Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you get better at reading Tarot Cards to others?

I’m just curious on how to get better at reading Tarot Cards. I’ve been very curious about them for as long as I can remember. After attending college I met a new friend, and her mother had happened to be a reader since she was sixteen and she is now in her late 30’s. I went to her parents house to do a reading and I was hooked. Her mom gave me a few good pointers like Spend time with the cards, Sleep with them under your pillow for a few weeks so they can bond with you, keep a journal of all of my personal readings, and study the guide with the cards until i can get the meanings right (or pretty close) without the guide.

I recently purchased a set of cards (The Golden Tarot) from a place her mom had suggested. But I haven’t really had time to do any reading, studying, or even spending time with the cards. I Started keeping the journal of my readings and making a personal study guide of each card to get to know it better.

My personal readings are improving, but its harder for me to do friends of even my fiancee. I’m not sure why this is or if its just because my cards and i haven’t bonded enough?

Is there anyway to improve this skill or is it really touch and go for reading others?
Serious replies only please. I’d rather not read through negative comments or answers regarding religion please.

Answer by Minidua
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Answer by Elaine M
Learn the cards, that’s the most important. Sleeping with them under your pillow isn’t necessary.

There are free tarot courses online, just google them. You can also go to for meanings and the Aeclectic Tarot website for their tutorial and joining their VERY good forum for discussions.

A really good book is 78 Degrees of Wisdom, which breaks down all the symbols on the cards in a way that makes sense. But any book by Mary Greer or Rachel Pollock is good for your study library, they wrote their books for beginners who are serious about learning how to read the deck.

You’ll find that there’s a progression from Ace to 10, and a ‘fool’s journey’ with the cards laid out in sequence for the Majors. That helps keep the learning simplified for you.

Spend the time looking at the cards, read the meanings, and do a little ‘mind movie’ centered around the card and the image to learn them quicker.

Answer by Anthony
You might find that reading for friends and family is difficult because you already know what they are thinking or experiencing. You can get a lot of Tarot reading practice by reading for strangers for free, in exchange for feedback. Plus, connect with over 150 other Tarot readers in a private Facebook community who are also offering free Tarot readings in exchange for feedback.

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Answer by Tillman
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i get a free tarot love reading?

I would like a link to a reputable website that gives free tarot love readings. I have been searching for a speciality site. I am looking for top rated psychics if anyone knows where to go Online PLEASE!!!

Answer by Carrie
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Answer by jason
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Answer by Katrina
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : plz give me exact location for buyin tarot decks in mumbai?

as i m a tarot card reader n wanna xplore other decks other than i have

Answer by Diane D
Can you order from I recommend the Burke-Caselli deck which is bundled with the book Beginners Guide to Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke.

Also you can consider using regular playing cards. I love the system promoted by Robert Camp. His web page is :

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card reader

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