Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do palm readers/psychics stay in business?

Do people really believe in these things and pay money!!

Answer by Doug
Because there is always someone willing to believe.

Answer by Homie_the_Clown
By telling people what they want to hear.

Answer by tham153
“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” — H. L. Mencken

Answer by roskoroskorosko
Unfortunately people get scammed by these people year in and year out.

Answer by serenity113001
Because there are a lot of naive enough to believe it…
and then there are others who just do it for fun…

Answer by spiritwalker
Unfortunately, they do. People of little, or no, faith are always seeking some type of assurance. The Bible is the best, but many refuse to believe, as is evidenced on this page time after time. Merry Christmas.

Answer by mickey g
its just fun to go to. my friend and i walked past one once and were like, hey lets get our palms read. the girl doing it couldnt have even been 15 at the time!!!

and my mom and i went to a psychic. just to go. its just entertaining, but there is always that little hope in the back of your mind

Answer by Twink
They stay “connected” with the New Age shops, businesses, bookstores, etc.

Yes, some people really believe. Some of them are the real deal, others are just out to take your money. The real deals have good intentions & can sometimes offer good advice or intuition.

Some people are just looking for a voice of reassurance… which they can offer. Is that so wrong?

Answer by person
They often use the disclaimer that it is “for entertainment purposes only.” For some clients, it’s just fun and entertaining, but some people take their work very seriously and their clients do as well. However, people I know that use readings for real only do so for their personal use or for people they know very well. It seems that predictions are more accurate when the reader knows the readee, but it could just be coincidence or the reader can “read’ the readee very well and know what to say.

Answer by Grundoon
Its called “Cold reading.” They look at the person, and how the person responds to vague answers. They then tell the person what they want to hear.
“You’ve suffered recently…I see you upset over something…who wronged you?”
This type of crap will cause the sucker to remember how the phony KNEW all about how her boyfriend had stolen her car.

Bottom line, some folks are gullible and will be cheated by those without morals…psychics

Answer by Sam
Bcoz 6 out of 10 persons in this world lack self confidence and courage to face challenges, therefore they are in business

Answer by DiRTY D
Stop and think about what you’re asking. It’s the same thing as going to church and putting money in the tray. Look how many people do that – millions! So the answer to your question is – there are a lot of gullible and wishful people out there eager to part with their money. That is how they stay in business.

And what a lucrative business it is!

Answer by gwhiz1052
As the old saying goes, there is one born every minute.

Answer by hatchetmistress
yep they really do,….some people are just plain stupid enough said ….believe in tarot cards omg…..stars, bones,tea leaves,chicken bones,chicken blood they believe in the the black arts…I say hog wash!!!! I’m not gonna read my horoscope to find love or ask dear Abby if my husband is cheating, i would hire a detective…or better yet, follow him and catch him my self….anyway…save your money and do the right thing….get a job and stay in school your better off asking a friend for help or family for advice its free…or look it up on the internet….

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need a psychic/intuitive/clairvoyant who could offer me answers to my question using tarot cards.?

My gf and i just broke up over for the same reason that we did before which is because she said she fell out of love with me and right now i don’t know what to do next. I don’t want to remove her from my life but i can’t have her in it and we can’t just be friends b/c im still and will always be in love with her..

Answer by Shelley
I am what they call a “touch-know”. I don’t charge anything because it is a God-given talent that I don’t think should be exploited by money.
I can read auras and I see your pain. She was never in love with you the same way you were in love with her. My daughter is going through a breakup of her own and the guy actually text-messaged her to break it off. What a slime !
My advice to you is to take it one day at a time. I know that sounds trite, but count the days when you don’t think of her and cry and soon it will not be so painful.
She is back in touch with someone she knew before. It may be that this person moved away and is back in town now or it is an Internet thing. If you want to write to me my name is Shelley and my E-Mail is

Answer by Yoda
I can point you in the direction of some ideas that will help you understand the relationship dynamic: Why people fall in and out of love, and such. I can’t give you the solution for your circumstance, but I know it can’t be solved by somebody else, you must find a way to see the situation as it really is, rather than follow a system or love guru!

There are two sources I think might help you see things clearly: The first is an article by Jiddu Krishnamurti on relationship issues, and secondly a book on relationship success by David Copeland and Ron Louis.

The krishnamurti article:

The Copeland/Louis book:

I could also suggest a book by Krishnamurti called “Freedom from the known”, which is about 5 dollars. There is also a bunch of videos on you tube of interviews.

Answer by vid
Asking for a free reading is like asking for a mechanic to fix a car for free. It takes time, energy, and concentration. It’s very rude to ask for a reading.

Also, I wouldn’t expect an accurate and detailed reading on here. I often suggest that people try out eBay because there are some good readers on there–there are some bad ones as well. Be sure to check out the feedback–not the amount so much but the comments people have stated about their readings. Hope that helps, and I’m not trying to be rude, but it is kind of rude to ask for and expect a free reading on here.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Readings?

Would like to know how I can get a free Tarot Card Reading?

Answer by mspriveye
I can tell you that you can get a free pass to hell for playing with the devil. Not trying to be rude, just informing you, it is opening the wrong doors.
Don’t, Please.

Answer by Olesya C
This site has many of them. They are good.

Answer by Candi C
Visit , he is a leading Tarot reader who I visit personally. Also, please don’t listen to the lady who talks of the ‘Devils Picture Book’. Many Psychologists recognize the Tarot as a powerful tool for identifying problems with ourselves & moving on. They have for a long time had a bad press. The power comes from the mind of the questioner, not the painted cards ….


Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free tarot card reader

Tarot Gratis

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