Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How does one make their own Oracle Card deck?

I’m an artist. I go to an arts magnet high school in Dallas TX, the city with the largest art’s district (or at least multiple small ones). I’ve had two pieces in an art contest and one piece in the Dallas Museum of Art. Visually designing and creating something shouldn’t be a problem for me.

I’m also a avid reader, a creative writer and I’ve been reading people their tarot cards for over four years now, so symbolism and execution isn’t a problem.

My problem is that I’m thinking of making my own oracle deck. I’ve only had one oracle deck in my life (one where I still don’t have memorized) and I know that every deck is different, right down to the name and meaning of each and every individual fucking card. Not just in design, but also in what the card should be. I’ve tried making my own tarot deck, but it ended up being to ingrained in variety. Probably because I’ve been trying to come up with a proper theme that wasn’t similar to my concentration portfolio the previous year.

I’m also thinking that this could hold me over once I get into college and before I FINALLY finish writing a damn book.

Anyway, what I’m asking is “What should each card be, and how do I have them sold?”

Answer by EddieJ
Start with a photo of Larry Ellison.

Answer by Waynedota
Do you have a lot of knowledge about this deck of cards? Coz if not, you have to read a lot first so you can get different ideas then after that you can make styles that you want. Start the design for Major and minor arcana cards and create your interpretation sheet. Dont forget to make a guide in laying out the cards. Hope I helped.

Answer by MissK
As for what each card should be, try this: think about how many cards you want in your deck. Say forty for a good average- that’s middle ground between the low end of 20 and the high end of seventy. Next, think of forty virtues, hopes, or fears that might come up in an oracular reading. You want to be thinking about the biggies- fear, love, anger, insecurity, death, life, birth and rebirth, hope, charity, and the like. Try to get a third “positive” cards, a third “negative” cards, and a third “neutral” cards. When you have the titles worked out do art inspired by each, trying of course to keep it in a theme so they all look related.

For publishing, you can contact publishers from the backs of cards you like in the store or try self-publishing. Try this place, I like them: No, I’m not getting a kickback, but I like their pricing and sales methods.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do so called Psychics and Tarot Card readers live with themselves?

Conning people out of their money, they should go get a real job.
I never said they about servers FreakGirl, actually I always leave a tip when eating out.
Glad you’re a fan of my work FreakGirl, thunbs up to you!

Answer by MagicalMisterMistoffelees
First of all, you’re not asking a question. You’re only here to insult a group of people. Secondly, people who need tarot readings should know that what is read won’t happen, and you shouldn’t live your life by what the cards say. And everyone is psychic to a degree.

Answer by Cactus Prophet
not all tarot readers do it for money or for other people.

tarot is merey a form of divination. lots of people worldwide practice divination for various personal reason other than monetary gain.

Answer by Spike ( the wonder dog )
I know you are reading this right now.
I must be psychic.
$ 20. please.

Answer by youthpastor1955
I saw a comedian do a thing on this once. It was hilarious. He asked a simple question. “When psychics open up a store front to do business and a short time later they go out of business, as many do, if they were a real psychic, wouldn’t they know before they start the business that it was going to fail?”

Answer by Agnostic Front
You mean like Evangelists, and pastors? It’s no different. Exploiting people with the paranormal goes back very far. Everytime you donate to your church you do the same. Maybe you should have a little talk with the leader of your church.

Answer by Freakgirl
So judgmental. but this is coming from a guy that doesn’t think serving is a real job.

and here they come…the thumbs down.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Oh and I guess that you have gone to every Tarot reader and therefore you are qualified to make the judgment that all Tarot readers are fakes.

I have been reading for 18 years and my clients come back to me over and over. They are very happy with their readings and they get not only spiritual advice but comfort and empathy in dealing with their problems. I don’t think that would happen if I was a con artist.

Amazing how many people make these judgments with little or no information and condemn people for no reason.

One day you might find someone doing that to you. That would be good Karma.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any good tarot reader u can recommend me from your experience ?

free would be even better
i need to know if i can believe u

Answer by Tal Trismies
How about NONE because any tarot “reader” is just looking at random cards and making stuff up. They all either want your money or they are just crazy and actually believe they have some kind of gift. Don’t waste your time with that nonsense, look at reality and try to figure it out for yourself.

Answer by emilsignia
This girl’s really good, but you do have to pay. However, it’s well worth it! If you want a reading for her from free, your best bet is to get your own deck and watch her videos where she gives advice if you draw a particular card. A lot of the How To Tarot vids on YouTube are pretty good, but you have to do the work.

Here’s an example of Aunt Crystal’s style:

Answer by Kelly
I would contact The Little Shop. They have a tarot reader there who is totally kickbutt, and super cheap.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Crono

If you need to know that you can believe another then no reader will suit as it has to be someone whom you feel drawn to yourself.


Written by ClairvoyantConni

Since the age of 2 I have had encounters and a personal relationship with loved ones crossed. In my opinion there are no better friends you can have. They are honest, without the capacity to hold ego or materialistic views and always give you accurate information to help you through whatever you are going through. They have the ability to see the past, present and future without judgement. Their accuracy is uncanny.

Having the gift of sight, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting as well as empathy and the gift of communicating with spirit, gives me the ability to accurately read you without judgement.

Spirit has entrusted me with these gifts to help you in all areas of your life. It has been an exciting journey. This gift is generational and my grandmother and father both had the gift as well as my children.

I have assisted over 15,598 people online in the last 9 years alone. I have thousands of other clients as well. This is what I dedicate my life to as I know it is my life calling.