you get onto some Pagan/Witchcraft Contact Sites to find someone or a group in your area. … Otherwise,, If you are prepared to pay money for readings,, it would be cheaper to go buy a tarot deck yourself & learn to interpret the symbols from the instruction book or buy a book on tarot to help you. ……… Some good decks for beginners are,:: “Swiss IJJ”, “Rider Waite”, “The Witches’ Tarot”. ….. For a more Advanced deck, you might try, “Thoth Tarot Deck of the O.T.O. (sometimes called the Crowley deck.) .. Or if you try using any deck with vivid colours,many symbols (such as the Thoth deck, or if you try any deck printed only in black & white, you will have to work harder to interpret the cards. ….. When I began to read the Tarot, I started using ordinary playing cards!!

Answer by Max Cruise
It means absolutely nothing.
Randomly dealt cards be it online or live in person cannot predict the future. Tarot cards are total nonsense.
Try this experiment. Go to three tarot readers with the same question. If tarot works as advertise you will get very similar answers. I know the three readers will come up with three wildly different reading. Reason, the randomly dealt cards. Each reader will be reading from three different shuffles. Yet your question is the same.
Please stop putting so much faith in tarot cards. They are bogus.

Answer by Elaine M
The online automatic pickers don’t often give a reading that makes sense or has any connection to you, unfortunately. It’s all random chance. Plus those sites are SUPPOSED to have an explanation listed for the cards that come up. If yours didn’t, I’d just ignore the reading. Especially as some of these are set up to ONLY give you major arcana cards,they’re not using the whole 78 card deck.

The other person did have a point. You can get free readings from people who need practice reading their deck, for that I checked online with Meetup.com to see who was in my area – it did have a tarot group and I joined to get more active with my deck, we met and compared decks, talked tarot and practiced readings on each other. Lots of fun actually. All you do on the site is put in your zip code and the word ‘tarot’.

Answer by Dart
The category is Mythology and Folklore, not tarot readings. And, how can you get a real tarot reading from online!? You have to TOUCH the cards!

This is ridiculous! Why are you people even alive!?

Answer by Wage Slave
For starters, Death does not mean you are going to die. It means a transformation in life is coming and you must let go of some aspects of yourself to grow. For example, when you graduate high school (or college) and enter the work force, you cannot remain a happy-go-lucky student. You cannot party it up in the middle of the week and sleep through work the way you may have slept through classes. You will get fired.

The cards suggest a very hard time coming up. You will come out of it a new and more mature person. I can give you a reading if you like to see if there is anything to your on-line read.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone recommend a good tarot reader?

I live in Dublin Ireland and would really love a tarot card reading or some other reading done. I was wondering could anyone recommend anyone good? Also if not are there sites where you can get a year long horoscope reading emailed to you?

Answer by charisma
well email me and I will do one for you.
I am not in dublin, but I am not charging anything.

Answer by Iknow
Hi, I’ve been tarot reading for over 10 years now, anything I can do to help you I will, I’m form Dominican Republic, I use Spanish cards tarot to make a general 48 cards reading…I’ll let you my page if you want to see, I don’t ask for much, but my time is important to me so i charge a little through paypal. Have a nice day!

Answer by lala
To get someone in Dublin ; just ask your friends and some family members . There always someone who went for a reading ; but do not talk about it ; of fear of ridicule . DO not go on a site ; you will get rip off

Answer by Boss Lady
la la can u read mines please

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Tarot Reading for April 18, 2013 – Psychic, Intuitive & Clairvoyant Insight

Written by Kablan

Kablan not typical new age psychic/ energy worker! Kablan hardcore!! Straight to point, non-mystic, non-empathetic, fast, intense, powerful, skills unusual, unique, and very effective. Kablan naturally gifted, a descendant from a long line of high priests, born as a Taurus in 1972 under Venus. Since 1997, Kablan has over 15 years experience working with people in psychic and energy matters.
Since 2006, Kablan trained & corresponded with Kahunas, Psychic Masters, and Energy Experts, including Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Dr. Joe Vitale from Zero limits, Larry Crane of The Release Technique, and Dr. John LaTourrette. And since May 2012, Kablan has helped over 1000 people- in private and public- on LiveMystics.com.