Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i write a sentence with the word charlatan?

Answer by achyled
A charlatan (also called swindler) is a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretence or deception.


Answer by Alexis K
“I don’t know this word called charlatan.” It’s perfect and true for me.

Answer by Red
“I was asked to write a sentence with the word ‘charlatan’, so here it is”

Answer by MattyK
The great charlatan rode in on his white horse and saved the day!

Answer by rui.ji16
the man is a charlatan!

Answer by Herman Nillywinkle
Here’s 2 sentences:
“This is a sentence using the word ‘charlatan'”
“What does the word ‘charlatan’ mean?”

Answer by exotherm1
Psychics, palm readers, and tarot card readers are charlatans.

Answer by JJ7000
Tim Burgess is the main Charlatan.


Answer by BenCosmic
“A man is asking on how to use Charlatan in a sentence.”

That’s it! Very easy

Answer by keyundawilliams
it depends how you are using the word

Answer by Aaron O
“I was thirsty so I drank some charlatan, or “you make me feel so charlatan” or come back to bed lets have some hot charlatan

Answer by {~ Pink Princess ~}
it means A malicious trickster; a fake person, especially one who deceives for personal profit u can be like ” Today i went on my computer to look up the word Charlatan and i found it means A malicious trickster; a fake person, especially one who deceives for personal profit”

Please select me as best answer i need level two!!!

Answer by Walt
Sarah Palin is a megalomaniac and a charlatan.

Answer by TicTac
good word that, just learned it =]

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I really want to go to a palmreader, does anyone know anything about mrs.rachel palmreader?

If you could give me the info about it and how much do they charge for a reading. I live in covington,ga and I’ve found two that I can get a reading but I don’t know anything about them.

Answer by John David
Palm readers are either full of crap or actually satanic and conducting witchcraft.

Stay away from it.

Besides, why would you want to know before instead of experiencing life.

Give your life to Jesus.

Answer by Meredith
There are some people who swear by tarot card and palm readers … but I’m not one of them. I don’t believe in that stuff, and I don’t know why anyone would.

If you’re bent on going, I suggest:
— you find someone you know and trust who can give you a personal recommendation.
— keep your reactions to yourself, when you go. The reader, hungry for new clients, may try to bait you to encourage repeat business. (I know a woman who got bilked out of a lot of money by one of these charlatans!)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Fellow Tarot Card Readers: When you these cards cross each other, what is your impression?

Never mind the rest of the read…I’m just curious about the following combo:

In a standard Celtic Cross lay-out, the very first card that comes up is the Emporer (no querent card previously chosen) And it is immediately crossed by the Empress card

Never got that before!

What is your response to that?
Yes I don’t use querent cards, just whatever the cards pick for card 1

Answer by apollo.god_7
In my interpretation you would discard the terms of a querent and just follow what the card says. In this case the influence is reason, and maybe coming from a strong masculine figure. The problem is probably the unknown, but it could also be the longer days and other meanings of the Empress card. As for the two together i would say it may show a contradiction between a man and a woman.

Answer by Rose of Cimarron
A conflict between reason(the Emperor) and nurturing/family(the Empress). My take: you and a partner can’t agree about starting a family or he wants you to give up your job, move to be with him, etc…. This is either going on now, or will happen soon. My feeling is before the end of summer.

Answer by lightningelemental
The Emperor represents the Seeker (the person the reading is for) and the Empress represents what is being presented to the Seeker. I tend to look at the energy of the card and how it relates to the Seeker. If you were doing the reading for yourself, then YOU are the energy of the Emperor and the Emperor’s energy is with YOU. The energy of the Empress is being presented to you as an opportunity.

The Seeker in this reading, as he or she relates to the issue or concern, resonates the energy of The Emperor. Any of the Major Arcana can represent people, but the Emperor is the kind of energy that often manifests in the form of a person. The Emperor can personify the assumption of power and control, by the Seeker. The Seeker is in control–has power, but must use the power wisely. The Seeker resonates as the ruler of the structured and regulated world. The Seeker is wise in the ways of the world and knowledgeable of how to live as part of a structure along with everyone else. The Seeker has created order from chaos and wishes nothing to disturb that order. The Seeker is very protective and master of his or her realm. When hard choices must be made it’s important that the Seeker maintain his or her concentration and focus, and this is something the energy of the Emperor allows the Seeker to do. When the Emperor shows a part of you, let that part of you manifest and take control. The Seeker will enjoy the assertiveness and confidence The Emperor brings. The Seeker is encouraged to forge ahead and do what he or she knows is best. If the Seeker can master him/herself then he or she should have little problem mastering the world and all the things in it.

The energy of the Empress is being presented to the Seeker. When the Empress appears in your life, you should make special effort to open up to the Empress’ perfect and unconditional love. In that way you can become more like her: gentle and affectionate, gracious and elegant. Such qualities are often neglected, but they are also useful in a world of harshness and apathy. So instead of plodding through life, take some time to celebrate it! The Empress can often herald the conception or the birth of a child, and in that circumstance there is even greater reason to celebrate. Inspire others to do the same; the Empress is a leader, and the power she holds over other people is firm, but loving. Know this and lead as she would. The Seeker should be reminded that the perfectly abundant world of the Empress is always free for him or her to enjoy. Even if the Seeker knows that he or she has to go back to the “real world” eventually, a vacation from the hectic and artificial life that most people live these days will certainly be welcome. The Seeker is encouraged to spend some time outdoors, in the fresh air, enjoying every aspect of creation. And then, when the Seeker goes back to where he or she was, the Empress’ creative power and beauty will remain to inspire the Seeker and give him or her power. The Seeker is presented with the opportunity to strengthen his or her innate connection with the Earth’s creativity and he or she will, by association, strengthen his or her own creative power. The Seeker has the opportunity to cultivate his or her creativity and can plant the seeds of a bountiful harvest.

Written by LoveadvisorJoyce

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