Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do i use tarot cards?

I just brought them yesterday and have no idea how to use them correctly i realy need help on what are the minor arcana cards for and can you use a spread for both minor and major arcana. Thanks

Answer by Envy Is My God
did they not come with instructions?
well how you use them partly depends on what kind of spread you use, because what each card represents is influenced by where they are in a specific spread, you should learn what each card can mean individually, then look at how it is influenced by where it is, what other cards surround it, and whether it is inverse/upside down or not, i would suggest your first step be in learning the meaning of each individual card, or getting a list of their meanings, then learning the different spreads, as for the difference between Major and minor arcana, major tends to be about big influences forces, or events in life, minor tends to be about more mundane every day things, but are important, and in most spreads you use both, they compliment and influence each other

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ver won the lottery by paranormal means?

Has anyone won using tarot card, Runes, Ouija Boards, dowsing rods or spells or such?

Answer by eri
Not consistently. Sometimes someone will get lucky, but since they can’t repeat it, we can safely assume they didn’t actually get an answer by paranormal means, just the normal means of guessing.

Answer by Wishbone
Not that I am aware of.

Answer by Rorschach
not that i know of, but if it did happen then it would be awesome!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the best beginners book with tarot cards to read?

I am fairly new to Wicca want to learn how to read the cards.

Answer by Sincerity – Bane of Scooterpoop
I think they sell them at Toys’R’Us

Answer by Ideo Fugiet
Tarot has nothing to do with Wicca, but if you want to learn tarot then any deck/book combination is sufficient to teach the deck. Choose a deck that has images you can relate to and let the images speak before you learn the rote meaning.

Answer by Eclipse-girl
tarot cards are not a part of Wicca.

tarot cards do not work. dont waste your money on it

Answer by Mackenzie
Not sure if you realize this, but nothing in Wicca requires you (or discourages you) from reading Tarot. They’re not from Wicca, they’re originally a Christian system of divination.

Wiccans are free to pursue them, but then again there aren’t really any hobbies or interests Wicca would discourage. We’re allowed to knit, too, that doesn’t make knitting something you do when you’re new to Wicca. Just realize that deciding to learn Tarot doesn’t really have anything to do with whether you’re Wiccan or not.

All good studies start with reading– get some Tarot guides. It’s good to get at least 3, never rely on one author for all your interpretations.

Then a good process to do is to meditate on each card in turn– spend about a week truly exploring the symbolism and the imagery and all. Keep a journal and write down your impressions and experiences and whatever comes to you revolving around the card. This would take over a year to get through the deck, but anything worth learning is worth learning right.

As you do that eventually you get to learning about different spreads and what feels right for you to use– but there’s no rush. First it’s good to get a basic understanding of cards.

Answer by erisian trubble
My favorite book for teaching Tarot is Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning. The book is mostly available as a website here: but you may want the book for easy reference while practicing.

Answer by TarotReader
I’m not sure about the best book, but a pretty good beginner’s deck is Radiant Rider Waite ­čÖé

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on meaning of tarot cards

Tarot Cards : How to Make Your Own Tarot Cards

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