Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I learn to read tarot cards accurately?

I don’t know where to start. I want to do a reading on myself and maybe in time to my friends but I want it to be accurate so that I’m not misleading myself.

Answer by Colanth
There are tutorials online. But “accurately”? It’s a game, not a newspaper from the future.

Answer by harpertara
Get a reliable book and a good deck and practice, practice, practice!

Answer by vid
You will need a decent deck to start out with. Normally, many people–including myself–suggest the Rider Tarot (aka Rider-Waite deck, aka Rider-Waite-Smith deck). This is the most popular deck out there, and rightfully so. I have numerous decks, but I always go back to this deck for accurate readings.

You’ll also need some good books. I suggest “Power Tarot” to many people because it has several categories for each card–love, finances, work, etc. However, there are no reversed–when a card appears upside down–definitions in this book. You’ll find many books completely ignore or go over quickly the definitions for reversed cards. Normally, it’s best just to start out shuffling so the cards do not get turned upside down, but as you progress you might want to learn more about reversed cards, so I suggest Mary K. Greer’s “Complete Book of Tarot Reversals.” You can find these books and Tarot decks on or I would buy the books used from sellers on amazon so you’re not paying as much as the retail book, but don’t buy a deck used unless the seller states the deck is still sealed and brand new!

Some readers–including myself–will suggest when getting a new deck to sleep with it under your pillow for at least 3 days, but some readers say it doesn’t matter. The wonderful thing about Tarot is there are no rules, you do what feels right and natural to you.

In addition, as you progress, you’ll find out that you might have expanded or completely different meanings for the cards than what you’ll find in books. It’s best–especially when starting out–to keep a Tarot journal. Write down the date, the spread that was used, and what cards were in what positions, and the definitions you’ve come up with for the cards. It’s best to keep a time frame on your questions (i.e. 3 days, 4 weeks, 6 months, etc.) and then go back to your journal after that time and find out if you were right or wrong with your interpretations. This helps you learn what the cards mean to you.

Hope I’ve helped…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Ideas for entertainment on a 3 hour dinner cruse. ?

I need ideas for what to do for entertainment on a dinner cruse. We have thought of a Texas holdmen tournament, tarot card reader, hypnosis, stand up comedian and a mystery dinner. I need more Ideas. The dinner is for couples ranging from late 30’s to early 60’s.

Answer by Laurie B
Get a band or DJ maybe do some dancing. My company did a theme cruise. They had 60’s 70’s music a lot of people dressed accordingly or as characters from TV at that time lots of fun costume contest as well.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How would a normal person react to finding out magic is real?

I’m writing a story where the main character finds out magic is real and I’m trying to figure out what the reaction should be. I don’t want to have them believe it too quickly, or deny it so much that it’ll bother the reader.
What do you think a normal reaction from a normal person would be if they were faced with magic in the real world?

Answer by Sak
Would try to find a rational, scientific explanation for it first.

Answer by Hermes
It depends. If it were a person telling me this, I would think they’re insane and try to get as far away from them as possible.

Otherwise, if I saw these magical events happening… I’d think:

A. I’m dreaming.
B. I’m on an acid trip.
C. Someone slipped me something!

Each reaction varies from person to person, though.

Answer by naphtalia_leba
A lot of things to think about here….

Who is this person? Is it a teenager who feels like nothing is in his/her control? Is it an army general who is used to being in command? Is it a Catholic priest who has always believed in the power of G-d, but is now faced with other powers? Is it a scientist who think everything can be explained with logic and reason? Is it a magician who has made his/her livelihood out of performing illusions?

What is the person’s attitude? Did the person think magic was a lie before? Was the person doubtful, but open to the possibility that magic might exist? Was the person mostly certain it did exist, but had never had any proof?

How does the person discover magic is real? Do they stumble across someone doing something clearly magical? Have they seen odd things happening with someone they know and the person finally lets them in? Do they discover an object or a person that imbues them with magical abilities for a time? Are they the victim or beneficiary of magic, or just a witness to it?

What kind of magic do they discover is real? Demons out to steal souls? Wishing wells that actually grant wishes? A stage magician who can actually do the things he appears to do? Tarot cards that reveal the future? Is the magic friendly? Is the magic menacing? Do they have to deal with the discovery of magic by themselves, or is there someone to help them understand what’s happening?

Is the person afraid of what magic will do? Is the person eager to control the magic and gain power? Lots to think about.

It’s not possible to give a single answer to your question without knowing more about the story. Clarify the character and you’ll get a better feel on what that person would do.

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