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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does this whole thing work with Witchcraft?

okay, so if you use a crayon instead of a candle will your spell backfire? oh and also another thing with tarot cards are they real or fake?

Answer by Ask a Mexican ¡Hola Reportolas!
magic… duh!

Answer by Pinkie
I don’t think you understand what Witchcraft is.

Answer by joe dirt
I hung out with a family of witches for a bit. It was the women in the family that seemed to be into it. The guys just kind of watched and shook their heads. The women of the family were definitely the dominant gender though. They were all very physically beautiful women, so it wasn’t hard to figure out why.
I learned alot during my two year stay about how it really works.

These girls (even grandma was pretty hot) had built an aura around themselves over several generations. They were very well established and needed no tarot cards or magic ingredients. The wave they emitted together was all encompassing, though candles were used frequently.

What I got from the whole thing, is that people who delve into witchcraft, believe they can control it, because they seem to be “at times” in control, but they really are not in control.
“It” is in control the whole time.

…And these were “pro’s”. Kids (or even adults) playing with this stuff is like playing with a loaded gun that can go off anytime, in any direction, without pulling the trigger.

Answer by Sam
yes any spell you cast will back fire for some reason not work

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Tarot cards – real.
I own several decks and none of them have been revealed to me as fake decks. They are all real tarot decks made out of authentic coated paper with real, visible images on them that I have verified with my own eyes.

Crayons instead of candles… explain to me how one might use a crayon instead of a candle. Crayons don’t have wicks and cannot burn. You can draw pictures with candles, but that’s not usually the purpose of a candle. Some people make candles out of crayons or add crayons to the wax of candles they make. This doesn’t compromise the candle in any way. It’s wax to begin with. Many witches make their own candles and adding crayons is a common way of getting a preffered color. The color of a candle is important to many witches.

Candles (and crayons) are tools. A tool cannot make a spell “backfire.” The tools aren’t making the magick happen… the witch is. It’s not like Harry Potter where if you drop your wand or use the wrong ingredient, you can’t do a spell or will get a toad when you tried to get a bird. That’s fantasy/fiction, not magick/witchcraft. An experienced witch can still cast a spell fairly effectivly even if s/he looses hir wand (or does something silly, like substitutes a bamboo chopstick from a chinese restaurant for a wand.)

Answer by George
As real as Jesus, Mohammed or Dark Matter/Energy & Higgs Boson.
Pick your religion and follow your faith.

The cards themselves are just bits of coloured card.
It’s what they bring out of you, what you can divine about your life and it’s direction that is real.

Answer by MSB
Use a crayon for what? Like, to burn it? How do you burn a crayon? I don’t get that…

No, using different tools does not make your spell “backfire”… I’ve never known spells to really “backfire” in that the opposite happens… without the education and knowledge to plan them well, they may not do what you intended, or they might not work at all.

Candle magic isn’t the only style of magic; if you don’t have a candle you can use other things. That, again, is where the study comes in– you must know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Acting out other people’s spells blindly like scripts hoping they do what they claim is not practicing Witchcraft– it’s dabbling and a waste of time.

Tarot cards are real– I know for a fact, I own several decks. But they are just tools… there are a lot of theories on how they work (just as there are people who believe they don’t). But you learn those as you study the tarot. Again, they are tools, they aren’t going to be “instant gratification” for you if you don’t back it up with the skills… and to obtain the skills you need to study and mentally discipline yourself.

All forms of magic require a great deal of commitment to learn them correctly. You can’t just jump in and do them.

Answer by ~~**Ma’iingan**~~
Im not sure how you would light a crayon, but to each his own I guess.

And what is it you believe Tarot Cards do? If you believe they foretell the future in detail then no, they don’t work. If you believe they provide guidance for difficult decisions, then yes they do work.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there another card method or deck more effective then the Tarot?

I am learning the Tarot cards right now and I keep sensing there is another card reading method which might be more effective and accurate. I also studied the playing cards. I am searching for this method and wondered if anyone out there has found one? Could be another deck with even more cards then the Tarot? This deck would provide very accurate timing of events and would be very easy to use. I am feeling it might have very descriptive wording on them, might even be a list of meanings. Don’t mean to be vague here as is hard to explain. I find the Tarot cards a bit vague but I am just beginning. I deck with the main emotions, situations, events and such would be helpful. Thanks

Answer by Searching
Don’t let that bs being welcomed on tv fool you, that’s black magic. Quit while you can

Answer by Recess
in my openion no there is not.

Answer by Elaine M
You’re just starting the Tarot, you need to get more experience with them. The suits show the emotions, and the readings don’t necessarily need to be ‘vague’ at all. However you’re NOT going to get rock solid specifics like ‘this is the physical house address and the person’s name is John’ out of any tarot or other card deck.

When reading the spread, use the basic meanings, look at the SUIT that’s in the position, and look at how the card interacts with the cards around it. Bring in the ‘Fool’s Journey’ if any of the cards are the major arcana, and compare/contrast with the other cards in the other suits (for instance if you got the 2 of Pentacles, what does that say over the other 2’s in the deck?).

If you go with the oracle type decks, you’ll need to be learning a new system with each one of those, no two oracle decks use the same structure. More cards aren’t necessarily better, they can be even more confusing.

What you CAN do is go to one of the better tarot forums online – like Aeclectic tarot – and look at the discussions on decks and cards that are on that site. It can help with the learning process.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I use regular playing cards as a Tarot deck?

I am a solitary witch and I read some where that you can use regular playing cards as tarot cards. I was just wondering if that was true.

Answer by Mighty Thor 7thㄨcoming
sure no one cares

Answer by JerryMc
Sure, you can use napkins if you want to.

Answer by Desiree
Watch out for the King of diamonds. He’s got that hidden sword that is really creepy.

Answer by mr_crankypants
No there are 78 cards in a tarot deck. (waite)

Answer by Michael K
No, because tarot cards have an ‘up’ and ‘down.’ Regular playing cards don’t.

Answer by So-Called Freak ©
Yes, it is possible. ^^
At least, I heard it was. o_o

Edit #1 : Not sure.

Answer by Jennifer M- F
Don’t know , but here is some information you might want to check out:
JEHOVAH’S view of spiritism was well expressed to Israel in these words: “You must not look for omens, and you must not practice magic.” (Leviticus 19:26) But how can one who is involved in magic and spiritism be liberated from the power of the demons? Jesus said: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) This was proved true, as seen in the following experience of a Witness in France.
“When I moved to my new home, I had just settled in when a friendly neighbor came around and offered to cast my horoscope. I immediately decided to have nothing more to do with her, which was no small undertaking, for she really was of a very sociable nature.
“In November 1980 I fell sick, and around she came to offer help. I came to appreciate her kindheartedness. I was all the more drawn to her when she confided that she would often wake up choking from anguish. I then realized that she was not as happy as I had imagined. But how could this problem of spiritism be tackled? Feeling that I could wait no longer, I resolved to talk to her about the truth.
“We started out discussing the financial problems peculiar to us single women. She then said: ‘I have a solution. I make money reading tarot cards.’ So I took out my Bible and showed her how dangerous it was to get involved with powerful evil forces.
“This set off a serious discussion on spiritism. She explained that everything she foretold came to pass. I tried to help her reason things out. I went on to show her Moses’ words at Deuteronomy 18:10, 11: ‘There should not be found in you anyone who . . . employs divination, a practicer of magic or anyone who looks for omens . . . or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead.’ As I was leaving, she said: ‘To think I believed I’d found the solution to my problems.’ How these words encouraged me, for here she was, after just one discussion, talking about spiritism in the past tense! To me it meant that deep down she had really grasped the point.
“Having an insatiable appetite for spiritual food, she would read the Bible until three or four o’clock in the morning. To start with, we had two studies a week. She attended meetings and made rapid progress. Of course, we thoroughly delved into the subject of spiritism, using the Bible and the Watch Tower publications, and she made a personal decision to burn everything she possessed pertaining to demonism.
“The lady persevered and was soon out preaching the ‘good news’ to others. From time to time she received telephone calls from ex-customers, and after explaining that she had given up her spiritistic activities, she invited them over to hear about something much more interesting. She was baptized and now is our sister.”

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