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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I remember the meanings of Tarot Cards?

What are some methods used to remember the meanings of all 78+ Tarot Cards? Am I supposed to memorize all their meanings?

Answer by Jimmy C
You can buy books on the meanings

Answer by catluva
it may be cheating but I use a deck that has basic meanings printed on them. When I draw a card I try to figure how that relates to the person with the added information that I sense from the person.

Answer by Just Plain Bob
look at the symbols, feel the cards. let them tell you what they mean. What the cards say to you may not be exactly what the books say, but the what the cards say to you is more important since you’re the one reading them.

Answer by Pigpen 1
It really dose not matter………….. just make stuff up…….it will work just as well………………………….

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Work with them often and you’ll remember more. Then again, the idea isn’t really to “memorize” what the cards mean… they are interpretive tools meant to guide your intuition with their symbolism.

That said, I find that the best way to remember things about the cards is to do the following… first learn what the suits mean… what do cups mean? they are associated with water, right? What does water mean? What topics would water symbolism be talking about. Now swords… etc…
Then, learn numerology… what does 1 or 2 or 3 suggest? What about kings, knights etc? Then combine the meaning of the number with the meaning of the suit with the images on the card with your own intuitive sense and you’ll have a pretty solid interpretation going there.
When it comes to the major arcana, there is another method… there is, of course, the numerology, but more, there is the journey of The Fool. Cards 0 through 21 describe a fascinating and enlightening journey through the occult and alchemy. Find a book that will walk you through the journey of The Fool all the way till s/he/you become The World. Once you have traveled or studied that journey, it will be fairly easy to remember what each of the individual major arcana cards mean, then you have another tool to add to your interpretive and intuitive skills.

It takes quite some time and I’ve never really mastered the cards.

Answer by George
You don’t memorise, if you do this you block the intuitive part of the mind as you engage the logical/reasoning part.
That’s the whole point of Tarot, it’s to open up your mind to your sub-concious/higher self and let it communicate with you through imagery and symbology.
Everyone does this already when they dream, Tarot opens this channel of communication without the need for sleep.

So just look at the pictures and see what story they are telling you, thats how the good Tarot readers do it. All the books they have written are based on what they saw when they looked at the cards.

I’ve been writing an series of articles on this very subject over the last few days.
One thing that is important to learn is the Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and what each elements symbology means. Fire is Rods/Wands, Earth is Coins/Pentacles, Air is Swords & Water is Cups.

The other thing that is important to learn is the symbology of the numbers, the Numerology of Tarot.

That’s just 13 things to learn (4 elements, numbers 1 to 9) rather than 52 (4 suites of the minor Arcana).
Elements and Numerology also apply to the Major Arcana for example the first card is the Magician which is card 1. This card is about creation, new starts just as number 1 is in Numerology.

I’ve published my article on the elements and should be finished the numerology of Tarot in the next day or so.

Answer by Amma’s Child
I’m learning about Tarot cards at the moment. I had been wanting to learn it for awhile, but always felt intimidated by how much there was to memorize for all the cards. Most books on Tarot didn’t make me want to continue reading or had the right vibe for me. I came across “Tarot For Life” by Paul Quinn ( http://www.amazon.com/Tarot-Life-Reading-Everyday-Guidance/dp/0835608794/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1277224871&sr=8-1 ) which is a 2009 publication with 4.5 stars. I’m a bookseller and was going to sell it online, but this particular book intrigued me. I just loved it! The author does not overwhelm you with too much knowledge about each card, but rather teaches you to better understand the symbols of each card and encourages you to trust your own intuition, imagination and interpretation. Like for example, when I was looking at The Empress card before reading the chapter about it. On this card, I see a motherly figure that is so giving and loving and loves having comforts around her (pillows, cushions) and with her jewels it showed she likes to surround herself with attractive things. And the background has a forest and wheat field below her which represents: earth, abundance, food, life, giving, nurturing, wealth, etc. I got the sense that she is Mother Earth, Universal Mother, and so on. Reading the chapter showed me that I was on the right track in interpreting its meaning.

So the best way to approach learning tarot is to UNDERSTAND the meanings of all kinds of symbols on them. Colors are associated with chakras. Find a good book or website and take your time to understand what each card is all about and get a feel/sense for it. Don’t stress over memorizing. That will increase over time as you work with them frequently. Practice reading for yourself using a small spread such as 1 or 3 cards. First get a feel of its message, then look up what it means. Keep a Tarot journal to take notes for each card, so you can refer back to it.

Also understand that Wands represent fire, swords=air, cups=water, and pentacles=earth. In the book “Tarot For Life”, he gives keywords for each category to get a sense of the themes around the cards.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Question? Upside Down Card Meanings ? 11 Card Celtic Spread.?

I was doing the 11 card spread,but then when i started to flip them over to reveal the picture,all of them were upside down o: I have no idea if it means something with it’s upside down or not….the only one that wasn’t upside down was Card 7. I’m not sure if i should read it any different…I’m doing the Celctic Cross 11 Card spread.
1st Card – Princess of Hearts (Upside Down)
2nd Card – Nine of Swords (Upside Down)
3rd Card – Four of Hearts (Upside Down)
4th Card – Ten of Hearts (Upside Down)
5th Card – The Wheel of Fortunes (Upside Down)
6th Card – Nine of Wands (Upside Down)
7th Card – Eight of Wands (Right Side Up)
8th Card – King of Pentacles (Upside Down)
9th Card – The Heirophant (Upside down)
10th Card – Six of Pentacles (Upside Down)
11th Card – Seven of Wands(Upside Down)

I use the “Enchanted Tarot Deck”
And i know how to read them,but i do not understand how to read upside down,i never really payed attention,but this must be a sign? No idea. Help please? And thank you.

Answer by ET is GOD
Its one of those things, I personally don’t read cards reversed. Did you not just shuffle the deck upside down by accident? If it were me I would do the reading again, the cards wont be the same but the message should be.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do tarot cards have contradictory meanings?

I bought a deck of tarot cards, but it’s confusing. It seems like each card can mean twenty different things, and some of them are at opposites. What’s the deal? Is it just a scam?

Answer by Beatrix
The ability to read come from the reader, not the cards.

See, a lot of people think tarot cards hold some kind of energy, are some kind of magic, yadda, yadda, yadda. They’ll think they have to “cleanse” their cards or that the cards “aren’t working” or are “mad at them” or a bunch of other stuff.

That’s not the case, though. The cards aren’t magic, and don’t hold any more energy than plastic-coated cardstock holds (which is probably none).

It’s not a scam, but the contradictory meanings ARE deliberate.

Basically, the intuition comes from the reader – the cards are just a tool to help the reader get into the right frame of mind. Any tool would work – playing cards, dice, crystal balls – but some people are just more comfortable with tarot than with other tools. When the reader is in the right frame of mind, he or she knows what the card means because the reader basically matches the right meaning with whatever he or she already subconsciously knows to be true.

Now, that said, I HAVE seen some pretty freaky card results that leave almost no room for interpretation. So I have to think that a person’s own energy can, at certain times, be an influence on how the cards end up when they are shuffled and laid out. But the cards aren’t magic.

I’m a firm believer that what we often call paranormal is only what we cannot explain YET, and that science and spirituality are not in conflict.

Answer by seerlights
They are open to interpretation by the reader.

Answer by L. E. Gant
Usually, each card has two meanings, one when right way up and one when upside down.

However, because these meanings are only symbolic, they can seem to mean many more things, depending on the scenario of the meanings, but there are still only two given meanings.

Also, the other cards in a reading can set the scenario, and hence affect the “strength” of a card with those two meanings. That’s why similar cards can mean very different things. That’s why I usually prefer a layout that has multiple cards – single card and three-card systems are too simple to convey a complete sense of what the quester wants to know.

If you are learning how to read, then the first thing to do is build up your own meaning for each card. Give yourself a picture to work from, using the basic meaning of each card. It takes a while to figure out what your own symbolism is for each card, but once you have it, and can apply it without looking up the individual cards, then you start to get a feel for how to state the “answers”.

BTW, the cards have NO magical content. They are simply pieces of cardboard with pretty pictures and numbers on them. the magic, such as it is, comes from the reader and the quester. They set up a relationship which allows the reader to apply a meaningful scenario to the reading, and it can appear to give totally different readings, despite the cards.

Answer by .
Tarot cards real meaning is Bull Sh.it

Answer by Pam Richards

Each tarot card has its own traditional meanings. When combined with other cards this changes.

As mentioned it is the reader who does the work, the cards are just tools or stepping stones.

Each reader has to find their own way with their own cards, this requires time & building a relationship with them.


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Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Video

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