Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I repair split cards?

I am an amateur tarot card reader and it seems that my Temperance card is splitting in half from one of the corners being worn too much, not to mention the card is a little warped from minor water damage. I just want to be able to keep using this deck (I only got it in December of last year) and the rest of the cards are in decent condition. Can I just use glue, or will that make matters worse? Thanks in advance 🙂

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
One option you may have is to get in touch with the publisher of the deck and see if you can arrange to get a replacement card. They may offer you one for free, or you may have to pay a small fee or postage. If it is a new deck, they will probably be more helpful than if it is an old deck.

Lo Scarabeo is pretty friendly, but I dont have experience with Llewelyn or US Game Systems.

If they’re not helpful, you’d have to look up techniques of card and paper restoration… Look into art restoration techniques, there may be special glues you can use.

Answer by Houdini
I have used rubber cement and had pretty luck. Just be sure you use it sparingly.

Answer by Amanda
This is my first time online on Yahoo Answers.
I am just getting in America and want to learn about your culture. I had this same question but did not know how to ask it here. Yahoo is a neat way to get info.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any ideas for a gypsy costume? What can I use from my own wardrobe?

Any suggestions on what I can use or wear for a gypsy costume? I’ve got Tarot cards but need suggestions for clothing & accessories. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Answer by Chris
shawl, funny hat, long skirt, hoop earrings, rags to tie hair up, clanky bracelets, cardigan and old shirt/blouse

Answer by chasity
one of those peasant skirts, ya know the loose cotton kind.
a loose shirt maybe off the shoulder. and a scarf or something to tye around your waste.
some hoop earrings & lots of bangles. and a scarf or something to tye into your hair.
if you go on youtube and look up gypsy costumes you’ll see some of their homemade ones, their actually pretty cute.

Answer by June
I’d use a long colorful scarf to tie around your head. Lots and lots of jewelry. Long skirt, and baggy shirt.

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Primal (PS2) Tarot Card Guide

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