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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how dangerus r tarot cards an other types of fortune telling???

ok… i no weegee boards r super dangerus cuz u let in all kinds of evil spirts u cant get rid of… but wat bout other fortune telling like tarot cards… runes.. geomancy… iching… tea leaves… 8-balls???? dont they let in evil spirits to??? r they safer than weegee boards??? an how bout the online fortune telling sites like tarot.com or the downlodable fortune telling software like r.k. west an http://www.newfreedownloads.com/find/fortune-telling.html… r they safer than using the real thing???
ritualistaa…. thanx for the link to http://www.ifate.com…. tried it…. looks like a great site…..

Answer by Barbarella
you need a “spell cast”….. BAD!

Answer by Safi
I think you should just avoid the whole genre. Anything that tells the future might be dangerous for you. Don’t read your “horrorscope,” either. Danger, danger.

Answer by Wounded Duck
Just games. No danger unless you count the people who believe in this stuff. Then the danger is one of inability to judge reality!

Answer by sknygrydg07
That kind of stuff in only dangerous if you believe it. It can be fun and entertaining, but know that God is THE only force, the only power in the universe. And anything that is NOT of God, is of the Devil. So, consider your actions carefully.

Answer by Pam R
Hello Gold

There is no danger attached to developing your spiritual self via boards, tarot or anything else.

The worst that can happen is that you will feel fear because of your misguided beliefs which will scare you.

The best that can happen is that you develop as a human being.

If you wish to use down loadable programs etc, then realise that they are just for fun.


Answer by Jaeh
There is no danger in any of those things, certainly not in the way of spirits. There is no danger in divination by chance and that is exactly what you are doing, no more dangerous than rolling a dice or drawing straws.

Answer by Isadora
The danger in any kind of “fortune telling”is not in the chance that evil spirits are going to come thru and take over your soul: it is in believing that the fortunes that are told are written in stone and taking them so to heart that you forget that you make your own power, and become a helpless pawn to the vagaries of life and belief in predestination that gives you no control over your life. It also opens you up to putting so much of your faith in fortune tellers and psychics that you forget to live your own life.

Tarot cards can only reflect what is the best outcome depending on the situation that is happening, at present. They cannot tell you the future, only what might happen based on what is going on with you today. That is true with many of the other things.

Your future changes, based on the choices you make every day. For example you are walking down the street. You have several futures before you; if you cross against the light, you might get hit by a car. If you go to the left, you enter a store where you may be offered a job. If you go to the right, you may meet your future mate. There are many other futures that are possible. As soon as you make one of those choices, your future is set, all the others are gone.

8 balls are a game, not a true fortune telling aid. A toy.

On-line psychics and fortune tellers are to be viewed with skepticism, I fail to see how anyone can tell an actual fortune without having first-hand contact with a person, or at least handle an object from that person. Most psychics on line or by phone have a set of responses they use with different people that could fit anyone, depending on your own interpretation of them.

There are true psychics out there, don’t get me wrong. Some can actually read what is there, with great insight to the future. Sorting out the real from the pseudo who are in it for the money is the problem.

Ouija boards are dangerous for amateurs, there is no doubt that if you don’t know how to protect yourself, you could find yourself at risk with bad psychic forces.

A true psychic is one who is in tune with the vibrations of the universe; in short, one who has her radio turned on, and tuned in, and is actually listening.

Answer by s1lvermidnight
First, ouija boards are not dangerous. They do not “always” release “evil” spirits. I have used them many times and have never had any trouble. In fact, nothing has ever been “released” from them. That is not what a ouija board does. It is a communication device. It is like saying a phone can release someone. Talking to someone on the phone is not going to make them appear in your house and communicating via the ouija board is not going to make a spirit, evil or otherwise, appear in your house. That is just a scare tactic created by religious groups to convince people to convert and not use any method of divination because only their god can see the future and being able to do so is evil.

Divination methods are simply a way to focus your mind and give a visual display of your own gift of premonition. Although most people have this ability, a lot have been taught to ignore or deny it and thus are unable to do it any longer (if you don’t use it, you lose it). There is no danger in any form of divination onto themselves. It is what the person that does with the information that can cause the danger. Of course that goes for reading a newspaper as well.

Answer by Hoosier Daddy
How real are they in your mind? Within Christianity, such things are as dangerous as we let them be–if they are nothing at all to us, then they pose no danger to us. However, we should refrain from playing with such toys among our fellow Christians who actually ascribe power to such things (see I Corinthians 8).

Thus, from a Christian standpoint, to someone strong in the Faith, who would ascribe no validity to such fortune-telling, these things pose no danger. But someone weak in the Faith, who ascribes power to such things, is imperiled by them.

Other people would be better qualified to inform you from other standpoints. I shall leave it to them.

Answer by Tahuti
Well, I imagine if you threw a Tarot Card into a drivers face while he was driving it could be pretty dangerous, and there is a possibility of paper cuts, but I don’t think they’re particularly dangerous compared to most things you do every day.

Answer by Cat
There is no danger in the fortune telling items you mentioned. Communicating with spirits is totally different than telling the future.

Answer by WebWeaver
All of this is as dangerous as your belief makes it. There isn’t an actual answer that is FACT it’s all personal, and based in a persons individual belief, background, & culture. I don’t think any of it is evil. However if you do whether you do it in real life or online I don’t see what the difference would be.

Answer by SweetBrunette
From my personal experiences, I haven’t come across through anyone using tarot cards or any other types of fortune telling as evil spirit.
I do know when people tried witchcraft, it just pissed off the dead people when the witchcraft is tried upon them. Yet, still it is not evil.

I don’t believe in the psychic through the radio through my experiences because they don’t know the truth and the deadly advice they are giving because it did cost someone’s life. Basically, most of them are simply fake. I personally don’t take the tarot cards, runes, geomancy, iching tea leaves, 8-balls seriously. I simply play the game because I know they are fake since the people who is doing this aren’t pschic. Same thing for the download, it is only a game. None of them are real, and they are not evil. Believe me, these things will not pissed off the dead.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot cards are Tarot cards, right?

An acquaintance has pointed out that because I got my cards from the Dollar store, they’re therefore cheap and ‘fake’. Evidently, he thinks because he got his set from some other store, and because it wasn’t cheap, that his aren’t ‘fake’.

He thinks that mine wouldn’t work because of where I bought them, whereas his would because of where he has bought them.

However, I have used my cards to read people a few times. Normally without them knowing–but one of the people that I gave the results to said the reading was accurate. I have no knowledge of whether or not he has tried to work with his, yet.

Now, I ask of you–Tarot cards are Tarot cards, are they not? Whether they are cheaply bought, expensive, or even hand-made using post-it notes, they can ‘work’, correct?

I am only asking for clarification… And to possibly point this out to him. Again.

Answer by Adeel T
LOL wtf are tarot cards anyway?
just give me the 10 points no one is going to answer this its gay sorry.

Answer by ♥ŠΛҒİ♥ ☼Ầтĥěαтi☼
Well, not that I believe in the tarot, but presumably one will do better readings from a deck that “calls” to you.

Obviously this acquaintance of yours has assumed that you just bought any old cheap cards, and not a set that you’ve been drawn to. Is it true? Only you know.

He or she thinks you need to go to some kind of specialty store, peruse all the different tarot cards, and pick the deck you are most drawn to.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure those’ll cost you more than a buck. Will they work any better? Meh. Personally, I doubt it.


Answer by Catalyst
he’s an idiot

you choose the deck that best connets your mind to, that is depending on the picture. I have hanson roberts deck, because the pictures in that deck are better to understand for me then other decks. but it really doesn’t matter, as long as you take good care of the deck in proper manner and have an alter for it. It will do the reading just fine.

I have to hide mine because my parents don’t know about it

Answer by Frankie
However much or however little you paid for them they are used for evil. Don’t dabble. If you do you will regret it.

Answer by Ghoast Kitteh
Tarot cards are tarot cards. Seriously, they’re just pieces of paper/cardboard/whatever they’re made out of, their success rate comes from the interpreter not the actual cards themselves. Your friend is a bit of an elitist to be honest.

Answer by imzadi192000
tarot cards are tarot cards, yes. it doesn’t matter if they are expensive, cheap, free, or hand made. as for them working, they’ll work just the same because the same demon spirits will guide the answers. so if you are using them, i hope you have a full understanding of where those answers are coming from, and an even greater understanding of the consequences that you will endure for using them. using any type of divination comes at a big price, so you should know in what ways you will later pay for using them now.

Answer by c
Yes, they can “work” equally well no matter how they are made. (Which is to say, they’re not going to show you anything you don’t know already.)

There are different types of Tarot decks.

Answer by iThink
You’re actually both wrong. A tarot deck should, ideally be given as a gift. The amount of money paid for them or the quality of the paper they’ve been printed on doesn’t matter at all. Receiving them as a gift is supposed to free you from the bond of debt, since you haven’t paid money for your deck.

Also bear in mind that your deck is susceptible to positive and negative energy and should be protected from both. Always keep your deck wrapped in a silk scarf (preferably hand made) and stored inside a wooden box (also hand made if possible) when not in use. The scarf should be laid on whatever surface you lay your cards on when reading.

No one else should handle or even touch your deck, as this will cause them to absorb whatever energy they are carrying at the time of contact. Your deck should never be present in a room were a conflict or any other strong emotions are taking place, as this will cause your deck to absorb the energy from these emotions.

In short, no, tarot cards are not tarot cards.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Sounds like your acquaintance is completely missing the point of Tarot cards and of doing readings. Of course he is completely wrong. Cost has nothing to do with the cards. You could draw them yourself and they would work. It is the psychic message which is important. If you are not receiving that, your reading will not be accurate.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Tarot cards make your third eye more open?

I’m just curious. Tarot cards have their fair share of believers and non believers but, I have a friend and she can see ghosts. She told me that one time, she got a tarot card deck and she got more “attacks” than usual. I’m not sure if I really believe her but… can anyone out there explain?

Answer by Ima
They are printed pieces of paper, nothing more.
And the “third eye” is no more real than ghosts, goblins and leprechauns.

Please, grow up.

Answer by johnno
Please read some human biology information ..

or at least go look in a mirror. We have two eyes.

Answer by auskiwi101
Sure, a hot curry will do the trick

Answer by Hope is certainty
Your question assumes cards have power instead of God.

Answer by Blodwenbogbrush
Only if you roll the card into a tight cylinder and give your third eye a good poke!
Best use a lubricant!

Answer by George Patton
It has been definitvely proven time and time again that “tarot cards”, astrology, and all the various forms of “fortune telling” and what not are all nonsense. They are proven to be no more effective or accurate than any other guess, which is to say about 50%. A good fortune teller, which is to say one that is well versed in the art of the scam, can get a little better since they can usually tease enough info out of their mark that they’re making an educated guess rather than a completely random guess.

As to your friend thinking that she is being “attacked” by “ghosts”…… It sounds like she just has mental problems unrelated to tarot cards.

Answer by andy c
Tarot is not of God, and yes by opening herself to that your friend has exposed herself to demonic forces. Pray for her, and suggest she talks to a priest or pastor.

Answer by Paul
No but it will make your view more skewed. Careful there you are playing with fire.

Answer by Don H
Anything that you do to extend your thought processes into areas other than the strictly physical is a lot like exercising a muscle.

It makes it easier to do, the more that you do it.

People who don’t do it are likely to be skeptical.

Answer by Miss 6
Anyone who studies alternative sciences like Tarot, Ruins, Crystals, Candles etc… a lot of times can come to a state where their 3rd eye is more open than others. However as someone who has studied these sciences and is a Tarot reader I can tell you that Tarot Cards do NOT bring about spirits! You are NOT contacting any sort of super natural beings when shuffling, or reading tarot cards – they work off energy – not spirits. So if you’re friend is being attacked by ghost that is something she is doing on her self not because she is reading tarot.

Answer by Elaine M
They connect more with your subconscious so if that’s what you need for the third eye, then yes.

Answer by ?
YES THEY DO! My uncles gf is a "witch" literally she says she feels evil spirits take over her all the time when she sleeps. She hears them all the time. Shes creepy. Vanessa grew up amish but left cuz she was shunned when she was 18 and she hated it so she ditched it AND NOW SHES SOME 40 YEAR OLD TRAILER TRASH EVIL WITCH!
~Chelsea Audrina Stephens~

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