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Visiting a tarot card reader in glasgow #mondaymadness

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It’s Ladies First tonight and we’ve got Cienna Moon, the mini tarot card reader in house! We see a 3 course meal with any beer, wine or…

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@Reezy_Stat_nine lol! Hey, I hear the tarot card reader next to her/him is legit…maybe you should try her 😉

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I tell my adult daughter that the psychic and the tarot card reader both “feel” that there is no God?

They have a “feeling” he doesn’t exist. Sort of like how my daughter “feels” that he does exist.

They can’t both be right.

Answer by Duck
It’s all hocus pocus. Every bit of it. But she has to figure that out on her own.

Answer by Follower of Christ
I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I personally believe God exists. You can feel him around you, see the beauty of nature, whereas the ‘tarots’ make me want to ask them ‘Tan I have a tarot?’ Also, physcics are basically devil worshippers in God’s eyes, so I can see why they wouldn’t feel him with them.

Answer by Screwdriverz

Answer by SoutaK.
Actually, they can. Everyone believes something different. If your daughter wants to believe there is a God out there then let her, and if psychic says there isn’t then that’s what they believe. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, there is only a belief and yourself.

Answer by Tuberoot
How would you know something like that? To me you are admitting that you know them both, and have concluded in prior conversations that the tarot reader and the psychic don’t “feel” that there is a God. Did you ask them?

Answer by Terry W
I am an atheist and used to read Tarot, do palmistry, and astrology. I found out they are all just superstition and thus pointless.

Answer by daizdy
A psychic and a tarot reader both get their divination “gift” from the same source – demons. Demons know everything about us and know by our past behavior what we are most likely to do. They can also cause things to happen. Demons want humans to believe there is no God.

Tarot is real. I was a tarot reader for several years and gave very accurate readings. Many tarot readers tell a person what they want to hear, not what actually is. And, some just aren’t good readers. I gave up tarot reading to go back to God. The demons didn’t like that and began bothering me. I prayed to God to keep them away from me and He heard my prayers.

Most tarot readers will have paranormal experiences because they are actually consulting with demons unknowingly. As I’m sure psychics do as well…

It’s best to stay away from all forms of divination…

Answer by Pam Richards

Psychic’s &/or Tarot Readers can be from many different theological backgrounds. Some will have a deep faith in one religious structure or another, or even non at all.

If God is real or not, is a personal truth, no one can be certain what is actual fact.

What we ‘feel’ is what is filtered through our belief system, so we all view things differently. We all have our own view of what God is.

Your daughter has to find her own path to her own God.


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