Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I show my girlfriend she is the most important thing to me?

I just feel like I don’t show her enough.

Answer by Jane
tell her.. show her this question.

if you wouldn’t mind.. i could use some advice;_ylt=Ag_SejuVlWsmSATVtUgfmFXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111028162345AAiSYyJ

Answer by haowarde
be there when she needs you most and chill the rest of the time

Answer by Jasmine
Hold her hand in front of ur friends
Kiss her in front of ur friends
Just don’t be shy 🙂

Answer mines:

Answer by HaloRulz
Well if u want to show her then u just tell her everyday “I luv u” and tell her she’s ur princess ur baby girl ur BFF ur everything basically and write her love poems haha pls answer mine;_ylt=AmPNQIURETHzpn9QD2xCOjHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111028123529AArqvYx

Answer by hockeyismylife.
keep your eyes up

Answer by Jake
Tell her she’s pretty, EVERYDAY! my girl loved it, and always told me i’m the only one who will ever make her feel that special. Thats just one thing i would do.

Answer by Ellie May
Buy her roses! Roses win a girl’s heart all the time.
Write her a poem! No matter how bad it is, she’ll love it.
If you play guitar, write her a song. And play it for her when she can’t sleep.
If you’re an artist, draw/paint her a picture of you two.
Take her out on dates as much as possible.
Go shopping with her and let her try on as many clothes as she wants.
Compliment her every morning to start her day off good.
If she likes taking pictures, let her take as many pictures as she wants of you. (Even if you hate pictures)
And just kiss her and tell her you love her as much as you can.

Answer by zenbonzakura
some girl are crazy like that man, you cannot really changes everything to make them believes and happy.

Answer by Magicmatchmaking
The best way to show a woman you care is to be creative. A creative gift or gesture will show that you are thoughtful, unique and you really put in the effort. I give my girlfriend gifts that are very unique but not necessarily to expensive. Do you do not need to break the bank to show her you love her. Let me give you some examples.

1. Does she wear perfume? This was a big winner for me. How would she like her very own fragrance. I found this site that makes customized perfumes and it smelled amazing. They asked questions about her personality and the type of person she is and with that they made a custom scent, a custom bottle with her picture and engraved it with a message of my choosing.

2. Does she love taking pictures of the two of you. Try buying a 3d crystal engraved with your picture and engrave a message in it. When I bought mine it was a 6×5 heart that said love on it, it lit up in the dark with a multicolor light saying soul mates forever.

Or be spontaneous and if you are in the city, find one of those sketch artists in the street and get a customized drawing of the two of you. Take her to a tarot card reader or fortune teller to see where the future will lead you to. Girls love all of this stuff.

3. My girlfriend loves jigsaw puzzles and is a pro. I gave her a challenge and it shows I listened. The look on her eyes when I got the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world. 24,000 pieces and over 15×5 feet.

Do you stress her out sometimes? Make it up with a good couples massage. With all the kinks removed, the soothing music, and the nice smelling aromas, she will definitely be put in a good mood.

Or you can go the free route. You can make her a lovely dinner in a quiet setting at home, followed by holding hands, cuddling and just giving her the attention she deserves. Some women are very unpredictable and can have changes in mood often. Some weeks they want to just hang out at home others they want to go out.Just be creative and show her you care.

If you want the websites where I got the gifts or to discuss some others, check out my websites

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best souvenir to bring from Hawai’i?

We’re going to stay in O’ahu and Kona. What is THE souvenir that defines the islands? What’s best to avoid (tourist traps)? Points for best answer! Thank you!

Answer by Billy M
Bring back a bit of lava. The Goddess Pele will visit you frequently.

Answer by bearstirringfromcave
A terrific memory!!

Though locals will shudder! A pineapple cup/mug defines the Islands for many. Definitely get lots of Lei – – – but a flower lei will not live for long FORTUNATELY there were many Silk Flower Lei Makers and naturally a Kukui Nut Lei will last forever and forever be a reminder of learning & knowledge. When in Waikiki do scope out The International Marketplace, it only looks tacky to those that expect Gucci & Prada shops, one of the VERY Best Hawai’i’an Souvenirs would be BOOKS /\ see link below, but for adults there are many terrific cookbooks and for children (keiki) lots of cool colorful story books. Especially those type of books that are purely promotional, Aloha Shoyu often puts out a small pamphlet of recipes, HMSA a local insurance carrier put out a wonderful book of healthy recipes, as a book person myself who knows book people I know that these type of books truly evoke the spirit of a place. Whatelse, how ‘tacky’ do you want to get? Hula Girl lamps? Chek out ‘Peggys Picks’ on Kapahulu Avenue for some truly one of a kind stuff (see look for Peggy’s Picks article by, guess who!)..

It has been ages since I was in Kona, can only vouch for O’ahu BUT here goes; in Waikiki check out International Marketplace, and KINGS VILLAGE, actually go deep inside the Village there is a FREE museum in there that you ought to love- – – Plan on 12 Noon ish and go DOWNTOWN Into CHINATOWN and the Arts & Cultural District for lots of great galleries (a local painting is a great souvenier). IF your trip is on the FIRST FRIDAY of the Month, then the ARTS & Cultural District hosts a party from 6PM to 10PM (June 19th is Hippie Holiday from 5 PM to 10PM) (outside Pacific Traditions there is usually a Tarot Card Reader, guess who!) CAUTION, though, unless it is First Friday, or June 19th, make your visit from 9AM to 6PM no later!!!

Outside of Honolulu, go North Shore to Haleiwa Town!! Also Kailua, is a must visit.
If your stay is from June 20th through June 28th find your way to the McKinnley High School AUditorium for The Friends of the Libary Book Sale!
“””You can find The Hawai’i Farmers Market Cookbook at:

Bestsellers ~ Borders ~Borders Express ~ Bookends ~ Fisher ~ Native Books ~
Fresh From the Farm, LLC ~
Laupahoehoe Train Museum ~
Takahashi Market ~””


Answer by Leo Ling Ping Ding
a nice wahine & a pound of pakalolo!

Answer by Linda J
Bearstir is right on target! The International Market is a great place to find many treasures at bargain prices.

And a piece of advice, LEAVE THE LAVA ALONE! Taking the lava off the islands bring a person bad luck. Very bad luck.

Answer by kanaka808
LOL@ Billybob, BillyM and Leo Ling Ping Ding
Too funny!

Be sure to visit Hilo Hatties in Kona or Oahu, you’ll get a free fake lei when you enter and thats a free souvenir. While there you’ll find aloha shirts, muu muus and other collectables. Dont forget the macadamia nuts, especially the chocolate covered ones…go to WalMart to buy those, thats where its the cheapest- and buy a bunch cause youre gonna pay way more back on the mainland.

Help yourself to the complimentary ashtray, towels and robes at your hotel too…they make nice gifts for the loved ones you didnt bring.

Answer by clearedapproach
Souvenirs end up being discarded. Take plenty of pics and or vids put them on a dvd w/ music and you’ll watch it over and over again.

Answer by catlover
Look for a place that sells wooden tikis. Do not touch lava rocks. People have gotten bad luck from taking them.

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